Hacker cought on cam, ps justice has been sarved :)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by strid3r478, May 23, 2015.

  1. strid3r478

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  2. ReaverUpYour

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  3. ReaverUpYour

    oh btw, thx for the method, i had no idea we can kill him like this.
  4. strid3r478

    your welcome i found this method about month ago when i was killed in biolab spawn room :D
  5. prodo123

    Not only is he hacking, but you are also abusing a bug.
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  6. breeje

    how dare you killing that guy it's the only way he can get more than one kill in this game
    and he was thinking he was untouchable so it's not fair that you killed him without a warning
    you are supposed to walk before his gun and die
    a little bit of compassionate for this cheater please :D
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  7. Ballto21

    In times of war to kill the enemy unethical things are at times needed, such as torturing prisoners for information that can prove vital.

    Just as this is a fact, it is a fact that what was shown here was a necessary evil. Would you rather this cheater kill dozens with a hack, or this man kill one with a bug?
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  8. lothbrook

    lol, "abuseing" i'd say this is probably the most appropriate use of a bug that i've seen.
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  9. prodo123

    It's satisfying to kill a hacker with his own medicine, but that still doesn't justify anyone's use of a bug.

    If someone stole your phone, and you keyed his car in revenge, both of you would get arrested. Does it seem fair to key his car? Sure. But it still doesn't get around the fact that both actions break the law.

    Complain, report, carry on. At most record a video of him, but don't break the rules in the process...
  10. Gregerman

    Yeah but this isn't about a phone or someones car, if there is a hacker i'd say that it's okay to use any glitch to ruin their day.
    So let's say that someone robbed a person and started running away. Would you not trip him if you had the chance just because it's not nice to do it?
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  11. CJLogan

    His name was Elia89*something*, then IIIIIIIIII, then the one you see on the video and thanks for the tip. If anyone thinks I won't use a glitch to use a cheater, you've got another thing coming. The guy was WRECKING entire spawn rooms at a time, what's wrong with you?
  12. ReaverUpYour

    i wish that in the next 4 hours of your gameplay, in planetside, get harassed by storytellerbro everywhere you go.
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  13. Tbone

    Very nice *** kicking bro.
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  14. Dualice

    Seen a bit more of this happening lately. One Vanu guy on Cobalt was doing the same thing around the SCU in a biolab. Upong PM'ing him he said his "proper" character got banned for apparently no reason, so he thought he'd create an ult and mess around like this. Makes f00k-all sense. If he wasn't guilty of hacking before he is now :p
  15. CJLogan

    Careful......judging by the tone, he may be Batman :D
  16. HadesR

    Had one of these tonight Clipped into the wall near an A point ..

    Also had a major teleporter.. One second in front of me by 20m getting shot, next behind me shooting me ( Could be lag switch )

    So while they enjoy working in their own lunch breaks .. Maybe they can work on fix / detecting / banning the exploits ? ijs
  17. Yessme

    I dunno if he really Hack, or what u call it.

    He don`t look like an Aimbot, Speedhack or Teleporthack, because u never have only 1 hack, an hack include all of this Things.

    We all know that Biolapbug, if u spawn @ at one Teleporter u can runn into the Wall and u are under the Biolap and over the Viheclespawn.

    And if u have a slow comp, that bug works perfekt on some bases.
    I don`t Thing he really hack, he just use Bugs of Planetside 2, thats is a big difference.
  18. FocusLight

    Making excuses are we? He demonstrated IN THE VIDEO that this guy did this in more than one base - he's doing it intentionally, and not in a biolab either.
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  19. ReaverUpYour

    brain dead
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  20. DCWarHound