Hacks and more Hacks

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dafoose, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Chrysalis

    Hackers have more time to get around countermeasures than developers have to design and implement those countermeasures.

    If you can't handle this sad fact of life, stop playing FPS titles, because I tell you right now you will never, ever be able to eliminate 100% of cheaters in this genre. The best you can hope for is driving their population down so that they're a sporadic annoyance instead of a major problem.
  2. Trof

    You may not be lagging but your target might be which still causes issues for you. 25+ cable is good but what everyone always forgets, you are not directly wired into the server you are only as fast as your slowest hop, tracert is your freind.
  3. Balashark

    Unless you have concrete proof someone is hacking don't throw those kind of accusations around.
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  4. {joer

    I do think some people are dropping packets on purpose to lag warp. I think the easy fix to this is keep them stationary and visible to everyone when this happens. Sure people will bad connections will suffer but its 2012.
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  5. Dovahkiin


    F**King idiots don't realize that the "hack" may be a visual bug on heir end or just due to the fact that someone people have high skill or unlocks that enable them to do more things.
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  6. Trollcifer

    Agreed. I'm close to BR 20 and have never been able to say someone was definitely hacking. A few questionable incidents (like a seemingly one bullet head shot death from a turning Gauss Saw user last night) but nothing definitive.
  7. Xyeth

    I've not seen anything I could say for certain was a hack BUT some really weird stuff happens when the game gets lagged out (client or server side).
  8. Some1

    I've only seen 2, a pistol wielding VS aim bot infiltrator, and a permacloaked TR infiltration that could still fire despite being cloaked. Granted the cloak is garbage and I could see and kill him anyway.
  9. Topdog

    This sir is a f'd up, overly complacent and almost irresponsible attitude. This is just the attitude that allows our politicians to remain corrupt, taxes to get out of hand, and criminals to run rampant. This is not the attitude my country was founded on. I am a paying customer and as such; I most certainly have the right to expect a product completely free from hacking losers. As long as there are inmates like you that bend over and take it when it's given to you, we will all continue to be ***** over and over. You can do something about it chumly.. stand up and fight! What? Fight? Yes.. fight with the power of your wallet and until the gaming community as a whole learn to utilize this power collectively, the developers won't bother to do anything. EA comes to mind here. Certainly they can do something about it but it will take time, personnel and money that they don't want to spend as long as you keep paying. Stop paying, stop playing, and they will start to give a ****, and you can bet that junk in your hand they'll show what they can do about it and all the time they have to design and implement it. This kind of **** pisses me off, we might as well all go out and get hacks then right? The thing that kills me is anyone can easily go to a number of web sites and pay 20 dollars for a hack no problem. It's too easy, I don't understand how they get away with this; isn't it against the law, against the license, can't legal action be taken? You bet it can, but again; more money, more time, more personnel. As soon as the hacking becomes rampant enough (aimbots are here already), I personally won't be playing. I'll fight, you can bend over and take it if you want to.
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  10. Copasetic

    I haven't seen any blatant hacking, but I have seen plenty of incredibly laggy players warping and teleporting around. Most of the time they're completely useless as long as I keep moving, so I'm assuming my movements are just as bad on their screen. I've also seen people firing while cloaked, but that might just be a bug.
  11. FightingFirst

    I really do wonder of the validity of half the people crying hacks on this forum. Despite them saying it is widespread I have yet to see one in the 24hrs or so Ive played since last Wednesday. I think people are either misinterpretting skill as a hack or they or the opposing player had issues with connecting to the game or the server was just having a funny moment.
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  12. Shotgunjoe

    Oh man, pulling out the APB card...that is harsh, and just hitting below the belt.
  13. Chrysalis

    No sir, it's a realistic one. Devs have to fix bugs, develop new content AND design/implement cheating countermeasures.

    Meanwhile the cheaters are free to blow all of their free time getting around said countermeasures. And there are more cheaters than there are people on the dev team.

    This is true regardless of what game you're talking about.

    The fact that this sort of economy of scale also applies to information security should scare you out of your goddamn mind.
  14. SpottyGekko

    I was playing on Woodman last night with a friend, flying Libs. At one point my buddy spawned a Lib at the warpgate. I watched him fly toward me, then he suddenly teleported across the whole warpgate, crashed into the main spawn building, somersaulted twice, shot straight up into the air and down again, landing right in front of me with no damage at all.

    While all these acrobatics are going on, he's on TS saying: "Damn, I spawned underground, can't see anything, can you see me ?"

    The way the servers are behaving at the moment, it's impossible to prove anyone is "hacking".

    Once everything is stable, THAT will be the time to spot cheaters.
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  15. Miyoko

    Welcome to F2P.

    If a game allows for endless accounts without repercussion, hacking will not stop, it's a battle that was lost the moment they decided the game was to be F2P/cash-shop. There is no monetary punishment for a hacker, none, you can hack, get banned, and start over 1 second later.
  16. WilsonMG

    I've ran into a few aimbotters. They're few and far between though.
  17. Tailssan

    Gonna be alot more of these posts popping up as I start owning more people.
    But seriously, these posts really will start to get out of control. I for one, have made "questionably" ridiculously awesome headshots while people are running or flying around with their jetpacks. Sniping is actually pretty easy in this game. 10-20 kills in a row before dying even once is a bare minimum standard for me. Killing sprees of 30-50 kills with all headshots sniping isn't really that tough either. OP is probably just getting owned too hard. So many people just start crying after "getting owned", don't know if that's the case here, but like the other post in this thread, I'm at BR 20, and I've never seen a single questionable player I couldn't kill.
  18. Ravijn

    Well there's gonna be a lot more because one of the more famous hack sites just released a Planetside 2 aimbot and ESP. It's gonna be rough unless SOE does something about this quickly.
  19. VoidMagic

    How did you know? There's no possible way they just had good aim?
  20. Miyoko

    How are they going to do something about this though when you can keep making accounts.
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