Hackers gon' hack

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hutsk, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Hutsk

    The saddest part was how many people trying to justify it via yell chat when I announced his name for report. I kept letting him kill me ( this was about death #9 ) with some kills being at 400+meters. and all I got from TR players was "deep cloak isnt invisibility" and "git gud"
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  2. Tasogie

    Your dealing wiyh children mate. They dont have the mental skills to understand just how stupid they are.
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  3. Crator

    Trolls gonna troll. Don't feed em cause they get stronger if you do.
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  4. EdwardLand

    Trolls are big fat and ugly.... live under bridges. They also happen to like playing planet side 2. (chew on that...)
    The number of people who hack in this game, i feel is reaching an all time high at the moment.
    Movement cheats, aim bots, class changing, teleportation, see all etc...
    it de-rates the ethos of the game and game play.
    One thing it does not do is make day break do anything about it... because it makes money.. money... money....
    and keeps the servers populated.

    until the hacking and complaints start to affect the bottom line, NADA, nothing is going to change.
    (if day break are doing anything about it... its not effective and has little impact on hackers and the hacks they use)

    So until all us law abiding cannon fodder kick up a hell of a stink with day break, just keep soaking up the bullets and keep on catching the head shots ;-)

    Warning to all (complaints may be rewarded by a ban from the forums) so much for freedom of speech.
    shame they don't do the same for trolls.

    see you in three weeks after my ban expires.... hahahhaha
  5. Crator

    This is true. Here's a fun fact, DGC just added BattlEye anti-cheat client to H1Z1 due to all the hacking issues. The community was very vocal about the cheating happening in the game btw.

    The problem with Planetside 2 is that it's oftentimes hard to tell if someone is using cheats so there aren't as many reports of it so nothing gets done except perhaps a few people get their account banned when/if they get caught.
  6. FieldMarshall

    Hacking is the real life equivalent of walking around in public half-naked with a diaper and baby rattle while eating poop.
    Its like they have no shame.

    Im surprised hackers dont get more embarrassed admitting they are basically gaming-sissies.
    Instead having the audacity to "taunt" people they kill. Its just so pathetic it boggles the mind.
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  7. Jubikus

    Deep cloak isnt invisibility but this is only up to a certain point all cloak is invisible when you get far enough away and in your vid you were definitely far enough away ive had a simular experience with a VS and i tested it the same way you did granted i was a bit further on the rim of a biolab cloaked since i spawned in it and he was in the mountains behind the jump pad at the next base.

    It is unfortunate but thees "hackers" come in waves unfortunately it takes time to fix the issue they do some scare tactics by banning some and broadcasting it across the server but for the most part the hackers get banned in waves once they have changed whats needed to break the current set of hacks and then theres a calm of no non premium hackers for a while. Premium hackers on the other hand pay for their hacks and therefor arnt the ones that get fixed and thees hackers usually run rampant for a very very long time most of thees hackers only subtly hack with things like ESP so they know where people are all the time things like no spread or recoil are also common and thees hackers usually end up at high BR or start at high BR and are usually wrote off as just good. Luckily thees premium hackers are very very rare and ive only ever known of 1 and the only reason we knew he hacked was because he admitted to it VIA teamspeak(might of been drunk im not sure) and tried to make excuses for it and he was of course removed from that outfit and reported and banned but thats the only reason he was ever caught.
  8. Crator

    The people who actually make the main cheats are in it for the money mostly, I thought. Those who use the main cheats hide behind the Internet and don't care about the game, just trolling others, stat padding for false accomplishment, or doing it to farm in-game items for $$$ purposes, etc.
  9. Dualice

    I've come across two blatant hackers this week, which is more than I've seen in a while. One was an NC player using a Mag-Shot that could magically one-shot everything. Heavies, base turrets, ESFs... you name it. It was quite funny really, but ultimately frustrating for those of us just trying to have a fun fight.
  10. Gundem

    The sad thing is that many hackers get a rise out of others suffering, which is why they hack.

    In TF2, you actually get a lot of blatant hackers who use super noclip-no spread-all crits and fly around the map murdering anyone who leaves your spawn. Then they taunt and troll the people they are hacking against.

    Frankly, it's satanic. Enjoying the suffering of others is like mental sickness.
  11. Savadrin

    I'm unsure about this one, to be honest. Looks like he is in those spikes and with a RAMS+12x scope, it is theoretically possible he could see you standing and moving even while cloaked. That distance is definitely within kill distance for that gun, it one shots on the bleeding edge of render.

    Just not enough evidence for me to cry foul based on this one clip.
  12. Goldmonk

    I shoot cloaked infis all the time with my RAMS, BUT it's because I watched them cloak, decided to shoot where I saw them cloak, and got lucky because the poor ******* didn't move. That being said, this might be a bit of a hack.
  13. Campagne

    I sure hope you're being sarcastic...
  14. Liewec123

    honestly this looks like a bug,
    with the lag and sync issues over the past few days its more than likely a bug.

    don't get me wrong, if he is hacking i'll grab my pitch fork, but stealth bugs do happen, i've seen floating heads and guns before.
  15. Savadrin

    You're telling me you've never shot a cloaked INF with a BASR before? There's no frame of reference as to the range the shots are actually coming from.
  16. Reclaimer77

    I don't think there's enough evidence in this video to say for sure whether or not that player was hacking. Sorry, but you were running around and stuff. It's not like you were in "deep cloak" for 5 minutes and he headshot you or something.

    It's entirely conceivable he saw your shimmer through the scope. Or he was aiming for something behind you and you caught his eye. Or your cloak was bugged.

    Accusing someone of hacking is pretty serious. Is this all you have to back it up?
  17. Wafflepancake

    I think you mean sadistic :x

    On to the OP's video, it's hard to judge. We don't know if you were uncloaked at some point or not. When I'm sniping and I see a stalker uncloak it's kinda easy to guesstimate your movement. On hit marker and it gets easier. The fact the motion radar is two feet away only highlights there is a cloaker near by that area :(
    Hacks are on the rise, but that vid doesn't show a thing.
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  18. Shiaari

    I've shot cloaked Infiltrators before, but only when I see them cloak and know where to aim, or am zoomed in on their spot and fortunate enough to see them move. Otherwise, once an Infiltrator is in deep cloak, he is in fact completely invisible beyond a certain range, especially with all that solid white snowy back drop. Yes, you can see Infiltrators in deep cloak when you're close, but at the furthest reaches of render range if you didn't see him cloak you got nothing.

    And there is a frame of reference for range. You can see the tracer, and gauge from where the shot came, and it came from long, long range. I can see--perhaps--getting a lucky shot like that, but if what the OP says is true then this is obviously a cheat.
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  19. tanknub123

    every game has hackers. all they do is stats pad, no real harm done. im more worried about hackers targeting my credit card when i purchase things online, they are the ones who really piss me off.
  20. SarahM

    Hackers are detrimental to the enjoyment of the game which in turn can lead to lost sales due to players leaving.
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