Hacker Cobolt 4th July

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    A member since 2017, surely shooting through walls means he's just got really good.... /sarc ( OBVS )

    At which point people, devs and CS included, are going to need video proof. I'm sure you've already submitted to cheater@planetside2.com but it's worth pointing out to everyone else.

    I see he's currently online so I'll have a pop :)
  3. FLHuk

    I've changed my mind.

    The whole server is spamming /report and the mail addy and he's still here after 5 hours....

    "Hey let's have a dbl XP event to bring in new players then not have anyone manning CS so the experience is HELL!"
  4. synkrotron

    maybe we should troll all the various PS2 peeps Twitter accounts...
  5. Liewec123

    someone actually posted about that idiot yesterday on reddit, so he's been at it for a long while.

    this just illuminates more than ever the need for community GMs.
    give the most active high level players on each server the opportunity to be a community GM,
    and let the community of each server vote for which of them get to do it.

    make it perfectly clear before-hand that abusing the power will get you banned.

    and then these community GMs get the ability to impose 24h temp bans (no other GM abilities), only to be used on blatant cheaters like this idiot.
    the community GM would also need to fill out a comment box with a detailed description about why the noob was banned.
    DBG can then come along late as always and take the necessary actions, (probably perma-banning the scriptkid)

    with this system in place we would never have another primetime ruined by some attention-***** loser who DLed some cheats.
    instead they would be banned within minutes by someone who is actually active and in game.
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    time to give the game a rest again, it seems
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    I didn't like having to post here about this cheater, but as a member of Planetside 2's loyal community of players, I have never been confident in the Report function's effectiveness - plus there is no transparency or info, as far as I am aware, of how cheaters like this are dealt with (i.e. how often, how many etc) - a single individual like this can threaten a whole community and endangers the whole game. IMO DEVs, if you love this game, and I believe you, like the rest of us, do, and you want this game to survive another incredible 5+ years - speaking frankly with the community about this subject and promising action is the single greatest rallying cry and gift to uplift our spirits you could give us.
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  11. Mercyceleste

    Well if that isn't someone laughing at a whole community of loyal players and feeling invulnerable... thanks for sharing that. It's like a freshly squeezed lemon into my eyeballs.