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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Pugpu, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Pugpu

    I am very close to having enough certs to buy the H-V45 AR for Vanu. I was wondering if you guys think that is a good choice? I'm mostly getting it for CQC becuase with the pulsar I get owned by TR all the time at close quarters. If you think there's a better Vanu Med gun for me please recommend and if you like the H-V45 please tell me what attachments you recommend.
  2. Arcanotechnician

    I like the Pandora for CQC on the Vanu side. But I'm a sucker for the autoshotguns.

    Edit: Get extended mags and night vision (for infiltrators and smoke).
  3. Pugpu

    I hate the IRNV scopes every time I look into one I get disoriented and am never able to ge the kill, also I never know if it's a friendly or not.
  4. Atlien77

    check out this vid:

    that's exactly how I use it as well.
    you can swap the foregrip with an adv. lasersight as well if you prefer hipfire
  5. JonConnor

    HV45 is great for close quarters. Get the advanced laser sight and learn to hip fire.
  6. Cynosure

    I use the HV-45 with the foregrip, soft point ammunition, and the 1x reflex sight. I couldn't be happier.

    Well, I could use an extended clip size. Even 5 bullets would make the world of a difference.
  7. Ganjis

    H-V45 is great for CQC, but it is by no means limited to that role. I find it is still good in medium range encounters provided you don't mind having to reload after every kill. It can even kill at longish ranges by burst-firing it, so long as the enemy does not have a better long range gun than you or is focused on someone else.

    Very good weapon overall.
  8. Pugpu

    I just bought the hydra today and I love it! It's your video that convinced me to get it, Hopefully with practice I'll be able to use it as we'll as you. Once I get enough certs to get the 1x reflex I will probably be able to use it better, I hate iron sights!
  9. Slive Draver

    Switching to your pistol is a really helpful skill to learn. The H-V45 does plenty of damage, you should be able to hip-fire the pistol well enough to finish the job.

    PLUS, when you're using the med tool, it's faster to switch to the pistol than it is to switch to the assault rifle. When your healing target dies to someone storming a door, switching to the pistol will leave you with enough time to finish the enemy off, but the enemy will kill you in the time it takes to bring your assault rifle to bear.

    Practice with that pistol! Learn to hip-fire!
  10. Shiaari

    The H-V45 is extremely versatile. It's good at CQC and at medium range.

    My H-V45 has:
    • Suppressor
    • Soft Point Ammunition
    • Advanced Laser Dot
    • IRNV scope
    The rifle has extremely low recoil to begin with, so don't waste your rail with a forward grip. The horizontal recoil on the rifle is not enough to warrant a forward grip in my opinion. However, the advanced laser dot makes hip fire very accurate, and soft-point ammunition increases the overall damage it inflicts to infantry.

    I find the IRNV scope's imaging range to be the ideal distance for medium range engagements with the H-V45, but you'll need to burst fire because the rifle is not as accurate at those ranges, and outside that range is useless in my opinion. I also like the higher contrast with the IRNV scope. Combined with the suppressor it makes sneaky ADS (aim down sight) a pain in the *** for your target to deal with.

    Try to avoid full-auto unless you have a perfect shot. Burst fire to conserve ammunition, because the H-V45 has a tiny magazine. In surprise CQC (you know those situations, you turn a corner and there's a bad guy) if you go full-auto without perfect aim you'll likely find your magazine empty. If your twitch is that good by all means empty the thing, but I find actually bursting helps me keep a few shots for when my aim finally settles and I can finish the job without switching to pistol.
  11. TechNecro

    I keep seeing people say H-V45 Hydra, but in the gun listing I only see H-V45. Are these the same guns? Also foregrip, but I see no foregrip, only forward grip. Are these also the same thing?
  12. Ganjis

    Yes and yes.
  13. TechNecro

    Awesome, thanks!
  14. MrLee.NO

    H-V45 is the only gun aside from NS11 I am anywhere close to getting the auraxium medal for. I.e. it's seen a lot of use for me. Well worth the cert IMHO. Though I have not decided if it is better than the NS11 yet. And that is a common pool weapon, so it will be available on all characters come global unlock time (if you use SC to unlock it that is).

    I run with adv. laser, but plan on changing to foregrip to try that as I rarely hipfire.
  15. Pugpu

    Just bought the soft point ammo, going to test it out today I'll let you know how I like it.
  16. Babylon Rocker

    H-V45 is an awesome gun, best thing is to cert into SPA, foregrip and adv. laser and use them situational, altough i have to say i use foregrip/SPA 90% of the time and rarely slap on the adv laser, works like a charm.
  17. Skiptis

    I regularly find myself playing CM for the sole reason of getting to use this weapon.

    The H stands for Hydra. If you mouse over the weapon in the loadout editor (not the certs panel) it gives the name as "Hydra VA45".
  18. TechNecro

    I like using the 4X cross hair scope (sorry can't think of the name of it) for picking people off long range and keeping my laser on there to hipfire. The only time I really change over to the 1X Reflex scope is when I know almost every encounter is going to be CQC. I will admit though, I personally find that even hipfiring is easier with the 1X Reflex scope because even if you don't actually aim, that circle and dot will still help you know where you're shooting at.

    I recently bought the Corvus to use as a second loadout for when I know I'm going to be doing mostly long range firing. I'm kinda waiting to save up enough "extra" cert points to slap a scope on it.

    Thank you! I guess I have a tendency to overlook the fairly obvious things.
  19. Adrea06

    I use the 3.4x, the one with the triple chevron pattern, and I love it: works well for medium-range kills. As for the soft-point ammo, I don't use it, but for me that's a matter of preference.

    Seriously, the HV45 is a really good gun--you should get this one. I don't have the best twitch skills either, but with a little practice you can get good with it and improve said skills.
  20. Veri

    Mot people use the H-V45 because of the reputation it gets on here.

    I messed about with it but prefer the CME more.
    Seems to be quick TTK and I am only using a 1X Reflex sight with it.

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