Hackers firing through Lib body now

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AnnPerkins, May 24, 2014.

  1. AnnPerkins

    Can't name shame but a BR100 VS whose name starts with a D and ends with an O just fired a dalton round upwards 45 degrees from a lib that was landed on the ground with of course perfect accuracy. Not really sure how a he could get the angle while parked on the ground like that. Should probably look into banning the cheaters.
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  2. Krayus_Korianis

    They won't ban Liberator players... They give too much money to the game. They'd rather ban other players o_O.
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  3. runtt

    atleast 10 of the top 20 killers on mattherson are hackers
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  4. Zenanii

    Not sure where you people keep finding all these hackers.

    As for the OP: It might be a desync issue, I en ounter it on a regular basis where they appear to be warping through the air, maybe he was simply frozen on your screen yet moving on his own? (Clientside hit detection and all that stuff)
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  5. LibertyRevolution

    I do not understand how you can think this.. Liberator players need to spend the least SC.
    All they need is 200 certs for thermal on shredder and then they are rolling in enough certs to kit it out completely.
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  6. p10k56

    How many times I was shot down by titan AP when my Mossie was in unreachable angle for maingun:(
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  7. Pie Chasm

    It is possible, or.. the server was just lagged, as always.

    I've been killed a couple of times more than half a second later by the same person I had killed (with a fast projectile weapon ofc).

    Given how few people are playing, it seems like they have gimped the servers even further... or .. who knows?

    Since the health of the game is pretty poor, I think hackers are sort of a last concern.
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  8. OldCuban

    Haven't seen many hackers as of late. I'm actually noticing significantly less exploitation and/or hacking then say a year ago.

    AnnPerkins, no offense, but as others have stated it was likely a lag issue. Hell it could have also been another Lib that was out of your line of sight.

    I have noticed a bit more lag as of late, especially when it comes to players suddenly appearing right next to you. I don't think it's client side, seems to be server side. <shrug>

    Anyhow, I wouldn't post about X player being a hacker unless you have proof that you can not only submit to the devs, but also that would prove your point to us as well. ;)
  9. LightningDriver

    The only thing to wonder with hacking is who does it more, American, British, or Chinese players.
  10. druzinko

    sounds pretty bl@ant
  11. DrPapaPenguin

    Especially considering they would only have to pay once for the weapon,since the upgrades are certs only.
  12. Drex

    Honestly they really need to deal with hackers, and while I appreciate professionalism I do wish we had a way to know if someone got nailed. I already hate that hit reg gets me killed when I'm behind a wall a lot but the fact that these cheats can intentionally fire through walls among other things piss me off constantly.

    I hadn't made a thread about it yet but someone on VS matherson earlier ruined an alert battle. We were holding VS off of a lot of land because we held Allatum, had a great 50+ on either side battle going on, it was balanced, each time one side gained way the other pushed back was a great fight until.... Someone in a lib who per forum rules will remain unnammed unless asked by a mod, parked directly above the center of the bio dome, and shot a zephyr through the shield down towards the center of the base and spawn, giving them a way to destroy us with no retaliation what so ever, it was bullcrap. We called them out on it and hopefully the guy gets banned but who knows what's really going to happen here with that. I've noticed a lot of players shooting through shields lately and THAT needs to stop right now.