Hacking spitfire turrets??

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by hello1, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. hello1

    Is this for real? the patch notes fore the june update says this under bug fixes:
    so does that mean we can hack spitfire turrets?
    if so how hard is it to do?
  2. Pointyguide2

    You have been able to do this since spitfire introduction I think. Though I never had enough time alone with one. I did get a message once before I died
  3. Navron

    Yes. I do it all the time. According to another person, previously when you hacked a Spitfire, any kill it got counted as a team kill against the person who deployed it.

    The downtime from an EMP grenade is enough time to hack it if you have hacking maxed out. I'm not sure about the lower levels. I don't know if decoy grenades worked when they were around. Spitfires shot at decoy markings but I dunno if the distraction was good enough to hack.
  4. Opapanax

    Are you allowed to hack more than one at a time? I'm not for the overpowered talk but it would seem a little imbalanced since you can only deploy one actively at a time.
  5. Navron

    Not really sure that would be imbalanced. How many spitfire turrets do you normally see in one area? Even if there ARE two, there isn't enough time to hack them both. It's not like you can exploit it by hoping that enemy Engineers place down a whole bunch of Spitfires.
  6. Opapanax

    Well the imbalance would just be getting all the points to one player. Of course that saying that all the turrets are actually scoring kills.

    If there are five spitfires in a base and he is able to hack all of them as one toon it seems a bit imbalanced. I was wondering if it worked as if an Infiltrator hacked a second turret would to the first revert back to opp force or if they get a message saying you can't hack.

    The former would be my choice mechanic..
  7. Ximaster

    Its the first notice i have,the spitfire turrect can be hacked???? I always destroy him :p
  8. HamOnRye

    Pretty easy. Locate the turret, toss in an EMP and immediately run up and press E. The turret will be hacked before the EMP wears off.
  9. Baracuda

    I just learned about this recently too, I tried it immediately and hilarity ensued.