[Vehicle] Harasser guns aren't very fair

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  1. Chaingunner

    Bro pass me that **** you are smoking, please. I wish infantry would render for me at 300 meters when I am in my prowler. A prowler with max lockdown and max reload speed can out dps everything, but render range is crap. The Mag has the best mobility of any tank and is a pain in the *** to hit a long distances, then the Mag gets close and we have to undeploy or the fights over in a matter of seconds. Also hitting aircraft is not at all a point and click process unless the pilot is an idiot and is just hovering, even then it takes two shots to take him out and that's for an esf. Try hitting a esf that is actually moving.

    I would understand all the complaints about the prowler if this was before our nerfs to HE and Heat where one shell would kill you with just splash. Those days are over and I am happy that it happen, it made the game a better experience for NC and VS, but I will be damned if people complain now about the prowlers ability to farm infantry.
  2. dstock

    Only thing better than stats is more stats. This **** is hilarious, confirms everything I ever thought about the Marauder (it seems good because there are a select few, high-BR players that have it certed and know how to use it.) Compare that with the PPA uniques, lol.

    EDIT: Just read post 11 where you said the exact same thing, lol.
  3. z1967

    That's VPC. VPC does not OHK aircraft. FPC does, and the stats put it below the P2 AP in terms of killing power for raw KPH. Both are greatly disadvantaged compared to the Titan AP though. Not that it really matters as much as some people would like it to.
  4. IrishPride

    Seriously leave the Harasser weapons alone maybe the canister could have a buff somewhere and maybe the Marauder too in velocity PPA is fine I don't want all three factions harboring PPA clones EVER.
  5. Atis

    Oh noes, no-drop faction still dares to have few useful no-drop weapons. Lets nerf them, while keeping TRs DPS and mag size and NCs per shot damage.
  6. vsae

    Keep the no drop all you want, PPA needs COF which it currently almost doesnt have.
  7. Xasapis

    Actually PPA has CoF. What it doesn't have and would make it less desirable to fire it from long distances is bloom.
  8. vsae

    Thats what I meant. Without COF bloom this is insanely easy to use weapon. ANd the current COF is a joke.
  9. Schwak

    Pretty much why the SVA was nerfed and the Orion is still god. All the new/bad players dragging down the stats to make it look meh and all the good players used the SVA and showed good stats because it was just an Orion with 25 more bullets and better attachments.
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  10. NCagent00kevin

  11. Xasapis


    As you can see, looking at the past month (aka, after the changes in PPA magazine size went into effect), the three Harasser empire specific options are very similar, unlike their MBT counterparts. More specific:
    • Marauder-H is lagging behind PPA-H by 1%
    • Canister-H is lagging behind PPA-H by 19%
    In other words, the Marauder-H is fine, but the Canister-H still needs improvement.
  12. Vixxing

    Its even harder to hit aircraft if you dont even get an angle to fire... its not a complaint about prowler, its a complaint about Magrider.. they need som serious gun elevation buffs (or deployable front legs that makes them tilt 60 degrees) i dont mind beeing rooted as long as i atleast get to shoot back... (and as a dalton gunner i think its very easy to hit air with both prowlers and Titans...)
  13. z1967

    The vulcan is an AV gun. Soon it will be an AI weapon but not yet.
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  14. Atis

    With bloom it wont be useful no-drop weapon, same as no-drop is useless on carbines. Its same as increasing pellet spread on canister, AH and jackhammer - faction damage-per-shot trait still works but has no point since you cant land all pellets at any sensible distance.
  15. vsae

    You will be able to land precise shots, you will just have to stop spamming and wait time for COF to reset. Now however you can spam discoballs with precision.
  16. Flag

    If it fired off some quick bursts (can be chained for rapid fire at close range), and then you inserted a manual break between them to maintain a decent CoF for long range...

    Could work, and it might even be interesting.
    It works for the Saron HRB.
  17. z1967

    Marauder and Canister both have higher avg BRs and far less pulls than the PPA. Kills per day is also lagging behind significantly. However, performance is closer than on the MBTs and seems to spike frequently, probably related to the Uniques gap.

    Harasser performance is likely skewed by the overall higher BR of the users. Not sure by how much though.
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  18. Atis

    1 disco ball delivers low damage, even focusing at 1 target wont guarantee a kill, and ofc it wont be effective as area denial weapon, like it should be, it will be like lasher, least effective HA ES gun.
    It works for saron because vehicle usually cant dive behind rock in 0.5 second so you have time to land few shots with pauses.
  19. BadAsElite

    NC Harasser weapons are really poor, The TR Vulcan and the VS Saron work really well on the Harasser due to both having very high burst and long term DPS. The Enforcer on the other hand is not a strong weapon, in regards to how the Harraser is ment to be played.

    Halberd for example has a higher DPS (burst DPS aswell,) yield then the Enforcer where as the other two faction equivalents are alot higher.
    The Enforcer should have never been nerfed. It should have kept it's 10 round magazine size. Being it was only slightly better over the Halberd when it had sustained fire. Now the Halberd is the best AT weapon for both Vanguard and Harasser when it comes to min-max as far as NC goes.

    Canister on the other hand needs no explaining. It's by far the worst weapon implemented in the game to date.
  20. Hegeteus

    What's so wrong about canister? You'll still get a ton of kills if you're true, ballsy NC and not a spawnroom camping sucker.
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