[Vehicle] Harasser guns aren't very fair

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  1. El Macnifico

    I've been playing NC for 3 months now and I've been wondering why there is so much PPA.
    I've been killed a lot more by PPAs than the TR grenade launcher and I've been fighting more TR than VS.

    So I went and trialed all 3 of the Harasser guns with my friend.
    And this is what we found. The PPA is just a machine at killing infantry.

    All I had to do was follow the other harassers onto camping spots and just point and shoot down into bases and kill everything.
    Canister and Marauder needed us to get real close to even hit anything.
    Canister was easy to hit when I was close range but we kept getting hit and damaged by everything. It was really deadly when we had a clear shot at targets but the really short range made us think it was the hardest to get kills with.

    Marauder was easier at attacking bases because of the splash but the arc was awful and really excluded it from being used at anything other than short range. I think the Marauder is harder to aim as the longer range you are, the more you have to point up into the sky and not even see where your shots landed.

    PPA on the other hand was so easy that we each bought it with 250 certs with 1 cert in zoom and ammo.
    A week later. We were locking our harassers and doing the farm in our own harassers.
    Two 1-man PPA harassers are so awesome that we kept raking in certs. No way you can do this as NC or TR!!!

    We did buy the Canister and Marauder with 1 cert in zoom and ammo but they were worlds apart.
    The PPA is just so easy to use with no range limitations and no weird aiming.
    So what if it has a tiny splash? The 2 of us just overlap our fire zone and we farmed just fine.

    In the end, if 2 BR15s can go on endless kill streaks and have a KDR of like 15 by just using PPA, I think it's too much.
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  2. Bixli

    ...ok , you're not talking 'bout vulcan - but if vulcan would have the same "pew pew" tune as like ppa instead of the "taka-taka-brooooom" tune ..there would be definitely a call to nerf going on for the vulcan.
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  3. a-koo-chee-moya

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  4. Alkezo

    Useless thread is useless and full of confirmation bias. Try looking up the stats before making yourself look bad. There are already several threads about the PPA and its not even overperforming much on Harassers.
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  5. BobSanders123

    Yeah, they are just really annoying because out of the 3, they have far more range than needed.
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  6. KenDelta

    PPA masterrace.

    Give Canister splash.
  7. z1967

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  8. a-koo-chee-moya

    1. Uniques show a weapon's popularity, and may correlate with OPness, especially if a weapon has a lower average BR, but Harrasser PPA appears not to.
    C85 Canister | Average BR | Daily Average: 64.69
    P525 Marauder | Average BR | Daily Average: 65.82
    Proton II PPA | Average BR | Daily Average: 64.72

    This is from your own link.
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  9. Chaingunner

    I can count on one hand how many times I have been killed by the canister and I have been playing since beta. In fact I am sure I have more deaths to your pos Beamer than the C85.

    I don't care if VS keep the PPA as is, all I want is for SOE to buff the C85 and Marauder to be useful at the same range as the PPA.
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  10. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Can't we just give the PPA a wider CoF and be done with it? That's all they need to do to lower the effective range and bring it in line with the other faction's AI weapons.
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  11. z1967

    I take it you didn't notice the huge jump in BR after the directive update? No? Not at all over the month long period in which the difference was ~15 BRs? Or the spike in BR from the 25th to the 27th? An increase the put the difference to around 7 BRs?

    Uniques are very important and here is why. Weapon average use correlates directly with a weapon's general effectiveness. Take the Solstice family, for example. If we went purely based on KPH, we would see that the Solstice Burst massively outperforms the Solstice and Solstice SF (Link). If we look at uniques, we see that only 100-150 Solstice burst carbines are used compared to the 5000 Solstice carbines and 800 Solstice SF carbines (Link). This makes no sense, why would the obviously best carbine by KPH be the least used carbine? The answer is in the avg BR. We see that the Solstice Burst and Solstice SF are relatively close in BR compared to the massive gap of around 30 BRs between the SF/Burst and the Solstice Vanilla (Link). Then we see, that the Solstice burst is not super OP, but instead is actually just being used by better players (on average).

    This is why KPH, on its own, is a useless stat. Paired with other stats to form a complete picture, we see that weapons like the marauder are only being used by higher level players (more skilled on average) and it is still slightly less effective in experienced hands than the PPA in less experienced hands. Therefore, there is an issue with the Marauder, or the PPA is OP.
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  12. minhalexus

    Harassers are pretty balanced IMO.
    Occasionally I wish Canister had splash, but then there's the Fury.

    Everything's balanced as long as you have the certs for it.
  13. El Macnifico

    You guys can quote as many stats as you like, but the thing is that 2 pretty new rookies who main NC can own so easily with PPAs while we struggle with the Canister and Marauder is telling how much the PPA has to offer. We have now sunk something like 1,000 certs into our Canister harassers but we are still getting killstreaks and high KDR with only the PPAs. And we've only have the 1st rank of ammo and 2nd to 3rd rank of zoom to PPA.

    It's no wonder VS love their PPA so much. I saw from another thread someone posted the stats and said PPAs are pulled six times more than Canister or Marauder? That pretty much sums up how easy the PPA is since the greatest measure of how good a weapon is is it's popularity.
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  14. vsae

    Its all same story as with ZOE. No no no, TR and NC should l2p, ppa totally balanced.
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  15. Ronin Oni

    Statistically, it's actually not over performing by much. It has a slight advantage over Marauder, but the Prowler main gun is more than that much better than the Mag's.

    Canister slacks behind, but they know that and they're working on it. (making it more like AH with explosive pellets and tighter pellet spread)

    Problem with PPA is it's annoyance factor. It just saturates an area with constant unyielding streams of plasma. They're working on this too. AFAIK they're looking to add CoF bloom to sustained fire to force pauses in shots to reset CoF, and IIRC will get a small RoF boost. This will make it good at short bursts, but the never ending "SHOOM SHOOM SHOOM SHOOM" will be no more, and give TR/NC a chance to run past whatever door they're spamming.
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  16. vsae

    Problem with PPA is that it requires no skill at all and very effective at ranges it shouldnt be effective. It is being pulled many times more than nc and tr counterpart.

    KPH wise the difference is small only because the way kph is calculated. TR&NC counterparts sit in their secondaries much less, while VS sit in ppa 24/7 which is why kph is LOWER.
    And in case you missed it, this thread about HARASSERS not MBTs ;)But I agree prowler needs overall reduction in splash.
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  17. Ronin Oni

    Maybe you missed the part of my post where I outlined how they were changing PPA to require skill with timing of shots, and breaking up the endless streams.
  18. vsae

    I didnt miss that part, I just parried the other one.
  19. Ronin Oni

    Are you TR or NC?

    Because I assure you, lockdown HE spam is easily as bad. Even after it's 6th or 8th w/e the hell nerf # it was most recently.
  20. bl33ping

    some gravity should be taken away from the marauder nades. its pretty hard to use at distance unlike the PPA which goes in a straight line and is extremely easy to use... i do get a ton of kills from the marauder... but we have to go balls deep into where the enemy is.
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