Handfull of people online sunday morning

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Denguin, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Denguin

    I was going to come back after a long break but when i logged on this morning and seen no battles and only a couple 1-12 zones it makes me wonder whats going on. Sure its a sunday morning but still what the hell. I play on Connery.

    This kind of population is unacceptable to me. Are we going to get server merges or anything to resolve this?
  2. DeadlyOmen

    Connery is rocking 24/7. Look harder.
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  3. Denguin

    umm no its not. when i log in and only one continent is open with no zone having more than 1-12 people and the server says low pop it is not "rocking"
  4. Eternaloptimist

    IDK about Connery but EU servers are also quiet on Sunday mornings. Friday nights, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons/evenings are hectic though.
  5. BrbImAFK

    I would guess that the silly people go to church, the normal people sleep in a bit and the wierd people have lives outside of PS2! :p
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  6. DeadlyOmen

    What time?

    Remember, California Morning is Asia afternoon/evening, and there's a bunch of asians playing during what we call "off-peak".

    I know this, because I play almost exclusively during these hours, "This morning" is not morning everywhere.

    Connery is rocking 24/7. If you can't find a fight, you aren't looking...*or*...you have an agenda. 0_o
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  7. HisokaTheRed

    If it was this morning (4/2). There was a China VS Germany Nation Smash; maybe that is why there was less pop.
  8. Denguin

    DeadlyOmen why do you keep insisting i didnt look hard enough when the server told me low pop and the map told me nobody was on? NOBODY was on.

    Hisoka thank you maybe that was to blame ill try again next weekend
  9. chayne

    Connery IS NOT full "24/7", I have no clue why he keeps saying that. Well actually I think I know....he's a troll.
  10. DeadlyOmen

    I didn't say full.

    5:12am California time. Slow time, right? Server is rocking.

    It's odd how tools can be useful.

    Because saying that Connery doesn't have action at all times of the day is flat-out wrong.
  11. chayne

    Lol I'm sorry, you did not say full. You said "rocking", I'll assume you mean those giant 12-24 one hex major battles. While all the other hexes say no one is there or 1-12.
  12. DeadlyOmen

    Yep, "rocking".

    Yuo are quite invested in your perception. What is your agenda?
  13. RobotNinja

    Sunday morning is not exactly a peak time for US players. I don't know if you realize this but people who play video games all day and night aren't normally "morning people."