Had enough Hossin for about my entire life

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  1. Iridar51

    Yep. I am a terrible pilot myself, yet I crash my plane into the ground more often than die to lock-ons. Though, admittedly, sometimes I crash into the ground in an effort to dodge a lock-on :rolleyes:
  2. zaspacer

    That's the SOE shuffle. Keep tuning the game, removing access to preferred gameplay, until it's unplayable.

    Then it's time to go find another game to play. :)
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  3. Iridar51

    Maybe I'm being a slave to my own perceptions. Like those people who think that old MCG was an accurate weapon, or that angled recoil pattern is better than non-angled. I see what I want to see.
  4. zaspacer

    Lock-ons aee great in ideal conditions. For exactly the reason that your experience with an HA supports: lots of players are reckless or greedy, and either don't use Flares, use them incorreclty, or have used them already and yet still stick around.

    And the best place to use them vs. Air is typically between the battle line and their nearest Ammo supply or "safe zone". Lotta pilots will have used their Flare or be damaged and heading back, and especially vulnerable and defenseless to Lock-ons. Best place to use them vs. Ground is typically in an elevated position (they cannot get to) overlooking them in a wide open area they have no cover to get to in time.
  5. Mianera

    Aaaah, this is the thread where the Indar Fanboys cry.

    What's the matter, you can no longer farm in your vehicles? You have to get down on the ground and participate as infantry?

    Personally... I HATE INDAR. Love Esamir and Amerish is somewhat okay. FEED me your tears you Indar loving roosters! CRY me a river that I can bathe in! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHA
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  6. Flying Mug

    Right, the bulldog gal shelling our spawn must have been my imagination.
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  7. Mythologicus

    Hossin is ******* gorgeous.

    Also, tanks.

    Really the only problems I have are spawn beacons in trees a mile in the air and that EVERY SINGLE BASE HAS A FREAKING VEHICLE FORCEFIELD. Though at least this alleviates Swagrider camps somewhat.
  8. CHDT65

    A PS2 map is large enough to have a swamp and other parts with a different topography.
    Hossin is just a boring swamp with no topography.
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  9. CHDT65

    PS2 maps are large enough to offer more than one type of gameplay.
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  10. Axehilt

    The problem is that players get into the gambler's mindset with it, and expect that overall they'll do good against air with G2A lock-ons. They won't. They'll get farmed and come to the forums and make angry forum posts about being farmed by air.

    Personally I mostly just use G2A to snap a shot off for minor deterrence before getting inside a building, because I understand that in the event that aircraft is smart it'll wipe the floor with any infantry in the air (and even achieving the lock-on is basically announcing "Free steak here!" to the aircraft I'm beeping at.)
  11. Axehilt

    Well I'm a reasonably good pilot and Hossin's walls cause me to crash almost as much as the trees did in Planetside 1's hossin. (Which was a lot.)
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  12. NinjaKirby

    Haha, this! I just spent my first couple of hours on Hossin, having fun weaving in and out of the Tree's in the NE with a Reaver.

    Cockpit view and suddenly I swerve and see a strange greyish screen, and my eyes scanned for the Horizon for some kind of discernible landmark till I realised it was a sheer cliff face with a crap-ton of fog (later realised Bloom was also enabled by default, probably didn't help). Pulled up just in-time to crash and end up on fire, but managed to repair.

    My experience with Hossin is... it's good, because it's different and new, but I think it's going to wear out fast. The thin passes/choke points are boring (except to fly through, still gimmicky), and there's a bazillion bases. On one hand, a Swamp map probably needs a good few bases, but there's still TOO many.

    I look forward to a 5th continent, with like, 10-20 bases on it. Make it happen Devs, when you are ready. No rush or anything.

    PS: Apologies to the Jester Lightning Tank driver I shot with my Hornets, I turned up Particle Effects to maximum before I started playing tonight, Ambient Occlusion was On and Bloom was turned on by default like I said, and no Dorito appeared AND the shadows where you were driving all compounded matters to make you look like an enemy :(
  13. volth

    It's only one open map in ps2 and that's Indar, the other continents are stone and trees maze.
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  14. IberianHusky

    Forumside is why we can't have nice things. I'm almost glad the devs ignore it.
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  15. Regpuppy

    He likely means in man hours. IE per guy, it takes that much time to get it done. They have multiple base designers, some of them we don't know about, so that figure is obviously inflated. Otherwise we wouldn't have Hossin(or 50-60% of it), or even Amerish, with that estimate.
  16. novicez

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  17. zaspacer


    I mainly played ESFs and Infils before I picked up HA Striker. I think the time playing Sniper, the time I've spent in the air, watching others play Air, and my playstyle, has given me some extra insight into how to hunt for Air with HA Striker.

    A lot of it is about positioning for me. Finding that good spot from which to plague Air when they are most vulnerable. The ability to pick spots that are either covered by friendly AA, obscured by the sheer amount of friendlies, obscure terrain to hide in, etc. The ability to pick spots that can target and keep target on Air that is overextended. To be able to get at them in a location and for a duration that they are not expecting and have not properly prepared for.

    I also expect to die a lot. Or to dodge and <delete> respawn escape if a Air zooms in on me. Lock-ons are solid in their niche, but like you said, they are a death sentence if an Air dials in on you and has the time and safety to hunt you down. Locks-ons don't have the "get out of my face" ability that dumbfire and flak has for sure. And I can definitely understand your point about most Infantry who try to use Lock-ons running into trouble, because they are standing still, in obvious locations, not being selecting about timing and type of target. Often I choose Striker as a way to clear Air from an area, and for this sometimes it's better just to get lock and not fire. Lotta pilots will bug out if you just hold the lock on them.
  18. Silkensmooth

    Thats what i thought when i saw it on PTS. Its just terrible, which would be ok i guess if you didnt have to go there.

    More not listening.

    Vocal minority QQ about Indar which for most people is the only palatable continent, and instead of actually fixing the other continents based on the consensus community feedback, they fiddle with what they like and leave it bland boring and mainly more frustrating than fun while forcing us to play there
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  19. iller

    What? ... It takes a whole world team 3 weeks?... to do each base even though they're just using pre-built templates for most of the Level "Flow" while there's almost no "Flavor Props" to even mess with anymore (all taken out in the Optmization update :rolleyes:). I don't wanna be that guy, but... I've seen lone Editors make better looking Maps in Hammer/UDK in maybe 4-5 weeks. Do they only have ONE GUY doing it all? We had ONE GUY on these forums who managed to extract and convert almost all of their Templates for Fan projects and he didn't even have access to the Source/Base.
  20. -Synapse-

    I don't know about everyone else, but I love Hossin. It's a swamp, it's supposed to be foggy, cramped, and confusing. It'll take some time to get used to but I think it's a great continent for infantry play. I've seen some great tactical plays and awesome siege-style battles over some pretty sweet bases.

    Honestly I'm surprised so many people don't like it.
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