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  1. lesserbob

    (If this is the wrong thread for this, sorry. Only too happy to be directed elsewhere)
    What has happened with this game? Its like a month ago there was some new hack release that allowed people to shoot through walls.

    Now...its like every day(no, correct that, its closer to literally every day) there is someone killing you from the other side of the map regardless of what room your in. I just got killed by a guy while I was in a in a closed room, and he was on the other side of the map. Instant death all headshots. Then, when I respawned and was raising a report ticket, I died to him again! In the spawn room.

    Couple of days ago...spawn room full of dead because some guy was using a hack with a AOE weapon.

    I have seen hackers in the past, it just feels like of late they are everywhere. Always low BR. I just logged off because its unplayable as a result, and came here in a vague hope of .. something.

    Whatever this hack is, is it known and being actively investigated? As it stands, Im not playing this game, and I want to, but there is just no point when it means instant death with no hope.
  2. Blue_Lion

    They are low BR because their accounts get banned.

    Hacking as a service means hackers create update and distribute their product. -Basically person using the hack is not the hacker but some one that buys the hack. It is like a Mod community for exploits.
  3. RabidIBM

    I've actually been offline for a bit because I'm on the road (watching the forum with my phone), but it sounds like I picked a good month to be missing.

    Best advice I can offer is to take a week off and wait for this to blow over. Just remember that the lame people are spending real money to cheat at a free game. They will probably die alone.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    Yeah, We´ve had one of those on Miller for the last few days - presumably getting banned because appearing with four different accounts (but similar names) in the last four or five days.

    The good news (I hope) is that BattleEye loaded today for the first time I´ve noticed in a long while. I also read somewhere that a new anti-cheat system is planned in the next few weeks.
  5. lesserbob

    Might have been a bit optomsitc. There he is again (told you it was every damn day!). There I have logged off again..cause there is no point playing.

    If I was to make an observation, NC was clearly winning the alert with TR second. Then, a new account and a VS player starts hacking and slaughtering NC players. I think what these people do is log in to screw up player experience and force players to log-off in frustration so their faction can win the alert.

    But rabid had it. Paying money to nefarious websites to hack a free game. Must be real pathetic in real life. Yea, they are going to die alone.

    EDIT : So I logged back in, just to see if he was still around.
    Killed in the spawn room as soon as I arrive. Different character, though probably the same person.

    This is entirely destroying the game experience. It is unplayable. Whatever it takes, devs, you HAVE to fix this! You have no game if you dont.