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    So when I just logged on after todays patch I was really looking forward to some of the new changes they made. But sadly I wasn't 100 meters outside the warpgate till a hacking two man Lib insta pops me. Now before we start on the L2P rants He was equal to me in altitude and wasn't even aiming at me nor tilted enough for the zephyer to get a shot. Now I can't speak for everyone but a lot of people have experienced hackers before and sadly I am seeing an increase over the past few weeks. And the worst part is they aren't even the sneaky ones, just blatant offenders knowing they can get away with this for days or weeks before actions take place.

    I am asking for SOE to please have more active GM's on each server that can immediately act upon individuals that are this blatant. I know they have added new GM's to the servers but I never have been able to contact them just have to send in a support ticket that ends in the same overall effect, nothing. Please hire or just ask for volunteers to help in the hunt of all the low life hackers that plague our servers. I really don't think it should be acceptable that a hacker as blatant as that can just hover over warp gate and have no immediate repercussions.
  2. Roy Teppert

    I've played for over 300 hours and have only seen 1 blatant hacker. No idea how many subtle hackers I've been killed by, though.

    Come to Connery were quite full of the little **** heads.
  4. Roy Teppert

    Already there. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've killed you many times!
  5. ShayeUK

    sit above a door in bio lab or anywhere else you can find and wait for people to walk through, you'll be surprised how many of these cheating ***** look up instantly, even though they cant see you... just 1 way to catch them. Funny, they look up but wait 1 or 2 seconds until it registers in their simpleton minds to press fire.
  6. TheRighteous

    I would voulunteer for this. Really is so obvious who is hacking aswell. The other day a BR 16 was on the top of the leaderboard with 1500 kills in 3 hours. And don't even get me started on the teleporters...
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  7. Cowboyhomer

    Same here...I dont even remember a blatnant one really.
  8. Copasetic

  9. Cowboyhomer

    is it me or does It also seem like alot of the hackers are noticed by people in aircraft? Why is that?
  10. SNAFUS

    Ignoring the obvious troll attempt but I'll take the question. Aircraft have a unique vantage point and generally a less clutter of ground combat. With that and the fact for another aircraft to hit you they need to at least be at an angle that their weapons can even hit you makes identifying some Aim bots quite easy. Another good indicator is when you are near flight ceiling and some BR 1-10 gets a decimator hit on you is a dead give away. I personally don't throw out "HACKER!!!" easily I tend to wait till the individual repeats the same suspicious activity. Then I will look up their stats and try to find unlikely accuracy with certain weapons and other things that stand out to me.
  11. SNAFUS

    Don't recognize your name but GJ I guess. Anyway our outfit has documented or reported quite a few obvious hackers. It is actually more unlikely now to not see a hacker daily then to not run into any. We also communicate with certain outfits within the NC who inform us of TR hackers that are harrasing them and vise versa. Just recently a very well respected outfit was informed by us of some suspicous behavior by their members and after an investigation they were removed and mass reported. So you may not have seen any hackers but everyone I am in communication with have regrettably frequent encounters with the low lifes.
  12. Scorponok

    ive seen speedhackers...aimbots...people exploiting inside walls and underground..at one point one guy had ams underground..but its been calm...not seen anyone i can really pinpoint as cheater.
  13. SNAFUS

    Bump for more awareness to a serious problem.
  14. Veri

    Lol yes I have once been killed by a Liberator main gun while I was above them.

    Those people with a lot of kills vs deaths are not the ones to be concerned about.
    They are easily identified.

    It's the cheaters who use hacks sporadically at critical moments where there is a high a chance they will die.
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  15. SNAFUS

    Ya the VIP hackers are the hardest to catch and sadly SOE didn't build in the software to counter this. And at this point it will take work from the community to work together and collect data and document suspected VIP hackers to catch them slipping. Other wise I don't feel confident in the reaction from SOE with their normal report response. At the moment I would just be happy with a more active GM that can immediately respond to a obvious hacker. This would by no means be a cure, but it would be great improvement and make everyone feel a little more confident that SOE is trying at least.
  16. Cowboyhomer

    Im no troll..YOu can look at my posts. I am just asking the question because it seems like alot of the stories start with I am in my aircraft and this guy one shots me. Sorry if I cam of as a troll.

    I am a complete nub to the ways of cheaters so this might sound stupid. How can they make their guns fire at angles that they cant aim?

    Im with ya on the deci hit. If you can hit an aircraft with one of those while it is flying low and slow you are a lucky mofo. I have alot of trouble getting my lock ons to hit accurately :)
  17. SNAFUS

    I apologize for the troll comment then. You can go look up the different hacks on you tube and see how they work. It is a very good way to help teach yourself to identify potential hackers and see all the ways they are manipulating the game.
  18. RobotNinja


    Seriously though, these Lib hacks aren't just some kids crying. They're very real...which explains why they openly advertise the fact they have lib hacks on these PS2 hack sites.
  19. infinite loop