Guns that handle like the VX29 Polaris?

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  1. Talthos

    I need a list of all weapons across all 3 factions, that are equal to the VX29 Polaris LMG, in terms of recoil and basic handling. The Polaris is by far my favourite gun, but I want to retain that feel no matter which gun I'm using on whichever faction I'm playing.

    To clarify: I want a list of all the LMGs, carbines, assault rifles, and SMGs (if applicable) that have similar or identical traits to the VX29 Polaris, across all 3 factions. And yes, include the Compensator and Forward Grip attachments in handling traits, where applicable.

    Can anyone assist?
  2. DatBoi

    Firsthand testing would probably be your best bet, as some people may not feel recoil the same as others.

    You would be getting personal opinions which you may not share, is what I'm saying.
  3. Talthos

    I suppose no one bothers with the actual raw gun statistics, then? Because if that's the case, I'll just pull them out myself, and find direct comparisons that way.
  4. AlcyoneSerene

    Also a fan of the Polaris, though it's been a while since I last used it.

    Not sure if there is a direct clone counterpart to it other than maybe EM1 without the right recoil bias.

    TR side I'd suggest MSW-R although it's a different class of LMG altogether it shares the damage profile just about plus much higher RoF for half the mag size and ammo pool and more first shot kick (0.785 vs 0.6) it's still controllable. Many of TR's carbines and assault rifles also share the unique characteristics of Polaris, so definitely have a look at those.

    There's also the Pulsar LSW, but it lacks SPA but with higher RoF. I've only recently unlocked it so can't comment beyond saying I've not been impressed by it.
  5. DatBoi

    Well if all you want is raw numbers you don't have to ask someone else to compile them. :cool:
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  6. adamts01

    But I'm sure someone else has already done the leg work, which is pretty tedious. I wouldn't want to sift through all those numbers if I could just ask a quick question on here. It's not efficient.
  7. HippoCryties

    I think TMG 50 or the bull for TR?
    And EM1 for the NC?
    Not entirely sure since I’ve most experience with vs guns
  8. DarkStarAnubis

    If you want to look at numbers to make your choice, the most detailed and complete study is available here:

    As an EXCEL file where ALL known characteristics of weapons are listed, it contains far more information compared to the scanty list of details in the game.

    In that EXCEL you can also pick two weapons and compare them side by side. However, nothing replaces using the weapon to see how does it feel.

    Just to make an example, the MGR-L1 Watchman with IA is (on paper) the best LMG in the game TTK-wise, with an astounding 560 msec kill time from 15 to 90 meters. With that number, it beats at range ranged monsters like the SAW/GodSAW and it equals or beats at close quarters CQC-oriented LMGs such as the Anchor, MSW-R, Orion and the like. It has a big magazine and it is a bullet hose.

    However, the Watchman does not dominate at range and it is mostly short/medium range oriented with the handicap of having a lengthy reload time that can get you killed if you aren't careful enough. At range, weapons like the TMG-50 and even more the T-32 Bull can fire longer burst with more accuracy.