Hacker problem still?

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  1. Demetrios

    In over 3000 hours I can count the number of hackers I've seen on one hand, and aside from one instance of 100% accurate Gauss SAW headshots at all distances, it was all air; speed hacking Galaxies, super yaw turning ESFs, etc. No shortage of lag magicians shotgunning me with their automatics, but hackers are few and far between. If you're a new player it may seem like people are cheating (very good at burst control and aiming at your head), or people that seem to be invulnerable (medkit chugging), but it's less likely than you think. A quick Google out of curiosity will show as it showed me that the forums the cheats originate from are filled with peoples' frustration because they get IP/hardware banned so quickly using them. I don't understand the point of cheats, especially in a game like Planetside 2 where the cheats are built in, just pull a MAX suit, put down a Motion Spotter, or pull a PPA/AH/Banshee ESF with thermals...
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  2. radrussian2

    to all the people that say this game is plagued with hackers... prove it please. i never see hackers, saw one about a month ago and he only lasted a few minutes.
  3. MasonSTL

    I don't know when the last time you have played, but if it was more than a year ago some hack sites have stopped making hacks for PS2. It hasn't been profitable for them, I guess, compared to other games. So if that is the case, then yes, there are way fewer hackers now.
  4. Liberty

    Just want to reiterate, everything you described is from various quirks in the game and not a result of hackers.

    If you splashed the heavy and hit him with two knifes / he popped his over shield you wouldn't get the kill. The "dying in 2 shots" illusion is a packet of damage coming in all at once. On their screen they emptied half a magazine into you.

    While server load can make these things worse, they still exist on low pop servers on off peak hours as they can also be heavily influenced by your connection or your opponents (as you said yours is fine).
  5. JudgeNu

    I sure wish you could prove that those are hacks used in game and who.
    As far as hackers, they are everyone above me that deny their existence!!! lol
    Don't try to talk you way out of it!!
  6. iller

    You must be new here....

    #1....It's against forum policy to name specific people and post videos of them. I'm not sure if it's also against policy to post video demonstrations of "working hacks", but I'm pretty sure it should be whether they're actually working or not because in a lot of cases the "ads" you see on youtube are actually Trojan-Ware they want you to DL, or they're scammers in general trying to get money directly from idiots, or indirectly by keylogging PC's and also including them in BotNets to attack bigger targets.

    #2....are you sure you'd recognize any of them?? Let's use a different exercise instead just to see if you can actually tell "skill" from something else. ...Please view this sterile "large sample" Test case from another game that may not, or may just be a trick video ... and then tell me exactly what looked -right-, -wrong-, or -unusual- about it.
    I have another one that's from Ps2 in case you're not familiar with TF2...
  7. Xind

    Game is laggy as all hell. Even with good ping 50-100 and a Framerate of 45+ it's still totally dubious whether shells will hit or not. Just tonight, I felt like I COMPLETELY missed, I mean I aimed at least 3 body lengths behind a guy who was running, and managed to kill him. A shot I didn't think connected killed a man. >_<
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  8. Klypto

    That is packet loss.

    Even PromptCritical confirms.

  9. Joexer

    No. Not many Hackers at all. Just a lot of latency exploiters. I am guilty of this myself(No, not anymore. Sometimes everything will start jumping around to you but to everyone else it looks like you are jumping around and its hard but I racked up some ridiculous killstreaks when that was a worse problem.
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  10. sixoo

  11. Demetrios

  12. McToast

    These "hackers" are only in your head. No anti-cheat program will ban them and you will encounter them in every multiplayer game you play.
    Yes, there are some hackers. You encounter them every now and then. I think so far I've met about 3 obvious hackers and maybe a dozen who I strongly suspected but couldn't proof anything.
    A lot of those "aimbots" are just players with good aim and the "armor hack" is simply a combination of your bad aim, the games high TTK and lag/hit detection issues.
  13. DCWarHound

    I've only seen one hacker this month and it was an ESP hacker.Killed me once at range while i was cloaked,he had trouble hitting since i was ziggzagging but it was clear that also didn't have any bullet spread.

    I confirmed a few more times by even using stalker cloaking and hiding in a ditch somewhere,he came right up to me with a harasser and jumped out to kill me while i didn't even move an inch.Reported him and then told him to enjoy his ban,he went offline immediately.

    I've had suspicions about BR100 and players close to BR100 but i can usually kill them so i rule them out even when they are overly fishy.
  14. DCWarHound

    ^This is a guy i would see as an obvious hacker though :p

    No idea how his stats are like that,either he bails at the slightest sight of enemy resistance or something else.
  15. Peasnriz

    I do report incidents I find suspicious like BR 4s spotting/killing me in deep cloak when half of AC has run past me oblivious to my position, I know some are wrong indeed when I have thought about it a little more I know the report was wrong.
    Having played in a few games where hackers were rampant to the extent they made it unplayable I have got the attitude when suspicious incidents happen of 'report 'em all, and let God sort 'em out.' *shrugs*
    Hackers/cheats are always a problem but for the most part it does not impact on play in my opinion.
  16. Gammit

    Sounds like hit registration problems. Those suck.
  17. Champagon

    I've seen a lot of Jittering people, that was apparently fixed today. I have to be honest and say that the aim botters have decreased exponentially since last year, and rarely (late night on emerald server) do i see an obvious speed hack. I think SOE is doing a decent job with this
  18. Bearlover

    Sadly these hackers exist. Hackers wont risk showing their hacks off to you so they can get banned. People stealth hack all the time, the best time to use their supposed aimbots would be during large battles because most ppl dont care how they get killed because by the sheer amount of gunfire being fired is insurmountable. Players have their pride and ego in jeopardy if ever caught hacking and most importantly their accounts. The real question is would soe ban these players even though they have spent hundreds of dollars into the game already.
  19. radrussian2

    so because i might not be able to recognize hacks i should just cry about all the hacking i suspect? maybe even go as far as quitting because of my suspicions?
  20. Jogido

    If possible, cap a video and post it. To be honest, I find most people can't identify a hacker correctly....so it would be really great to to provide a video for us to analyze.

    personally, once in a while I might see a guy using a movement hack to warp around the screen at most....but that's about it and not very often.