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  1. Halkesh

    With the 7 september update, halberd has been changed to include a x2 headshot multiplier so it will OHK infantry when landing headshot. Sweet.
    However, I think it go in the wrong direction about flak armor : it's supposed to prevent being OHK by such weapons.

    What do you think about reducing the headshot multiplier to x1,5 so it will kill infantry on headshot but not if they're using flak armor.
  2. ParakeetLord88

    How about leaving the halberd as it was since it was no major anti-infantry threat? I mean seriously, you need to aim and I'm sure it didn't happen all that often compared to most AV weapons.

    If there's some business with vehicle resistances being changed and the halberd (as now is) doing more damage than it used to to them, then maybe it's time that infantry got some resistances of their own. It seems like it would make sense and would allow balance issues vehicle versus infantry much better. If such already exist, great, just tweak them as needed.

    In any case, yes, flak armor should prevent a OHK from a halberd, or most any explosive for that matter.
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