Hanging on load (98%, character create)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. codeForge

    We are having some database issues this morning with heavy load from players logging in and creating characters. Though a higher than normal volume, it's not one that is so high I'd expect this kind of behavior out of our databases.

    We don't have the solution yet, but I thought I should let you guys know we're working on it rather than have you wait until it's fixed for me to send out a "Hey it's all better!" post.

    I expect we'll have it resolved in the next hour. Thanks for your patience, folks.
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  2. Suchy101

    No need to thank, sadly I lost mine a few updates ago ... :-(

    But thanks for the update, appreciate it.
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  3. Gamba

    How surprising....

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  4. Zeewulf

    Yay, another patch where they managed to break something that wasn't broken..... roll on GU7, GU8 and if anyone's still around after that GU9
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  5. Gabuleon

    Well some news (even though its not good news) is better than none in this case. Thanks for that at least.
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  6. Venomoroth

    thanks. it's nice to know that we are heard and you know about it.
  7. CommanderMichael

    The Smart remarks were really unnecessary. Thank you SOE, this was the post I was looking for.
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  8. Jxnk

    is this a late april fools joke?
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  9. Ressora

    SOE hire more testers, each patch brings new problems.
  10. f33die

    Thanks for the update! THIS is the kind of information flow I expect from SOE representatives, especially here on the forums.
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  11. Valkar

    Got to say i appreciate patches and updates bring problems but since the population is much lower than it was 3 months back and this is already a known bug then I am a little deflated by the fact we are hitting this kind of issue so far from launch. The servers were far busier with people creating characters on launch day so that seems like a convenient excuse.
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  12. Xylch

    Thanks for the update CodeForge. Don't look at this thread again if I were you, it's full of negativity and kids off school for Easter.
  13. Dididreams

    Same problem with my new computer, i can't play, i launch the game and block to 98%

    Windows 8 pro x64 official
    G1 Assassin with I7 3.5ghz*6
    12go DDR Corsair
    Asus GTX TItan
    SSD 256go...
  14. Reij

    I noticed that after restarting before a newly created character was loaded, the name is still taken, yet the character does not appear in my selection screen. Any way to fix this?
  15. Mercyceleste

    Why is it that every time this happens, I literally have kittens over the possibility that when I eventually do get to log in, my character might have been nuked by an imaginary Sony-branded ferret?

    Guess I'll load-up the anti ferret armour and incendiaries in trepidation...
  16. Zeewulf

    I think the smart remarks are justified seeing as SOE haven't managed to release a single patch that hasn't broken something or other. Maybe the public test servers might get a Roadmap and arrive sooner rather than later (seeing as quite a few problems have been down to not being noticed due to it being a server load problem and they didn't have the facilities to test that, surprising really as this game is supposed to be for 6000+ players and they don't have a test rig that can replicate that).
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  17. CHDT65

    Thanks for the info, always nice to have quick reaction from a dev team.
  18. Suchy101

  19. RedCat

  20. Leetsarge

    Thanks a ton, codeForge. Good bug hunting.
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