Hackers left to run wild

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  1. SikVvVidiT

    Right now on Kotyr while I am trying to start up a alt we have two different hackers that have been running loose for at least a hour, that I can count. They are capping points that are shielded then teleporting to spawn rooms and spawn camping and while using Aimbots...Numerous reports from both Vets and new players are ignored, mostly likely due to the fact that this game is dying as is the ingame support for it..

    Now as a vet from Planetside 1 and 2 I have seen pretty much every hack that their is in a online FPS, which is sad really.. Including one guy that actually teleported damn near the whole empire on Cyssor to his spawn room (in a tower) and then camped us with his NC Splatmax... I have also seen a freaking Sparrow Max (Planetside 1 AA Max for you new players) take flight and chase down a VS skeeter... So the point I am trying to make is that I have dealt with this crap before, and have sort of a thick skin to it..

    But what about the numerous players that are trying to play Planetside 2 for the first time on Kotyr? The fresh blood so to speak that this game desperately needs in order to stay afloat... What is being done to help shield them from forming a very negative opinion about this new FPS that they are trying for the first time.. On games like COD hackers are dealt pretty swiftly by server mods, on Planetside 1 and 2 they are left to terrorize new and old players for hours at a time...
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  2. KnightCole

    Yup, sounds about like a shooter game that has been out for a few years, all kinds of questionable ******** runnin' rampant all the time.
  3. Foxirus

    You guys realize that people running support have to go home sometime.. Right? Its safe to assume if you didn't make your report before 5 PM, You will have to wait until the next day to have it reviewed, Or hope the autoban system detects them and kicks in.

    I HIGHLY doubt they have someone sitting there, banning people 24/7 for hacking..
  4. Thostbog

    And yet they try to run servers on every continent but have people sitting together in a room somewhere...And leaving at 5 p.m. local time, apparently.
  5. Goretzu

    Unfortuntely /report is basically a placebo (maybe if 100 players report the same person at the same time they actually do something about it) and there's some doubt about whether the auto-ban software is actually turned on these days.
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  6. stalkish

    They cant do anything about it, the devs at daybreak have no idea how to stop this, its painfully obvious.
    Id love to be proven wrong, but when 1 person wrecks the entire christmas holidays with their hacks, gets banned and is back within 10 mins on another character i loose all hope.

    Says it all when you report some blatant ****** like the one above and you see over 9000 reports.
    I know theres always people who report anyting, but over 9000 reports, is there even that many players left in the game?
    Something is badly wrong when your reports reach this amount.
  7. Foxirus

    Gotta avoid that overtime. Welcome to America.
  8. FieldMarshall

    I wish there was an ingame button to "donate" money directly to a salary fund for a few people on shifts dedicated to just banning hackers.
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