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  1. CUBEone

    there is an nc cheater on a lib teleporting and floating and instant killing anyone even shooting through structures and miles away, his name is Kj7yNJR5tkqT
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  2. CUBEone

    Now he is Kj7yNJR5tkqT2 and he is tr
  3. JibbaJabba

  4. OSruinedPS1

    My respects for being able to take down cheater's name.
  5. Pug01

    Well, the person is still at it. From my calculations this has been going on 24 hours. I returned to the game four days ago and subbed to do the new ASP. Now I am rethinking my choice. I was hoping to play for about two hours, but no point now.
  6. JibbaJabba

    Have you even once sent a clip over to cheater@planetside2.com ?

    Nobody here on the forums can help you.
  7. Pug01

    No point. As soon as they get banned they create a new account.

    This was happening when I left three years ago. There is no way that a case by case handling of this issue is going to fix it. A video clip will do even less. I reported it in game. I just checked and on reddit you can find several of these clips, even one from the view of the hacker. What is one more clip of the same thing, different name, going to do?

    Maybe the best solution is to use some multifactor authentication to link a real life resource to accounts. Like a text message, not email. Then when you ban an account you also ban the use of the number. Eventually hacking would become really expensive.
  8. JibbaJabba

    So if you can't be bothered to lift a finger then nothing will get done.

    From my own experience it takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes for someone to get kicked after I've sent a clip in. I assume they ban the whole account and do HW and IP ban as well. It's usually a day or two until they manage the hassle of bypassing the HW & IP ban and make another account. Then we send new clips in .... banned again and then that's usually the end of it for a few months.

    It's a hassle but it is what it is. Posting on reddit doesn't help. Posting here doesn't help.

    ...which wrel has literally said will do nothing. You've done nothing.

    Maybe do what the Dev has suggested for this exact scenario: Send the clip in instead of posting it on reddit or hackusating in the forums which is against TOS.

    This is the ultimate source of the problem. There is no cost associated with cheating. I suggest in Planetside 3 they charge some nominal amount to create an account. But... this is Planetside 2. They might be able to force multifactor auth to tie things to a phone number but that might bump into a legal headache too. Dunno.[/quote][/quote]
  9. CUBEone

    I have reported the name, i did my job, i dont need to send a clip, all they have to do is check logs of his damage etc. I also reported both his characters in the game, he was still going at it for hours, in 30 minutes or less he killed 240+
  10. FLHuk

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  11. Pug01

    It is pointless doing clips, as well. The cheaters themselves brag about how fast they can get back in the game. IP, CPU ID, etc can be spoofed using VMs. You can also VPN the VM so it's IP is completely different.

    They already have a subscription system, which already ties them into all the legal requirements that it entails. Such as GDPR, etc.
  12. JibbaJabba

    No. What is pointless is you getting on the forums and whining. You are literally doing nothing AT ALL and complaining that nothing is happening.

    No **** sherlock.

    Know what else is pointless? Trying to get through your thick skull.

    Stop talking to me. Don't @ me.

    Go play another game.
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  13. Pug01

    Wow, thanks for that. "Didn't realize that the fix to cheaters was to go play another game." That was my original point, wasn't it. Thanks for the encouragement!
  14. JibbaJabba

    No, the fix for the cheaters is to report the cheaters.
    You won't do that.
    So yeah, go play another game.
  15. Tigre

    Today 1/25/2023 their was a VS player,shooting through MT and buildings with a mag. we sent it in every time with vid of him doing it. We came back today to try to play again. We did not have fun, so we are going back to other games, these players that think cheating is cool will end up killing the game the rest of the way. The PL2 Devs need to IP ban or make it were you need to use a cred. card to sign up to the game. if they cheat perma band them, they will know just who they are. every time they bring a new thing in, players base go up then drop lower then they were before... PS JibbaJabba players do report but when nothing is done they give up, it is the devs falt for letting this go on, they can have people playing so they can see it, then do something right away. Devs get on the ball before the game dies the rest of the way.
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