[Guide] Halloween Directive Tips and Camo

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  1. JustGotSuspended

    Link for some pics (taken in potato mode)


    Overall my opinion is it's a simple directive that offers a nice looking camo. It feels a bit more worked than black camo, though I do still prefer black camo over it. Still it's a nice addition at least to your main characters.

    I would recommend doing the masked murder, witchy ways, funeral pyre and silver for monsters as I found them the fastest and easiest to do.
  2. Nighda Venesis

    Only thing different here is that I did necromancer instead of witchy ways. Still have funeral pyre to go and then I'll have the directive complete.
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  3. JustGotSuspended

    I did necromancer on my first char, but I realized witched ways is way faster if you get a rep bus and some ammo packs, so I did that for the rest of my chars.
  4. MonnyMoony

    Halloween event has been pretty meh for the past couple of years.

    Previous years were much better, with side goals that you could work towards outside of the main event directive - such as the ability to collect pumpkin seeds to get special helmets (I saved up for the purple flaming skull helmet over a number of years) and a couple of years back where pumpkins (and especially galactolanterns) gave out random rewards like Horns and XP (I actually achieved ASP status off the back of that event).

    I feel the last couple of years have been a backwards step - not to mention pumpkins (and snowmen) seem to have a much reduced drop rate.

    Shame - I used to enjoy spending a couple of hours in my ESF hunting pumpkins and snowmen - but now it's boring and pointless.
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  5. JustGotSuspended

    I never enjoyed the pumpkins, I guess the seeds were fine i did get skulls and bandanas which now cost 10$ to buy lol.

    That said I agree the rewards are less cool, I miss when it was a special weapons like the lighting ap variant or aurax slasher.

    The directive itself now also feels a lot like random xp farming and pumpkin harvesting, it's no longer oriented around getting kills with halloween weapons and stuff. Idk, I'd prefer if at least they added some more options like aurax the candycannon, aurax the slasher, or ectoblaster or whatever. Cuz xp farming is pretty boring, and let's be honest no ones having fun harvesting 200 pumpkins if that's even possible.

    Idk I do hope they come out with an epic Christmas directive I guess; we won't be seeing a cool halloween directive this year either I guess.

    Which sucks cuz I need that aurax slasher on my newer chars :(
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  6. Nighda Venesis

    It would be nice if perhaps to solve this issue with old rewards being gone they would bring back old event directives every year, so instead of just having one directive line you could choose the one from which year you would do to earn rewards from that year, but I guess there would be a lot of overlap and earning everything at once or in quick succession (which isn't a problem to me it's a holiday ffs). This should of course apply to all holidays if it gets implemented. I haven't been playing since launch, but I have the auraxium slasher, skull blanc, and some other stuff as well on my vs. I earned the dark decay camo yesterday as well, and it's really nice.
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  7. JustGotSuspended


    Yeah this would be epic. Especially for the alts I made after or didn't have time to unlock on. I doubt it'd be that hard to implement and it would really be a quality of life change.
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