Harasser Refund Please

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Levexaeus, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Norse

    These jerk offs promised complete recerts months ago. What makes any of you think the give a crap about wasted harraser certs?
    SOE works alot like obama care. Its a great big chit sandwich and every one gets to take a bite.
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  2. Vytality

    Dude, you must not have played a lot of MMOs. You have expect EVERYTHING to get nerfed at one time or another. Just enjoy the time you had with your OP harassers. You likely earned all the certs back that you spent on it anyway. Just learn to not spend anything in a game that you are not willing to lose, and you will start to enjoy life a lot more.
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  3. EViLMinD

    Please... tanks are slow and boring. For both my Van and lightning I've maxed every primary and secondary gun, chassis, worthwhile utility and defense. Sure, as a driver I can make more certs/kills in a tank. But, it won't be nearly as much fun.

    It took skill to be a truly great Harasser driver. Not everyone can do what I do behind the wheel. Anyone who has been on a few rides with me will attest to this.

    This sucks. Lame tank weenies and infantry scrubs whined and whined till SOE made things easy for them. Rather than use intelligent teamwork or A2G or counter harass (god forbid), the Harasser just had to be OP. "We can't kill this easy so it's unfair!!"

    Ya, the Harasser may have needed some tweaking. But, no way in hell did it need to be neutered.
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  4. m44v

    You get a refund if you forfeit all the XP and certs the harasser helped you to win, deal?
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  5. oberchingus

    Hear Hear!!

    Harasser refund pls indeed, and all the weapons etc...

    So much for planetside 2. Anyone know of any other games that have Harasser + Halberd type fast paced fun?

    fodollah and Regius are not gonna like this!!
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  6. oberchingus

    So anyone who isn't a lemming should basically forfeit their XP eh?

    Good call.
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  7. Ravenorth

    The Harassers were unbalanced since the release and every single player who started using them or faced them should had known that. Hardly any vehicle is balanced on every aspect when its released, they release one version of it and then wait for what kind of feedback it gets, and at the same time they also gather data from the people who use it in order to see how it performs in the game.

    You were just being naive if you honestly thought that they´ll just add a new vehicle without making any major changes on it afterwards, even after all those harasser threads on PS2 forums and reddit.
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  8. uranusis

    That would be the only fair.
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  9. Karles

    Come on!! everybody knew harasser OP do not last for ever and spent certs anyway.

    stop crying or go play minecraft with BuzzCutPsycho

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  10. SnatchMaster

    The harasser is being brought in line with the role that its supposed to play. It was never meant to be a tanky flash with heavy weapons that can be repaired on the go, doing insane amounts of damage and being a damn near unstoppable force all around. Now people who use harassers will have to get in, do damage, and then get out before they can hop back in the fray. No more of this tank everything, rack up a bunch of kills, then come around a corner at full hp again. It seemed that the only limit to the harasser was how much ammo you had on the main gun, because most of those things didn't die fast enough.

    This doesn't overnerf the thing, it balances it. Anyone who's been on the receiving end of a harasser that just won't die and seems to eat everything in sight will bathe comfortably in your tears as you cry us an ocean of QQ, but otherwise no, you don't deserve a refund. The thing will still play how it was meant to, it just won't be as ridiculously cheap of a weapon as it was before and you'll need some more skill to be effective at it, rather than just drive by faceroll, so you don't deserve anything for banking on that cheap toy. I pity the fool who thinks he earned something for having his little tonka truck knocked down a peg.
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  11. Alopix

    VS PPA AI vehicle weps got a basically identical nerf. Who the **** is engaging with vehicles at 10 meters?
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  12. icosta

    I concur.. I just recently spent over $35.00 on a vehicle I probably will never use again just a few days ago. Cmon at least give us something back for this atrocious nerf. Halberd from 1500 to 800? so basically im going to have to shoot a vanguard 17 thousand times rather than 12 thousand. thanks.
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  13. Alopix

    It's really easy to talk down to others about what they do and don't deserve isn't it? So easy to call anyone who disagrees with you a crybaby and a fool and a cheat.
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  14. icosta

    ^ Honestly no ones a crybaby here. SOE decided to charge us REAL MONEY for these items. If I buy a laptop, and a few weeks later that laptop with an i7 suddenly turns into a core 2 duo.. well id be PISSED and want my money back. Its the same concept.
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  15. ExoskeletonMAX

    I'm glad they nerfed the harasser!!
    That means no more NC running around with a mounted rocket turret on the back, it'll be SO much easier to take out, specially in an MBT :)
  16. Alopix

    Whoah****, server's about to come back online. We'll see soon whether the harasser really took the hit that is sounds like it did.
  17. Leon Anders

    It's not SOE's fault you bought it and when you did buy it you agreed to a "No Refund" policy not their problem if you agreed to it.

    EDIT: Also a laptop has a replacement policy unlike the station cash.
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  18. CHEF

    They were ridiculously over powered for a dune buggy. Glad they got the nerf.
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  19. Bindlestiff

    But isn't that how it should be? It is a light, quick strike vehicle, and should never have been something that can turn its hand to fighting MBTs and expect to win with the regularity that it has done since release.

    It is still going to be perfectly fine for the majority. Those that used it exclusively as a cert farm are either going to have to find their next OP toy to play with, or learn to deal with the changes. There will still be those that excel with the Harasser - people who are skilful need not concern themselves as they will be rewarded.
  20. Alopix

    Found the libertarian!