Hacking out of control on Waterson

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by H0urg1ass, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Admiral Ackbar

    You look at their IP.. And ban it..
  2. Root

    This kind of makes me wonder. I mean, yeah I've seen the occasional hacker that's been very obvious (speeding along one shot'ing people without stopping, usually with barcode or trolly names). There are things that are pretty tell tale, there are also things that can easily be mistaken for hacking but can be attributed to lag. A guy the other day shot me from his back, ran into him a little later and he barely hit me, in that case it was either lag, or he turned the hack off i guess. This game handles lag funny sometimes though so keep that in mind.

    Not saying you're wrong about these BR60s being cheaters, but are you absolutely sure? Looking at the leaderboard for our server, nobody seems to have an excessively high number of headshots. http://www.planetside-universe.com/leaderboard.php?server=Waterson Additionally I can say I've come up against most of those TR/NC on that leaderboard, and while they were certainly talented, I've seen nothing questionable that can't be explained by lag. So while I understand you definitely shouldn't name them here, I can't help but be curious as to who you're referring to as I haven't shared your experiences.
  3. SarahM

    I wonder how hard the latency hit would be if the game had a completely server authorative model...

    They change their IP and log right back in. Also, dynamic IPs, NAT, VPNs, >7 proxies... loads of shenanigans are possible in terms of IP address changes.

    Looking at their MAC Address instead would be more helpfull, as MACs are harder to spoof.
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  4. JustSe7en

    You would have thought there would have been some sort of program out there that they can implement that can detect if their hacking, or detect if any programs are trying to interfere with the program/shut it down, and simply not let them launch the game or even log in.
  5. H0urg1ass

    One of them was specifically kicked from a very high profile outfit he was in because his outfit found out he was aimbotting and didn't want to burn with him. Then it turns out that SOE won't touch the guy. Apparently he's dumped a lot of money into the game. He has all upgraded armors and skull helmets and uses 7 day xp boosts every week... yeah.
  6. wolfva

    Well sheesh! No wonder I'm not making any sense to you. Since you're hearing me say things I never said. Have you had this problem long? Hearing voices? Perhaps you should seek professional help.

    Here's what I said: "Either SOE is doing what they can to stop hacking, like they've said they are, or they are lying and don't care."
    I did not say which one I believed they were doing. Nor did I say which one they WERE doing. It's an either/or statement. It means one or the other is true. Each player must make that determination for themselves. Whether they believe SOE is lying, or actually trying to stop hackers. I'm sure you feel more comfortable with others doing your thinking for you, but please. Try to think for yourself.

    As far as what I think? Well, what *I* think is that my opinion is important to only one person. Me. As I really couldn't care less what you, or any one else, thinks of what I think I see no reason, as usual, to state what I believe.
  7. H0urg1ass

    Ahhh, a troll. Shouldn't have fed you. Back to reading the intelligent responses.
  8. wolfva

    Heh. You claim I say something in direct contradiction to what I wrote, when called on it rather then admit your mistake you hide behind troll claims. Of course, to you an 'intellectual' response is anyone who agrees with you. You lost an argument; take it as a learning experience. In the future, respond to what people actually say instead of claiming they said something else which would allow you to rant and rage in self righteous fury.
  9. nukularZ

    Who do you all think will be part of the next major wave of identity thefts? The very stupid kids who decided to downloads hacks/bots for video games. They must be very naive to believe that only their accounts for said games are at risk...

    And all for cheating on a video game...

    So when I have it happen to me, I don't feel too bad. Karma is a ***** and unfortunately for some of these kids it will come back to them in the worst possible way.
  10. yogafire

    Make the game cost 5 dollars so there is some cost to getting your account closed. Without some kind of negative to getting caught hacking I dont see what will stop them.
    Right now you get caught you grab new IP and make a new account. Rinse and repeat there is no way to ever stop it and no downside to being caught. If the game cost something you always lose that when you cheat.
  11. LittleDi

    As a TR Heavy It's not only TR that gets the hackers. I've seen some allies, some enemy, and a few others. So I guess my main problem so far would be that NC who managed to pull a knife on me from the hill over yonder...

    Yep... that's what I said. A ranged knife attack. In a game with no ranged knifes.
  12. Sinist

    I know exactly who you are talking about.

    His name begins with a S.

    There are half dozen others over BR50 I can't name on the forums who desperatly need to be banned on Waterson.

    I even got banned from PSU for making posts about it. I have so much money invested in the game it's sad to see what is happening so far. The integrity of the game is lost right now.

    I run into a cheater at LEAST once a day. I can't say I tolerate it, but we have no choice but to deal with it. We have no ways to contact admin's. Good chance reporting them wouldn't solve the problem. So it's just "Deal with it", which is frustrating.
  13. Homeros

    I thought it was pretty easy to protect even a free game from hackers, with regularly updates that prevents the hacks. Many games has won over the hackers, but some have not. Let us hope that SOE is one of the developers that will do something about it.
    Most games uses mods/bots/mechanics to detect if a file is edited or if files are added into the game. They can also check everyones maximum speed (To detect speed hackers). I do not know how the check god mode hacks, but it probably similar.
  14. Talizzar

    Not on Waterson but Matherson. Sniper hits me in one shot from the hip on a dead run, while I am running. Skill, luck or hack....I say hack this was at long range. He was reported. People are now using the aiming hacks and radar must more conservatively to avoid detection. They are smarter but still hacking. I hope that SOE Can write a routine to stop and catch these folks.
  15. Cute-CandyPants

    yes this is the problem,they get banned and then they just change their I.P if they get banned that way and make a new account.
    unfortunatly all we can do right now is keep reporting them and hope thye get bored of keep making new accounts :/
  16. Phrygen


    No hackers are on all servers, and it is extremely obvious when you see it.
  17. Reiter

    I'm too bad of a player to know when I've been aimbotted or legitimately killed. All I do is fix things and get xp off of sundy spawns. Game on.
  18. Solafide

    Hardware ban, or IP ban...
  19. Haterade

    Don't worry buddy. That dude is just one of these guys who found out about something on the internet and throw it about trying to look smart.

    Is the Dunning/Krueger effect something that is alive and well in online gaming? Absolutely. Does it impact what's being talked about on this thread? No. This isn't ohmygodIgotshotitmustbehacks. There are real problems with hacking in this game. Does SoE do a good job with hacking? All and all, yes. I like what I've seen from them in regards to hacking and getting rid of them. But clearly there is still work that needs to be done.
  20. LiquidGG

    Is it really that bad?
    Im relative new to the game and I am playing on Cobalt as VS. One time I saw a GM on the server yelling around that he hunts hackers down, and I even could chat with him a little bit.
    But is hacking that much of an issue in PS2?