[Vehicle] Harasser guns aren't very fair

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  1. iller

    That'll only add randomness to the spamming. In some cases turning it into a saturation bombardment shotgun that gets bad players even more kills than it already does without the COF bloom. It will still be spammed like crazy. So no, this doesn't need any new suggestions from the peanut gallery. Higby told us over a month ago they want to make it a ramp up bursting spread weapon with an actual reloading concern. Hence more situational, and with luck, less spammed.
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  2. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Yah, randomness is the idea, to lower it's consistency from range. Random spam<<<Accurate spam. In most cases this would solve the issue of players heavily bombarding choke points from great distances. Higby's solution doesn't solve this problem if there are 2 or more PPA's focusing an area, as the chances that those 2+ PPA's will be reloading/ramping up in tandem are virtually nil.
    Do you see me addressing Higby personally? This is a discussion between players, or the "peanut gallery" as you put it. Who the hell are you to try and stifle that?
  3. Bruhja

    98% of all statistics are meaningless.

    Its how things perform in the field.

    all statistics(and common sense) say my mauler shotgun should waste on someone in spandex wielding an SMG but funny enough it doesn't seem to get the rounds down range fast enough to compete with an SX12 or a PDW unless I drop on them from a roof top, and if 1 shot misses I'm toast. Seems like with a high ROF weapon you can pretty much just throw rounds out the window and not concern your self with it.

    ROF=GOD in this game you can spout off acronyms like ADS and DMG, but Rate of fire will win every time. this is a fact even though the stats say otherwise.