Hackers gon' hack

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  1. Campagne

    I have many times before. But most of them had it coming, cloaking without moving. I was however referring to you defending what is blatant hacking.

    There is no way the sniper could have possibly known where he was at that distance in the video. He was cloaked before the recording even started, remained cloaked throughout the entire video, moved around the area, and changed his stance multiple times. There were also no allies behind him that the sniper was targeting either. Not to mention the OP's claims that this player had done so eight times beforehand.

    This is just plain hacking. The OP might as well have not even been cloaked anyway, the results wouldn't have changed.
  2. Benton582

    Welcome to Hackerside.
  3. Savadrin

    You may go back and re-read my original post, I wasn't defending anyone. I was merely saying that I'd like to see more evidence than a 10 second video clip with no other frame of reference.

    Am I wrong to want evidence or as many facts as possible before making a decision?
  4. Savadrin

    I've changed my mind after re-watching.

    Those rocks can't be more than 200m away, and probably more like 175, based on the capture point distance. The shots mostly come when the OP is moving, standing, which does in fact make him visible.

    I can make that shot on a VISIBLE target with a ******* blackhand and a 4x scope, let alone a long rifle with a 12x. If you pay attention to WHEN the shots happen, and WHICH direction they miss in, it's obvious that the guy was keying in on movement.

    I don't think this is hacking at all.
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  5. Mezinov

    And this has happened, apparently, 8 times previously. Pattern recognition isn't a hack, and the videos shooter is coming directly from a friendly base - which the sniper is clearly watching.

    Add this to the fact this is not a high-intensity conflict, and there is nothing to distract this sniper from seeing the Predator running around.

    This could have been resolved on the video-recorders part by silhouette management. The shots only came during motion, and when the recorder was moving across the top of a snow drift - silhouetting themselves against the matte sky. An infiltrator is absurdly easy to spot in these circumstances, particularly running on very high settings.
  6. Campagne

    Well, you said that the sniper in the video was not hacking, contradicting the original statement that he was. Technically, that's defending the sniper. :p

    You are most certainly not wrong for wanting as much evidence as possible. However, there are some cases where no more evidence is needed other than the crime itself. Caught red-handed, if you will.

    Also, do keep in mind the sniper is only a BR32, with a whopping directive score of 55. He is also apparently not comfortable with going for headshots against moving targets, and only does so once the player has stopped moving. Given this, it is hard to believe that the sniper has the skill to identify and track a cloaked target at a distance where one could not see the shimmer of a cloaked sunndy, with only a default 6x scope.
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  7. Savadrin

    This in and of itself doesn't mean much. It could easily be a new account of a veteran player. As I posted above, after watching this more carefully, I really don't think it's a hack at all.

    It could be a high aim new player who was taught what to look for in the INF shimmer. It could be a lot of things, but I don't see any smoking gun here that says he is hacking.

    I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility that he is ESPing to see and not aimbotting, but based on this video, those shots are possible legitimately.
  8. MonnyMoony

    Not at that sort of distance it doesn't.

    Look at this video of cloak at different graphics settings. The infiltrator starts of about 70m away when they cloak (based on the waypoint marker) - but doesn't become visible at any graphics settings until they get a lot closer - probably 20-25m or less.

    I'm happy to be proven wrong - but in my experience you simply cannot see a cloaked infil at anything like 175-200m range - moving or not. I'd say the vid shows a clear case of ESP hack.
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  9. Zombo

    they don't really get embarrased at all, in my experience, hackers are just little sad people that are power-hungry because they don't have the balls to do anything in real life, they normally have very low self-esteem, need a lot of attention, and being an a-hole always gets you attention

    they tend to break under pressure and challenge as well, which is why they take the easy way out: cheating
    i know a person in another game that admitted to me he was cheating, and he checked every box there is:

    gives up at the slightest bit of challenge
    always takes critic personal and just logs off to cry in a corner
    talks over people and doesn't even notice it, because he is so desperate for attention
    lies all the time regarding his achievements (i'm sooo pro!)
    buys tons of stuff in the game just to get faster progress, then is bored when there is nothing to progress anymore

    this only goes for the script kiddies though, the actual hackers that wrote the code have my respect for writing it, and i would probably make money out of it for myself as well if i could live with skript-kiddies using my work to anoy people