Happy New Year & Update 02 Info!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Higby, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Fuel Truck

    This all should have been done in beta testing and you know it
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  2. Cowabunga

    TUNNELS!! Hurray! They can actually make them, the hope for an impressive indoor area for infantry is alive yet again!
  3. {joer

    Hahaha that's cute, someone thinks the vanguard is worse than the prowler.
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  4. innersphere1

    invulnerability after revive... omg...........at spawn is ok but this.. no.. lame thing. Lets say a medic revive someone, why i have to die or flee away? No really.. reconsider this please
  5. schrodingers_cat

    or deaths from headshots or antivehicle weaponry cant be revived
  6. Stringz

    But... you promised GAMS!
  7. Vortok

    Great adjustment. We'll see how it works out once live of course, but the direction is good. Personally I'd leave the pop xp at global and just add more at a continent level, as well as increase the amount by as much as double. Exp is how you control the actions of the average player, and thus the flow of the game. Good to see attention to this area.
    Will have to see how this works out. All depends on the timer. I imagine half a second or 1 second for a medic revive at most. Enough time to get to cover if they're holding that direction when they revive. Perhaps a bit longer (2 seconds?) for sunderer spawns as the issue is often being killed before the player can even move. They have some spawn invul already at Sunderers, but it obviously isn't enough. All depends on how long the timer is here.
    Hopefully we'll have a way of knowing how many allies are in an area to go with our current idea of the amount of enemies, so that we can have a rough idea if that action is one side getting spawn camped/rolled or if it's actually a fairly even fight.
    I imagine that this is just an increase in their render priority, not actually making them render further away than infantry does. Ammo towers seem to have a very low render priority as many ESF pilots can attest. The way I'm reading this, it appears that a MAX will have a higher priority so that it won't take as long to render once you're inside their actual render range. Could be mildly annoying for the AI MAX, but making it specific to only a Burster MAX for people in the air is probably more complicated. Or AV to ground vehicles, but how often do you see an AV MAX used?
    Looking forward to seeing more on this and how it plays out. I already find the AA turrets very useful since the first patch, but can understand if they aren't quite hitting the effective level you guys want. Really looking forward to Skyguard tweaks - it's frustrating to use right now. Would personally like to see them more durable from the top than a normal Lightning to have some staying power (air has time to run away with current flak damage, but wouldn't be able instagib the Skyguard while tanking the flak damage either) so that air has to respect the Skyguard, even if they don't instantly die to them. One step at a time.

    We already have threads upon threads about air weapons, leaving it vague here to avoid this entire thread being about them was probably wise, haha.
    The English language shows how clunky it is here, given how people are reading it both ways. I'm willing to assume that you mean it will take longer to reload after each shot.

    I like it. Not only does it give infantry a bit more time to relocate if they're able to survive the first shot (Flak Armor, nanoweave, HA shield, etc.), but it allows HE shells to still do damage to vehicles while still lowering the effectiveness compared to HEAT or AP. If the person with HE can play peek a boo they can negate some of the impact of the longer reload, which rewards them for good positioning and proper play. Rather elegant solution to two issues at once.

    All in all, I like the direction this patch seems to be heading. I'm sure a week (or day) after it hits most of the (forumside) playerbase will forget the 9 out of 10 things you did really well and just lambaste you repeatedly for the 1 thing that didn't work quite according to plan.
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  8. CrashB111

    Real men used HEAT shells anyway I only ever put HE on my Prowler if it was super infantry zerg time at an Amp station or Tech Plant and I had the shield to hide behind.
  9. D0n

    Vulcan says what?
  10. hostilechild

    “I am glad I ve already canceled my premium account. Good luck guys with AirSide2, I am gone.”
    I believe he gets this from the fact, now at max range LIBs and ESF will rain H E L L down upon the AA MAX the ONLY deterrent to them currently demolishing everything in site, while at further ranges the MAX does less damage to aircraft. Don't think it will be an issue. (hoping anyway).
    Overall 99% finally, something in the right direction
    Hopefully some of the aircraft tweaks are more than fixing the 100kph-0kph instantly and flipping 180 shooting, flipping 180 and flying off with afterburners. On some of our screens this effect sometimes looks like an aircraft shooting rockets out its tailpipe its done so fast.
    More concerned with making HE rounds reload faster? really make the tanks even more deadly to the infantry?
    And i fully expect the "invulnerability" to be exploited and in a cheat within days of release. It definitely should be 1-2sec at most or 2 steps/"combat action, bring on the referees".
  11. Zotamedu

    I think it would be better if they changed the way deconstruction and eject worked instead. Like no ejection from aircraft unless you have certed a parachute, or rather, that fancy drop mechanism from the Galaxy that makes you not die of a fall. The crash should still count as a kill of the aircraft, not an assist since you bailed but the pilot may survive and go on fighting on foot. Also deconstruction should only be possible while the aircraft is safely landed and it should never be possible to deconstruct while still in the aircraft. It wouldn't really matter if they made that mechanic for all vehicles.

    Bailing to save ones life is fine. Bailing to deny the one who shot you down XP is immature and an exploit.
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  12. Tol_

    Good news on the changes, but what we really need is some meta game love. And soon.
  13. Flarestar

    This is the only bad idea in the entirety of that.

    I understand the thought process behind this. Freshly spawned players are worth less exp = less spawn camping, right?

    Except that won't be what happens. Spawn camping is a mechanic of the current base design, and it won't go away due to lowered exp - it's still necessary to do to cap the base or stop the flood of reinforcements.

    All this change will do, in practice, is cripple certification gain. Most players do not go on kill streaks - particularly not in large battles. If anything, this should work the opposite way - increasingly greater experience the more kills a player has racked up, beyond the current kill streak end bonus.
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  14. hostilechild

    This also means maxes will render further out for infantry. Hopefully infantry will render for that max someday. I see this meaning in large dome/tech fights the max will not see the infantry until 5m but the infantry will see the max way off and lower the boom, making the short range hacksaws on NC max even more a detrimental. But hurting all maxes vs infantry in large scale fights.
  15. Strange SMF

    Great post Higby, I'm looking forward to all of those changes, especially the Skyguard ones. Some of the previous posters do have a point tho, suiciding out of your aircraft to deny others a kill is really weak and needs to stop.
  16. Assist

    Please do not add the invulnerability to newly spawned players. There is no need for it other than allowing organized groups to exploit it.
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  17. ozziewolf

    I think a brief invulnerability on respawn is great and I'm looking forward to it.

    Please reconsider invulnerability on revives, it's a terrible plan. Having the guy get back up after dying is advantage enough. Players can see what's going on around their body and if they chooses to get up in a hostile situation it's their own fault. If you're going to do anything with revives make it so that deaths within 2-3 seconds of being revived aren't recorded. (I really don't even think that is necessary.)
    This is the only part of the plan that was mentioned that I absolutely hate.
  18. Dingus148

    I was thinking this as well, but at least it gives the attackers motivation to hurry up and cap...no more farming spawn. The fact that it gives them less EXP gives the defenders motivation to break out and assist...maybe I'm delusional, but I'd like to think most of these changes are going to have a positive effect. They're designed to deter exploit-y behavior, and reward risk-taking. I'm cautiously optimistic, but then again I haven't been burned by SOE as much as a lot of guys on these forums.
  19. Killerdog

    Whats your point D0n - Strong but very close ranged anti vehicle turret on a weak tank - whats your point? (prowlers have far less survivability than other tanks, you think that its overpowered try racing the lowest armored tank across the battlefield to get close enough to use it!!)
  20. undeadsapir

    so light assault still isnt getting any love? well thats disappointing.. :\