Gunplay is lame and underwhelming

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  1. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Dude, he plays airsoft, he's basically, like, in the army.
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  2. netBattler

  3. netBattler

    I'll reply to Demigan as soon as I have the time/energy for a long post, but for now, an update:

    I switched my main class to medic from engineer. Slight playstyle difference, mainly I can't use all the ammo I want, but with the ASP skills, I can now use the Horizon and the Obelisk in the same loadout. So there we go, 2 weapons with very low or no CoF. They cover close, mid, and long range together, so that's nice.
  4. Westphilly0

    Gun play used to be better but for some stupid reason wrel decided it would be a good idea to nerf the **** out of the damage falloff of every weapon except snipers in order to make battle rifles more “viable”. All it did was make the gunplay overall trashier and ranged oriented automatics non viable most of the time, and gave infil an even stronger monopoly over ranged combat which is partly why people gravitated towards closer range fights with the likes of ti alloys and biolabs which is why I laughed when they disabled ti