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  1. NellyG


    LOL! C'mon man! Really? Obviously still a major issue with this game.
  2. NellyG

  3. Liewec123

    Only checked the first one, but they seem to spend every second of their playtime in a banshee mosquito.
    its not hard to imagine them having 50 KDR

    for a bit of fun once i made a new character and logged in daily for my 48 member certs until i had a fully upgraded magrider,
    i didn't play them until then, and once i had that magrider i only farmed and joined fights from far away (and as a stalker infil to bail if i even remotely thought my maggy would get destroyed!)

    it wasn't until mid BR20s that a (pre nerf) tankbuster lib snuck up from behind and deleted my maggy in under a second,
    up until that point i had a KDR of ∞ (infinity!)

    so yeah its entirely possible to cheese so hard and never play infantry!

    edit: just checked the second one too, lives in a HE lightning.

    no hacking here, just cheese!
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  4. Johannes Kaiser

    I mean, both seem to be kinda useless if what @Liewec123 said. Combined with that KD, meaning they care about survival above all else, you only need to do so much as look at their vehicle in a peculiar way and they'll run off screaming. Likely don't even take kills with more than 0 obvious risk involved, otherwise they'd have good kill counts, but also a few more deaths. Pfff. Seriously, they couldn't keep that up if they would get into more than one proper "flight or fight" situation per hour. Force them into one, see them fold. The sound of a lock-on alone should do the trick, probably.
    *spit on floor*
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  5. DarkStarAnubis

    Agree on the analysis and to link this thread with the discussion on Alert and [lack of] commitment of the players base:

    If there a place in which DBG/RPG failed utterly and miserably is this one. They created a reward/distinction system in which individual achievements (with KDR sitting on top) and coveted prizes (Auraxium weapons) are associated to killing. ONLY to killing.

    Kill as many other players as you can to get good KDR, plenty of XP and the Bettlejuice to show off.

    That is cheese culture. That is farming. That is "Don't touch the Sundy so we can kill more of them spawning!" or "WTF you removed thermals on vehicles so I can't farm infantry at night. How dare you?"

    What about team prizes? What about alert prizes? What about Auraxium medals for winning so many alerts? What about to increase XP for defending and assaulting a base and decrease XP for killing? What about removing Deaths, Kills and KDR from the stats? What about giving XP per kills depending on how and who you killed (based on BR difference and method of killings?) what about to equally value kills and assists?

    There are 20 millions of ways to steer the boat toward team based recognition versus individual based recognition.

    Don't blame people for going to a Biolab (and often I am one of those going there - I am a lone wolf and don't care about Alerts), blame the designers to have funneled in each possible way the players to go in that direction.
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  6. vonRichtschuetz

    This is a symptom of the reward structure of this game, which rewards farming kills more than anything else.
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  7. Jingstealer

    Hence hacking is heavily incentivized. And all the cheating that has been going round lately really poisons the atmosphere.
  8. JibbaJabba

    CombinerOfArms is not a hacker.

    I wish he were as I would be first in line to get him banned. He's just a guy who arbitrages every imbalance and cheese that can be found in the game. He'll A2G farm then hide when A2A shows up. And if it happens to get him, he'll eject and redeploy to avoid death. It's just a player who has no honor and cares about stats more than the gameplay behind them.

    He's scum... but not a hacker.
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  9. nagibator

    its hackers 100%. the most skilful reaver pilot i saw who can solo kill skyguard lighting with air and same score have only 2 kd. on miler. it doesnot matter how skiled you. your air farm for first point
  10. VonEisenwaffel

    Since I am new,

    So how good is PS2 being moderated in terms of alleged or actual cheating/hacking??

    And is there are a PS2 specific term for those players who are only in it "to survive"? I mean everytime I see a guy blasting of with a sunderer leaving dudes in the dust standing all over the place or running to catch up, or with dropships...I just think, ********.
    But maybe there is a official word??? I love the keeping each others back part of this experience, you can anywhere for the other stuff.
  11. Somentine

    You're oblivious.

    As much as most people on Emerald despise Fedx, they are good at what they do - weaponizing autism/cancer mechanics, but they (combinerofarms) aren't cheating.
  12. MonnyMoony

    It is odd that a game where dying means pretty much nothing as you can re-spawn in seconds, rewards kills so much higher over winning objectives.
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  13. NotziMad

    I don't disagree particularly with what DarkStarAnubis wrote, in fact I really strongly agree, but I feel the need to point out that this KD obsession exists pretty much in all pvp online games.

    I remember playing Age of Conan in 2007/2008 and it was already an obsession for most players back then. It used to drive me crazy and that wasn't even an fps.

    Just a small nuance..
  14. Twin Suns

    Wasting you're own precious time looking at the KDR of some flying cheese pirates.

    It's quite funny that people who advocate the removal of KDR, have a unhealthy, obsessive habit. The habit of using their own valuable time viewing other people's (no real meaning to the actual game) KDR's.

    My squishy, frontline SMG infil is the tip of the spear. My KDR is $ hit...I feel no shame. :)

    I just play the game. Try it, it's quite liberating.

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  15. Twin Suns

    The last time I checked this was a shooter game. There's no A.I. to kill for those rewards. Just other players. PvP!

    Also, "Farming" is when the force majeur refuses to cap the said base and just decides to harvest instead. That's "Farming".

    Just playing the game trying to rank up normally, getting kills defending or capping a base isn't "Farming".
  16. DarkStarAnubis

    The line is thin but sometimes it is obvious.

    If I see a parked enemy sundy and the fight is not intense (so reinforcements are coming slowly: 1-2 players respawn, pause, ...) I can do different things:

    1. Kill the sundy myself if I have the right weapons
    2. Spot the sundy and /tell others to get help
    3. sit and wait for the 1-2 enemies to spawn, kill them easily, rinse and repeat

    What is "farming" from your perspective and what is "defending the base"?
  17. Twin Suns

    4. I die to the enemy deploying and/or go over to a terminal and change my infil to a LA and destroy it.

    Like you said it's obvious what "Farming" is.

    Normal gameplay isn't "Farming".

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  18. NotziMad

    I used to say as a joke, but I meant it to be partially true, that "farming" was stat padding, an exploit, and to be reported !

    Seriously though, honestly, speaking of thin lines, there's a very fine line between asking your friends to go on opposing faction and letting you kill him lots of times to increase your KD ........ and not killing the enemy spawn on purpose.

    It's not the same, of course it isn't, but it's pretty damn close wouldn't you say?
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  19. Twin Suns

    No. It's called "Boosting".

    "This is a symptom of the reward structure of this game, which rewards ______ kills more than anything else". I can agree with this statement if you remove the word "Farming". After all....this game's a effing SHOOTER man. Right?

    I wouldn't play this game, if collecting pumpkins was THE main source of reward...killer. ;) Pumpkinside 2? $&@! that.

  20. vonRichtschuetz

    50 K/D with HESH or A2G - or whatever other cheesy stuff - is farming. Neither will capture the point.

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