Hacking is a Problem

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  1. Villanuk

    Well on miller today, some will have seen a blatant hacker who hid underground killing the mother %£$£$^ out of the players, I cannot mention his name as we know. We all reported him and nothing for over 3 hours was anything done. Maybe he stopped because he was bored, who knows, I will see if he starts again tomorrow, but he was even promoting his website about his hack.

    Question, why on earth do PS2 do not have 24hour admins on the server? Yes your maybe from the US but guess what, EU players do play this game and expect someone to deal with whats was going on, it was not even a debatable point, the guy was even laughing about it !!

    Last night again, so many players warping through walls on biolabs. Your going to say lag arnt you, well NO. The person ran with a launcher, you don't play like that and ive played long enough to know the problems lag creates and when people hack.

    People who say this game has no hacks are either completely naïve to the situation or have no idea what or a hack is.

    Ive been a gaming admin and involved in anti cheat software, ive been gaming for a very long time and seen more cheats and from people who were called " skilled ".

    This game has a problem, some know it, some are ignorant towards it ( no recoil ) but whats clear, if you have been playing high end gaming and involved with cheats then this game needs a faster response for the EU players for the blatant cheats and better anti cheat for the subtle cheats.

    You cannot expect players to pay for a game when you will not accept their are hackers out their and only deal with them on US time, this is a global game guys.

    I just want to add on a positive note. If you provide evidence of cheaters then SOE as it were, DO ban them, fair play but sometimes they need to be on the server resolving the matter before it takes 3 - 5 hours to resolve.
  2. Grumblefern

    I've seen a lot of speed scripts lately. Players that just zip around the map. Haven't been killed by one to my knowledge though.

    There was one fairly persistent aimbot as well.

    Supposedly H1Z1's script kiddies have bled over into PS2 recently since it's free and similar cheats work in it or something.


    I think the hard reality of it is that they don't have the resources to deal with it as quickly/efficiently as we'd like. PS2 is likely well past its peak(I think it's at lowest pop ever according to this), and they've been fairly obviously making changes to try to bring in more money for awhile now.
  3. Villanuk

    Good point Grumble, it maybe the case, but no recoil and warping has been around far to long now and yet SOE / DB have yet to admit or resolve the issue. Most players know whats going on, so time for DB to accept the situation, that's why I cancelled my membership, hacking is a problem, not debatable but factual.
  4. Tratt

    Just have everyone report the person and be done with it. A 24/7 admin, even it was 1 or two people, would still need to log into that server, watch what was going on and then make a determination of whether the person was hacking or not.

    There was a post on reddit that they just did another ban wave as of yesterday, but you can always wander over there and message the PromptCritialSOE user when the person is online and they will probably see it a lot quicker.
  5. Villanuk

    That was done, yet nothing was done, but the bigger problem is so many hacks that we all know about yet we excuse, like no recoil etc, im sorry but enough is enough. The game has hacks, Br100's are using them, the game needs to resolve this issue not pretend its not happening. Only because your a BR 100, it should not accept you do not cheat, pure and simple..
  6. MikeyGeeMan

    Sounds like daybreak was bought out by nexon
  7. Pirbi

    For every real report, they probably get dozens of false reports. Still, if the same name is getting spammed then you would think they could look into it.
  8. AxiomInsanity87

    Looks like the script kiddies are being taken seriously now.

    This has been an issue longer than h1z1. The subtle stuff that few recognise is the worst.
  9. Villanuk

    The subtle stuff that few recognise is the worst

    Yes to right, but when will DB or the community stand up and say this, as frankly im sick of tired of it and their is little point the community accepting this.

    Its time we say to DB, resolve this, for get increasing the cert price, deal with the hacks that have been here far to long.
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  10. CapEnTrade

    Nothing more than a guy with a fisher price modem cooking up conspiracy theories.
  11. ninjiz

    Oh come on guys! Maybe it's just lag! Just because someone can outrun a sunderer on foot and dodge bullets like the matrix doesn't mean he's a hacker!

  12. Utrooperx

    When you see Smed posting on Twitter about all the bans (thousands!) in H1Z1...and then see here where people declare they "might" have seen one hacker in "Forever", that they don't exist in PS2, that famous "Lag vs. TTK" video posted as a all-encompassing explanation repeatedly, "Git Gud", "It's just lag...", etc...

    Seems somebody is deluded...

    [IMG]John Smedley@j_smedley · May 18
    24,837 have been banned for cheating.

    [IMG]John Smedley@j_smedley · May 20
    We've banned 7k esp hackers in the last few days.

    [IMG]John Smedley@j_smedley · May 20
    If we ban 30k and unban 20 for making videos that are seen by a lot of people, and they apologize.. I'll take it.

    Of course there are NO CHEATERS IN PS2...right...?
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  13. CapEnTrade

    That's clever editing, nothing more.
    What you see there was just an animated cutout that someone stuck in a prepped video where he's shooting at nothing, it has already been debunked, like a while ago. Get with it.
  14. RainbowDash9

    thats how many people logged in at a certain point in time. i wouldnt necessarily say thats an accurate depiction of ALL players who actually play the game. just thoughtd id point that out.
  15. AxiomInsanity87

    Unequivocal evidence?.

    Nah brah, git gud, its lag, server lag, both, high ping, low ping, mad skills bro and L2p bro.
  16. IDayRax

    Several people say there is no hacker in Planetside 2
    then tell me, what is this :confused: ... the video is from a friend
    It was 4 days ago.

  17. Villanuk

  18. Garrum

    30k bans in H1Z1? What is that, a third of the whole playerbase? Steam says it has been peaking at less than 16k players for the last month.

    30k cheaters with no home and another game they can use their cheats on in plain sight. On top of the ones that were already here cheating. More convinced than ever that everyone that says they never see hackers are hackers themselves trying to downplay it.
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  19. Villanuk

    It is funny taking in mind we have all seen the blatant hackers who go on a rampage but you do wonder about the people who comment no hackers and they don't use their gaming name on the forums??
  20. Hatesphere

    very few people say there are no hackers. most people just dont think its a big a deal as some make it out to be.