Guys, I need you to breath. These walls aren't the end. It's the start.

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  1. Nogrim313

    i think one of the biggest problems with esamir right now is that we just got nailed with increased vehicle costs not long ago, which really ****** with the disposable vehicle approach. with old vehicle costs i don't think id hate esamir as much as i do

    the most annoying part of the changes theyve been making since launch is that almost every one seems to be getting dreamed up in a vacuum or with out consideration of any recent changes.

    esamir went from being the open vehicle continent to an infantry meat grinder in one patch, completely changing its dynamics over night. with the amount of changes they should have just made the new esamir a whole new continent of its own

    for me its a lot less of me not liking the new esamir and a lot more being pissed off they removed my favourite one. had they just added esamir 2 and left the old esamir alone letting both co-exsist id be nothing but happy
  2. NietCheese

    "Tank Spam" hasn't been a problem for months. They have no idea how to balance a game, they added far too many ways for tanks to be destroyed, simply because they were inept at designing the bases.

    They are scrambling to cover their initial mistakes (poor base design, release strength Magriders, HE Prowlers) with more mistakes (AV Turrets that shoot forever, Strikers shooting through hills, Dune Buggies (Harassers) that need 4 HEAT rounds to die, resource cost increase, Zoe Comet, Lockdown Fractures, Vulcan and more).

    They have destroyed this game because of their inability to balance it.