HALLOWEEN 2014 - MASTER DIRECTIVE - COMPLETE - Left feeling scammed by SOE..

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  1. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Why i am not surprised, that VS complete it first
  2. Bonom Denej

    I think this complaint will make more sense when we will have to equip knife instead of the one click quick knifing mechanic we have now.
  3. Goretzu

    The event is horrible, time limited pumpkin hunts, and no one wearing masks (probably because of time limited pumpkin hunts).

    The seem to have tried to balance it with everyone being daft enough to blow $$$'s on the Halloween stuff, but really why would many people do that as the event is pretty pants.
  4. Goretzu

    The spawn rate would be fine, IF it was permenant on one continet (al la Esamir and the Snowmen), but with the time limited nature it is just plain silly.
  5. FieldMarshall

    Looks like its just a bugged texture preview issue. Like when you preview the masks with fire on them and it doesent show properly. You can see the tip of the slasher giving off the aurax-glow.

    It would probably look normally when you use it ingame.
    Oh thats right, you only ever see it for 0.01 seconds anyway so it doesent matter.
    Nobody is going to see anything but the weapon icon (at best) anyway.

  6. Swooped

    I have only spent 1 event looking for pumpkins on the 2nd it came out and in the one alert i found 2 galactic pumpkins and 7 normals :D

    Haven't looked for pumpkins since due to it being the worst thing ever.
  7. Goretzu

    You were pretty lucky with the Galacto-lanterns, air seems to be the best bet for them though.
  8. GamingExports

    Not True:
    ^ This was the point of getting the Aurax Slasher... but they look exactly the same.. I'm extremely disappointed.pissed off.. hopefully it's an oversight.

    On a side note:

    The Auraxium Slasher also DOES NOT give credit towards the "EXCEPTIONAL" Directive.. effectively making it useless. Is this a bug or is it working as intended?
  9. xDesideratus

    if you thought spending hundreds of hours pointlessly grinding a dumb videogame achievement was ever going to be "worth it", I don't even know what to tell you.
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  10. GamingExports

    Wasn't "hundreds" of hours.. it was a few days... but constant hunting pumpkins and stalking of masked players.. furthermore, I'm not sure who you're quoting I never mentioned the phrase "worth it" - however, as it stands; with the Aurax Slasher not making the Psycho sound, not having a proper skin and not counting towards the Exceptional Directive.. it's definitely NOT WORTH IT.
  11. Bixli

    ..1000 certs for that slasher & there's no real scam. ..gz btw.
  12. Pacster3

    Guys, give it some time. I'm sure that it isn't intended to look exactly the same. I'm sure that it should make the same(or similar sound) as the normal slasher does. And finally I'm sure that it should count towards some weapon directive(maybe we get an additional event auraxium weapon themed directive once we have more events with auraxium directives).
    Given the initial prices of those masks, the spawnrate of pumpkins, the way the directives have been set up(encouraging beating the system by working together with your enemy) and the way the alerts worked in the beginning it's obvious that this whole event was NOT well ironed out and SOE will fix it and hopefully learn(a lot!) from it.