Hades vs Nemesis

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by mynameaborat, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. mynameaborat

    One says its anti aircraft one says its anti armor(tanks)....they both seem to have the same stats....cant i just buy one and use it for both??? or do i have to get the right for one for the right vehicles?

    Im a newbie to PS2 thats why im asking this..
  2. Zanduh

    If you want to fire at both get the anhialator or however it's spelled. It locks onto both but doesnt do as much damage
  3. JonConnor

    You can still dumb fire at anything with both Hades and Nemesis (not sure about the other one it might lock-only). I have both and equip what I need but not knowing in advance I prefer Nemesis for versatility since it is usually easier to hit a ground vehicle with dumb fire.
  4. Bloodlet

    I've been wondering, does the Nemesis do the same damage as a Hades does on a ground vehicle?
  5. JonConnor

    I think it is slightly less. I do switch to Hades or the default S1 (which does slightly more damage than Hades) when fighting ground vehicles specifically.
  6. Brickwalker

    I use the Anti air launcher..

    atleast that way I can scare away air(or get the occasional hit) and still dumbfire at ground targets.

    I have the Annihilator,but have found that not having a dumbfire option is too detrimental imo.

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