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    Posted here:
    (This site might be flagged as potentially dangerous, but only because it's a free hosting. I assure you, there is nothing malicious on my site. I don't write guides for a year and a half just so I can steal your cookies or whatever)

    PlanetSide 2 is a First Person Shooter, so naturally using your weapons is a big part of the game. However, there's a lot of subtleties, specific to PlanetSide 2, and knowing and understanding them all is key to perfection. In-game descriptions of weapons and attachments are far from being comprehensive, and online spreadsheets can be confusing to grasp. Purpose of this guide is to help you learn everything there is to know about weapons in PS2.

    Note that information in this guide is meant for advanced players, so if you're a new player, I recommend you study the Game Guide first, and accumulate enough experience to feel comfortable with the game.
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    I get an error message that the connection has timed out.

    Methinks it's your link.
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    It's not a link, it's the site being temporarily unavailable; it's a free hosting after all. Should fix itself in several minutes.
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    Ah! Timing is everything!
  5. Iridar51

    Did a big update to the guide:
    • Reworked "Combat Movement" part into "Winning Firefights". Discover how to win your fights!
    • Added Grenade Mechanics with recently datamined numbers of grenade damage.
    • Added Underbarrel Attachments. UBGL damage was datamined, and UB shotgun damage I discovered with my own experiments.
    • Added "Movement Speed" with recently datamined strafing / crouching / backpedaling modifiers.
    • Added scope-in and scope-out times to hidden statistics.
    Special thanks to Shaql who datamined all that stuff, and to Wrel for letting us know that in one of his latest weekly updates.
  6. Iridar51

    Made another big update. I added a Tips For Specific Weapons section, which contains just that: weapon reviews, attachment suggestions, gunplay advice, videos.

    For now it covers all SMGs, Shotguns, including Slug Ammo, Carbines, Sidearms and Semi Auto Sniper Rifles.

    Those who visited my Light Assault guide before will notice I simply copied a lot of info from there, but I updated and "brushed" it in the process.

    The reason I moved the info is because all these weapons are available to other classes as well.