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  1. harmypants

    It absolutely is representative of the Infiltrator, just not what someone might think when you say 'infiltrator'. I don't really care if you can't navigate your understanding of the class roles around their names, but if it really helps I recommend you call infiltrator 'Recon' from now on.

    That was my point about Tribes too. The Infiltrator in that was meant to perform indoors with the actual tools to, as you put it, get past defenses and sabotage ****. It was given no ranged options, very average head on combat abilities, and a range of tools to go undetected in close quarters, destroy generators quickly and take out key enemies on their terms.

    PS2s Infiltrator gets tools to sense the movements of all enemies, become difficult to see at mid range and beyond, use weapons that perform best at mid-long range, AI mines to cover flanks/doors, and a hacking mechanic that screams squad support.
    It's not my fault the design philosophy and continued changes to the class go against the title, and it's not my fault you can't look past the term 'Infiltrator' and actually see what the class was designed to be.
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  2. Dr. Euthanasia

    I have more than enough precedent to expect the design of this class to reflect its name. Planetside set an example for how infiltrators should work, and this is its sequel. The two games are different in too many ways to count, but if the design of this one couldn't support a class with the same strengths as the original, it should have been named something else.

    The problem, however, is that the design which fits the name is desired and does not exist. I want a stealth class and I got the Battlefield Recon. If I could settle for that, you wouldn't see me advocating change on the forums here. You can keep what you've got right now if you're content with it, but that isn't a justification for getting in the way of more features, especially when they happen to be more thematically appropriate than what we already have. The cloak is not good enough to accomplish my goals and I will sacrifice almost everything else which makes this class unique to change that. What does it matter to you, if you stand to lose nothing in the process?
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  3. Toukoilija

    Without getting into what the role of the Infiltrator is supposed to be, I personally find that the cloak works fairly well as it is. It hides you fairly well so long as you keep your enemy at a distance (20+ meters seems safe enough, assuming you move quickly to better cover), allowing for dashes across open areas that would get an uncloaked trooper either shot down right there or draw enemies to follow one around.
    The cloak's ability to keep you well and truly hidden plummets into a downward spiral at under 10 meters, but I find it remains useful even at knifing ranges by blurring my outline. This is, in my experience, sufficient to get you a second or two before the other guy reacts, allowing you to either slip away or gun them down. If you manage to stay in the hostiles' rear you can actually go completetly undetected for a good while as most people tend to be staring at their crosshair rather than the edges of their screen - a solid block motion would be instantly caught in their peripheral vision but the distortion is much harder to see.
    My usual tactic is to simply slip behind or to the side of the enemy with an SMG and shoot the most important guys (medic -> engineer -> heavy assault~), then cloak the second my clip runs empty and dash away toward the closest corner or other piece of cover. If I get shot at I start weaving a little serpent pattern, a maneuver that actually synergizes great with the cloak's tendency to slow down an assailant's target acquisition and aim correction. At least one or two people usually follow me to the rocks or whatever cover was there for me, so rather than stopping I just run around the whole thing and flank them - and this is where the guys who didn't follow usually kill me; which I can't say I really mind, given I just scored two to seven kills, depending on how lucky I got.
  4. RobotNinja

    Uh...I don't actually hear very many people claiming that cloaking is OP with the exceptional of the rare noob who just started playing today and can't figure out why he keeps getting killed by Infiltrators while he's standing still all by himself in the middle of large battles for minutes at a time.
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  5. P4NJ

    Also disregard the misconception that every time you die as an infiltrator it's because the class is UP and not because you made a mistake.
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  6. Toukoilija

    A very valid point, I tend to find. Did you take that corner wrong? Just screwed up aiming when you tried to go for those guys there? Didn't expect that guy to react so fast? Happens all the time, at least to me.
    Mistakes aside, there's a real chance of the other guy just performing better than you for whatever reason, be it due to skill, support from the team or just luck. Doesn't matter much, you died. Try again.
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  7. Scienta

    This was in response to the "Why don't Infils have C4" Thread that got bombarded with "Cloak OP" as the main argument against it.

    Heh I made this post and just didn't look at it for a while in fear that it would get torched to death, but instead got some interesting discussion going on. Good on you, forumsiders, for not being so predictable.
  8. Aimeryan

    You'll always have my support Dr., but it will likely be more in theory than practice as I've simply stopped playing or visiting these forums anymore - this is one of those odd times I have came back for a moment to check things out.

    Sadly, the reason I have stopped is the heart of the problem you and me have - Planetside 2 is not representive of the beloved Planetside, particularly when it comes to the infiltrator. I have long given up on this developer team ever coming to realise the infiltrator play of old; proper stealth gameplay will likely never exist in this game.

    I respect your decision to carry on the fight, but I know deep-down that the style of play players like harmypants advocates is more likely to be what the Planetside 2 developers want too. Planetside 2 is dead to me, it is not Planetside and will likely never be Planetside, and it seems like a lot of other people agree if what I hear about the size of the playerbase is anywhere near correct.
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  9. Raraldor

    I recently did a write up on the infiltrator for my outfit's forum page. Here is a couple relevant parts for this discussion

    "Other than outhinking your opponent, you can out maneuver him, in a way. As long as you aren't in a confined space you can close the distance by running to the left or right, cloaking, and quickly turning the opposite direction. Doing this gives the illusion that you would continue in one direction, while in reality you're 5 meters in the other in a second. Much more often than not, he'll keep shooting where he thought you went, and you'll have plenty of time to do whatever you want. Then it's just a matter of getting closer (or further depending on your weapon), taking aim, and killing him quickly."

    "Though I've been sort of bashing the cloak in this entire guide, it's still very good. In more open areas if you stay in a person's periphery you will have a MUCH better time closing distance or just completely ignoring the guy. Never run straight at a guy while cloaked, it's just not a great idea."

    The point I am making here is that the cloak isn't meant to be used as a charging mechanism, but a tool for some interesting maneuverability that other classes simply cannot do. This makes us deadly and very dangerous in the right hands, much more so than the Light Assault.

    If I understand correctly this is the kind of thing EmporerZ was hinting at
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