Hacker is back and ruining battles on Emerald

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  1. Harry Beavers

    Well said.

    Certain players like Dasanfall came into this thread without being objective. The truly ignorant part is where they make comments claiming they know someone doesn't cheat. It's complete bs and leads those of us here to wonder if they aren't cheaters themselves. Judging by user posts on hack/cheat PS2 forums alone one can ascertain that the problem is widespread.

    I've seen numerous complaints about Dasanfall aka IseethroughwallsVS running esp/wallhacks in game from too many people not to question it. The typical response is "git gud" or some ignorant comment about not being a vet etc.

    Another shining example is why do these players typically have multiple accounts? The answer is that in case one is banned they can still play on another.
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  2. PipeDreamz

    Maybe I can offer some outside perspective. I originally started playing planetside back in 2013 when it was on the MLG Pro Circuit for a while. I eventually transitioned into semi-professional counterstrike, but I play planetside 2 for fun now that it isn't competitive anymore. I do not know how long you have played planetside, but players like Dasanfall/Iseethroughwalls, X0NIQ, sleepiece, etc are players from a different era, when Planetside was truly a VERY hard game because FPS professionals were attracted to the possibility of it becoming a new area for them to succeed in- me included. Outfits like INI Elite, ZAPS, NUC, DA, Recursion, Future Crew, and AC were chock full of players who were PC FPS veterans, from CSGO to Quake to COD Promod- and all of these outfits were dedicated to pushing game mechanics to the max, just like they had from their respective titles before they tried planetside.

    When the MLG Pro Circuit fell through, many of these outfits lost substantial membership. I for one returned to competitive CSGO for years. NUC, one of the most feared outfits EVER in its prime, died completely. However, some outfits and individual players soldiered on even with no hope of becoming truly competitive because they enjoy the game. The players that have been replying to you in this thread are remnants of the golden prospect of PS2 from late 2012-early 2013. They have been practicing their aim for hours, just like playing custom aim maps on CSGO, for almost 5 years. We know every trick and game mechanic there is, from crouching to make hitboxes sink into the floor, to wallrunning, to adad spam, to medkit tanking. That being said, I did leave the game for a while so when I returned I was rusty. I kept getting rekt, and made this character and outfit (need an aimbot to be good) as a troll account to see if the game really had devolved into a hack fest. Over time I have played with and against nearly everyone in this thread and watched recording of my own play to see if what they're doing with/against me is possible. Gradually as I got my game sense back, I tried to mimic what they did and found that it improved my success rate immensely. I friend requested many of them to play in their squads and watch what they do, how they position, and aim. My KD has since gone up from around 3 to 5.3, and my accuracy/headshot rate has gone up from 30/30 to 35/45.

    I also see these players from time to time in other games. My smurf account on CSGO is an LE and I ran into a DA player and a FCRW player several months ago. Spectating them I noticed no sort of hacks (and CSGO is WAY easier to hack in than PS2) and they just generally had good FPS skill. This was against other LE's that have WAY more knowledge of FPS's and aim than 99% of PS2's playerbase. Does this prove undoubtedly that they don't hack? No. But does this prove that the players you're facing are FPS vets that can aim, position, and maneuver better than nearly anyone else? Yes.

    To conclude this rant and contribution to this thread, I'll just sum up what I know. These people are from an era of Planetside that you and others just don't understand because it was so long ago and such a different game than it is today. They know every trick in the book and use it to great effectiveness against even slightly lesser players. Because of PS2's clientside, lag, and general P2P latency, a lot of their tactics look sketchy as ****, but then again, it's meant to be that way so other players have no chance. In other games I have seen them play and I've never seen them banned by overwatch, VAC, or any other anticheat. Whenever I have asked for assistance, they never direct me to hacking websites or sketchy external programs, they have encouraged me to get new hardware (144hz monitor), download recursion tracker, change my mouse dpi, and change ini settings for Planetside to get more FPS and smoother gameplay. I have full reason to believe if there was a hacking conspiracy I would have been either invited or know of it by now, and I can assure you one does not exist. There ARE hackers in planetside. Nobody denies that. But as in any game there will be. PS2 is unique in that there is no matchmaking and noobs, average players, vets, and hackers are all thrust into the battlefield at the same time. That makes it much harder to tell who is hacking and who is just amazing at the game. In this case I believe you have your finger pointed in the wrong direction. Rant over.
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  3. Beerbeerbeer

    Christ whatever.

    I've been playing planetside 1, ONE, since beta.

    Seriously, defending yourself just makes you and everyone else look more guilty. Just ignore everyone.

    Or, better yet, if you, and others as the accused, are so worried about your reputation, the only way to vindicate yourself now is to pressure DB to close whatever loopholes remain.

    I thought we were fairly free post BE, but man, seeing the hit box crap and reading how it's done, was eye opening and explains a lot. This hack has been around since the game's inception and still not fully fixed.

    You want to be vindicated? Do yourself a favor and tell DB to fix their sht, otherwise ****
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  4. PipeDreamz

    The thing is, we have. Notice this post on reddit from a year ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside...he_anticheat_and_you/?st=ix5ad5q5&sh=e43e7826

    Q3D, a member of one of the outfits people claim cheat, was one of the first to notice the enlarged hitbox. Shaql and Vanulabs, "white hat" hackers and dataminers found the exploits FAR before anyone was actively using them and reported them to DBG. Same with RoyAwesome, he noticed the hacks over a year ago well before the "bigheadhitbox" vid was posted.

    Just look at all the comments on that thread alone, and many like it. The elite community does not take lightly to hackers. We despise them. In the past these whitehats extracted code and actively sent them for DBG to fix, and they eventually did. Our community is the reason it got patched months ago, why do you think we would do that if we all use it?

    We were the ones who actually pressured DBG into getting battleye because their **** anitcheat was banning legit players and not hackers because it only measured stats and not whether it actually mattered if they hacked. People who had brought hundreds of thousands of views to PS2 and its community and encourage new players (edubsmccool, QRBits) were banned for no reason other than being good, but instead of being salty they contacted DBG and forced them to update the system. The post is still stickied on this very forum to this day.

    I think you underestimate the impact these players have on the community at large. This forum is isolated and never visited by devs or vets except to coax players out of the toxic mentality of these threads. A large majority of the fixes for cheats have been heralded by the very members you condemn. I strongly encourage you to keep an open mind about these things. Again, I'm not saying nobody is hacking or that there are no hackers in this game. I am simply insinuating that it doesn't make logical sense that the people that have the most influence on the community are closet hackers even though they are some of the most publicly anti-cheat supporters out there.
  5. Beerbeerbeer

    Well good. Pressure more because that's the only, THE ONLY thing that will change people's mind. Not your or anyone else's stupid Drabble.

    "Elite community."

    Good god. I see you think highly of yourself. Are you trying to put yourself in their category by using the term "we" and elite.

    Dasanfall, Xoniq, prorionlol, et.al., if you don't like these accusation, then tell DB to fix this glaring loophole. Otherwise, you, and any tag-along-fanboy who interjects, ain't convincing ANYONE.
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  6. DasAnfall

    There was recently an organized infantry tournament that took place on Jaeger (the private server used for 1v1s, lanesmash, farmers, serversmash etc) called durdledome. I participated on team [H00D] and we went undefeated for the whole season (this included facing high level teams such as [admittedly rusty] AC/FCRW team and a SOLx/BAX team). They were streamed on twitch and I also recorded my PoV on an unlisted playlist on youtube. I top fragged for our two matches on Ghanan Southern (one of which was the final match).

    I don't mind the hackusations on live, I find it pretty funny actually.

    As for the question of multiple accounts, the second character (the walls one) was made back when dolphingate was around. I got banned on it but got it reinstated (this was after they changed it to only look for new accounts) and decided to continue playing on it.

    If anyone has any actual proof of any DA member hacking, we'll kick them faster than a PHX member pulling a viper lightning.
  7. dejavuallover3

    And I told you to look on Reddit or ask RadarX, who can confirm it, Battleye is not working properly yet. Why are you unable to do those things? Why are you misrepresenting what was said and why do you consistently defend cheaters in this game?
  8. dejavuallover3

    Or you can ask Sable on Reddit, who works for Battleye and who himself confirmed at the end of November that it is not working yet:


    Here is Sable again, about four weeks ago, confirming that they still haven't done anything about the hitbox cheat that DBG supposedly fixed and of course didn't:


    Also, if it was working at some point, name a single player banned from PS2 by Battleye, or show us DBG's announcements of any players having been banned? That should be easy right, since DBG are proud to announce such bans, for example that over 20,000 cheaters were banned from H1Z1 thanks to Battleye? You can't of course because it isn't working properly yet, as the dev for Battleye himself has confirmed publicly and nobody has been banned, hence not a single announcement.
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  9. ObiVanuKenobi

    There have been a few threads of people being unable to launch the game because battleye is detecting false positives such as overlays.

    Doesn't mean it's not working at all, it's a very vague statement and he might be referring to file modifications like the hitbox exploit which as far as i know indeed isn't detected by battleye because it's a file edit not a program like aimbots etc.
    Maybe there's nobody looking at what files have been blocked and those who're trying to use hax simply can't launch the game and aren't getting bans because Battleye definitely blocks stuff. There have been multiple threads about people unable to launch the game because they have overlays, viruses or whatever detected by BE.

    Was said 2 months ago.

    Battleye detects cheats such as aimbots for example where you launch an actual program or load a .dll that can be detected. This hitbox exploit is done by editing game files not running a program.
  10. Fishpoke

    There is a lot of soft auto aim going in the game. I'ved played CS line of games for 12 years, I've seen my share of hacks from the "you'd never know till they hit world finals" kind to the "12 year old on a rampage" style...

    Unfortunately you'll never get rid of hacks completely, just bring it to their attention and they will update it out next patch. Or they wont, and the game will slowly die... like PS1 did (granted it was dated but hackers were the nail in the coffin)
  11. DasAnfall

    I would be interested to see your list of cheaters and people you have found suspicious.

    The most subtle toggler I've ever encountered (although there have only been a handful) was TRJimBob. He almost made it to BR100 actually, but I guess they either got him eventually or he quit playing.
  12. Slamz

    Still active.

    Looks like he's still cheating too? Awful lot of "headshot" streaks. There's a part in his kill log where he kills 5 people in 12 seconds, 3 of them being headshots.... 3 kills within 5 seconds, 2 of which are headshots... Maybe not convincing in itself, but if you're saying there's a history, looks like it's still ongoing.
  13. pnkdth

    I'm not even that good and I do that stuff on a regular basis.
  14. Gundem

    For christs sake, this thread again?

    Who necro'd it, ffs let it die already. You got dunked by a better player, accept and move on.
  15. PlanetBound

    Anytime you see someone spinning and shooting out of their head/**** it's an aimbot. The shooting is happening before the character movement update.
  16. ssssssssssaaaaaaaaa

    I am also an old player and have seen a lot of stuff, but there are better players than those from those outfits you mention now, actually, ps2 is getting harder.

    Now watch out what you call tricks, those might be on the limit of what many call cheating. Abusing glitchy game physics, while not getting your account banned is not a nice thing to do. Most "elite" players are as clean as "elite" cyclists concerning doping. It is just about what you consider fair or not. From a naive perspective of most of "unprofessional players", they are all cheaters, and the accusations are more or less justified, as they might use resources they don´t have, such as legal tricks, overlays, tweaks and so on, to blatant hacking (whatever hacking might mean in your own vocabulary).

    In reality, the limit between cheating and not cheating is quite blurry. Highly competitive players will always push the limits as it happens naturally in any other highly competitive thing in this world, and while being actually good at it does not mean that they are all innocent. There will be always some "Lance Armstrongs" among the "elite" players.
  17. FLHuk

    Holy time machine Batman!
  18. DemonicTreerat

    But it does have a purpose.

    After all, we have a "elite outfit" and assorted hangers-on defending what by every account has to be a very blatant cheater. When I see that it raises of just how many of them continue to run cheats and abuse exploits.
  19. Tasogie

    ive canceled my account too, we have several clans on connery who openly hack an dont care....Shame because it was a great game....
  20. Problem Officer

    There's this weird trend, when a warper gets caught too easily, they warp to me again but in a clear space in front and let me kill them.
    What is that about, like an apology? No one did it back in the Flying Sunderer days.