Happy New Year & Update 02 Info!

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  1. shadowkhat

    if they aren't going to fix the libs and fix them soon... then they should jsut make them a deterent like they did with aa... its only enough damage to make infantry run a bit not kill them ... ever.... should only make tanks slow down not kill them.... EVER. i bet you'd see tons of libnoobs on the forums if that change ever happened.

    if it took as much air, to kill a single infantry unit as it takes anti air to take out a single air unit the forums would be full of crybaby pilots crying about how they can no longer earn certs.

    but that will never happen... devs seem to think its ok to have the skies filled with zero skill pilots. who needs ground anyway airside2 !!!
  2. Pinay

    The changes to the Skyguard sound good, but why can't our tank designers find a way to take a biddy-little Burster gun off a max unit, and replace that useless Skyguard? I know, i know, a 60 ton tank just could not handle that huge Burster gun, so.... back to the drawing board. <sigh>
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  3. Shark

    They already said they are doing it....
  4. EventideOne

    This is a decent improvement. I was actually hoping for Infiltrators to get SMGs, as it would make sense that they should be able to defend themselves better in close quarters. I'm hoping for the updates within the coming year to include some metagame improvements, more attachments for weapons (like the angled foregrip you guys teased in the NC default LMG's 6x scope description), more vehicles (especially fireteam sized air and ground transport, but some more combat vehicle types for all 3 factions as well), and definitely more bonuses regarding teamwork.
  5. JojoTheSlayer

    Other stuff seems interesting,but not the noob crutch for revived players.
    It isnt enough "I am", or any undermanned force, usually facing more players, but they have to be invulnerable the "2 seconds" after revive as well?

    Its already hard to beat a medic team as it is because they keep reviving each others.
    You have to rush em while they attempted to revive more than one, but if they then get invulnerable players to aid them its just silly. o_O

    If you drive around in a tank and get out. Yeah, you risk getting ambushed. Thats the con of driving around in a huge vehicle, but on the flip side you have better armor inside and a big gun. I dont see why they should have a easier time getting back in their vehicle while repairing in enemy territory. If thats the intention.


    Base defense and tunnels:
    Hope the tunnels just dosent mean just another hole to plug in a already impossible defense situation.
    Underground entrances, ala PS1 "back door", only makes sense if there are more walls topside to prevent vehicle spam via keeping control of the outer perimeter gate shields gens.


    Even if you guys say you are thinking of metagame stuff it would be nice if you guys where more open about what you guys considered was on the table.

    For example, me being a fan of the mini sanc and warpgate static lines between islands returning like a streamlined version of what was in PS1 on the strategic level...
  6. shadowkhat

    these two points are spot on...

    there is zero reason to have anything about a score per minute or anything, things like that are not even remotely important. if you must have some kind of "score" make it bases defended,bases capped territory taken, this game isn't about score its about territory owned.

    the invulnerability.... this is just going to lead to epic level exploitation.... who cares if theres 20 guys at that point rrun in drop c4 die revive boom .... just seeing this as a bad bad bad idea. there is zero reason to take a revive... if you die, and the bad guy is standing over your body don't accept the revive... its not required. stupid players need to learn to play smarter not be given advantages so they can continue to play dumb.
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  7. Sir Lemming

    Happy New Year to you too, Higby and the whole team!

    A short feedback on the list:
    - GPU optimization for low ends is OK, but most of the time the bottleneck is my CPU (Q8200), not my GPU (4870, which is also a low end stuff nowadays).
    - XP system enchancement: Well, as others mentioned, if overall xp gain will be decreased, I won't be really fun. BUT if lowering xp just occures if a player is killed too many times in a row while not accomplished something (kill, certain amount of assists, heal, etc.) is ok. I just feel bad when a lvl 1 LA drops in and while he admires the first pixels of the game I just kill him.
    - Invulnerability: Not necessary, and may lead to 'exploits'. If you want to provide some additional defense for fixed spawns, you should give more protection to them, as the list already contains.
    If sunderer spawn farming is a concern, dynamic XP may be a good tool to handle that, and adding UI elements to see if a friendly sunderer is under attack would be great too.
    On the spawn screen, just flash the sundy's with red. While on the field, introduce a new color on the minimap for them and/or give ppl ability to enhance the UI with toggleable overlays for them. Ok, the last may be a bit too much, but anyway. (Overall, I would be happy to see our vehicles better, I just can't look around with my 'turret' while running.)
    - HotSpot system: Looking forward to it. Now I just redeploy several times to get into action. Transports are unreliable, hot dropping is often suicide and has CD (which is ok. More than ok).

    Random thoughts about deployment:
    Perhaps a timed auto transport / drop from warpgate waves like in PS1?

    And oh. Now we have a rough estimate on how many enemies are near a base, but we don't have a clue on friendly numbers, which could help deciding where to go.
    One more addition slightly on the topic, it's hard to communicate where an attack is in progress. Ok, I can cert into comm channel (If thats the name), but...

    - Tunnel systems and changes in bases:
    The problem is, that... in my opinion, bases offer little advantage over the attackers.
    Ok, if you are NC, you can lock down a biodome pretty well, and before the Tech plant change, they were hard to take over.
    I liked the latter. I felt that defending or attacking them from multiple vectors is fun, and while they were hard to break is just zerged the back doors, at least the were Bases. with Turrets, and Shields. Attackers had to keep the gates clear, get LAs over them while others try to break through the back door, take over the turret platform and advance further.
    Usually most bases are just ran over if a side had more guys (or just superior tactics), the phases of a base cap are mostly blurred together, when the longest is the actual capture which is... usually just boring. Usually you don't stande a chance when you are kicked out of the core of the facility.
    Tunnels can remedy the last issue.

    In short: I'd like to see proper sieges.

    - Missile fixes:
    Oh yeah! Looking forward to them.

    Ending lines:
    While I appreciate your effort to listen to the community, don't lose your vision, please. I'd be happy to ride a T-Rex with lazorz and kill teletubbies with it, this i just not that game.
  8. Goden

    and I'll believe it when I see it.

    I know better than to believe a game dev just because I'm told to do so. This is an industry driven by lies and false hype. You take what people say with a grain of salt - always.
  9. Thacyoon

    PLEASE fix that deconstructing vehicle is impossible if the vehicle are damaged.

    More and more players are exploiting the "deconstruction" mechanics of the game to deconstruct their vehicle when they are almost destroyed to deny the better player his/her kill (XP).
  10. Pinay

    Agreed. If aircraft could not one-shot most targets, and kill everything in the game in 4 seconds or less, then a lot of pilots would /quit. If an aircraft lines up on my double-Burster max, for a rocket attack, and we see each other at the same time, it's a coin flip if I can kill him first. but if he lines up on my tank, I'm toast in three seconds, or even less if it's a Liberator at low level with a 150mm belly gun.

    Aircraft have the option of tucking tail and running away to repair, no matter who is shooting at them. Since tanks are slow moving targets, it should take aircraft much, much longer to kill a tank. I should not need three heavy infantry with anti-air missiles or three max units, or four Skyguard, in order to scare off one aircraft to go repair itself.
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  11. Natir

    So, rather than decrease the damage and increase the radius, the reload speed is changed? So, what you are saying is the prowler's HE DPS will be nerfed but the overall fix to HE will never happen. Thanks guys! Planetside 2 still seems to want to retain the vehicle whoring Fodderside 2 that it is.
  12. Pinay

    Not impossible, just force the deconstruction to take longer for each percentage point of damage to the vehicle.
  13. Torok

  14. Red 5

    Don't take me wrong, lessening these spawnfarms is pretty high on my wishlist, but getting 4 kills for the same xp you would normally get for 1 seems a bit excessive. I do not think lessening the xp gain from farming a spawn isn't going to change the spawn problem completely as it is such an integral part of base capture (as well as sundies being fun to farm). Now, if we could change that I'd be all for it.
  15. Thacyoon

    I can live with that. Just do *something* about those cowards with no honor that exploit the deconstruction mechanic when they are almost dead.
  16. Stigler

    Hello people, yes a lot more can be done and there are other concerns but this first patch is a positive step in that direction. They are far from ending the development cycle of Planetside 2 as it is.

    Constructive posts are excellent, but please stop worrying that this PS2 patch has not remedied all your concerns, there is more to come. Have faith.
  17. Toxicmix1

    All this is very beautiful and bla, bla, bla, but and what about the multithreading performance? Are you forgetting that?

    Or is just more peanuts?

    Dont throw sand to my eyes dude, one of the major problems of this game is exacly the multithreading performance.
  18. Pinay

    I disagree, farming a sunderer is not a tactical advantage, it's a waste of infanrty resources, blowing it up is the tactical thing to do. You kill off the sunderer, and move on to capturing the points and driving out the enemy. Farming a sunderer is only an exercise in farming points, and ties up resources that could be used to hold or capture the base, camping it serves no other purpose.
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  19. Hashlak

    Heres some thoughts i had on further considerations for the future 6 month plan:

    Introduction of the meta-game that allows more of a flow to the battle with proper front lines and stuff. We are sick of the random mindless zerging !

    New continent or continents, or even better improvements of base designs on previous continents..

    Better, more unique weapons designs for all factions !! (this is something that has never been mentioned by dev's ! Its like they are avoiding this question [IMG] would be nice to know why all weapons are recycled clones of each other [IMG] really kills the whole feeling of achievement/progression/RPG-feel.)

    Bring back the old skool favourites properly ! (revamp the lasher, jackhammer and chaingun so they are 100x more useful as they were back in ps1) Now in PS2 i rarely ever ever see the lasher or jackhammer. Only TR has been macking it out with their mini chain gun that seems relatively effective.

    More vehicles ! Its kinda unfortunate that PS2 has taken more of a pickup and play stance where all vehicles can so easily be acquired without any certs. Back in ps1 we had to cert into a specific vehicle or max unit in order to use it. Now its just there.. So naturally you have people spamming these things without any specific specialization.. Kinda makes it very cheap :/ no achievement.
    Since it has already been done, it cannot be undone. So it would be amazing if the current vehicles stay as base vehicles, whilst a huge amount of new and intuitive vehicles are added in like more aircrafts/tanks/bikes/buggies or even Advanced MAX suit's which can be a bit larger and more mech like than current ones (Not like a BFR in any way). All these new additions need certs to acquire. I personally think something like this would be great as it brings back the feeling of progression back to planetside. Currently you can hit level 100 and still be pretty much the same dude with same **** lol.

    Implants (proper implants like in ps1) Not some xp booster crap [IMG] I was watching some videos of ps1 the other day and found thatimplants really did change things up and added more of an RPG feel to the game.

    And last but not least, The Sanctuaries !! We need the Sanc's and usable warpgates, not some stupid terminal that magically transports you somewhere else :S [IMG] dont know why they even added that !! Would make things so much more immersive and also this should contribute to the metagame as it allows people to rally up, change up their player and head to battle. With the intro of sanc's i think we would also need to abolish this TR/VS/NCwarpgate thing and make the whole continent capturable..

    Now i know some might not agree with my ideas but many of these points need to at least be considered or disucussed to a degree..
  20. XRaDiiX

    I'm really loving this addition in the new patch my favorite part of PS1 was being a cloaker sneaking in the base through the tunnels when hacking the terminal. Thank you.

    Please don't make the tunnels to small so NC scat maxs kill everything.