Gulp. I made another nanoweave thread, with video!

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Mustarde, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. ZephyrBurst

    Rewarding the headshot specifically is the whole idea. They should be rewarded with much higher damage, body shots need the same penalty we have now.
  2. Vaphell

    i understand the idea behind increased HS multiplier but i don't see why BASRs should be almost useless outside of headshots. It's not like their skill requirement was not high already.
    If all you saw was a bunch of high BR guys, who shuffle like mad, aiming for the heads would be pure luck. Going for bodyshots might be a good idea then but 3 bodyshots is too much, that's 4s minimum assuming perfect accuracy and they can pop a medkit or run to their pet medic to undo your work.
  3. Mustarde

    I see what you are saying, but I'm not asking for a buff to the weapons. I want to see a return to the function and design that the weapons, and our class, were initially balanced around. High risk, high reward, anti-infantry specialists, as well as base infiltration. Increasing the multiplier does this without providing more reward for landing body shots, which I don't think needs to be addressed.
  4. Vaphell

    but initially BASRs were balanced around 1HS or 2BS. That was the deal for months since the release, before NW infested the game and turned everything upside down. I understand that HS is the main idea that should be rewarded but i don't think trashing 2BS side effect is warranted. Do 3 bodyshots at 30m with suppressed tier1-2 sound right? Imho not really, they sound as bad as non-lethal HS at that range.
  5. ZephyrBurst

    That's the thing, that's not what the weapon is designed for. This further punishes body shots, which really is a good thing. 3 body shots is very much acceptable.

    As for people doing random shuffling, there is always a moment when a predictable moment will occur, be that a single moment when they stop, or when they run.

    The whole point of the argument is to bring Bolt Action head shots back to what they were, nothing else matters for them.
  6. Steveru

    Vaphell brings up a really good point. I know the whole focus of this thread is to bring back the HS, but bodyshots are also screwed over by NanoWeave. The issue being: if someone has at least level 2 NW, then the BASR is the absolute worst option for taking him out. This thinking is entirely backwards! Snipers are supposed to be the BEST option for eliminating high-priority targets, not low-priority targets. This philosophy's ubiquitous to videogames and good game design (anyone ever play TF2??).

    I think the easiest solution is just to have the BASR bypass NW, or at least a portion of NW. Or for god sakes, give snipers the option for NanoBullets or something. Seems like a silly solution to an artificial problem, but whatever it takes to bring the Headshot back (and the double bodyshot)!!

    Ultimately if you get shot in the head by a BASR and you're not using an ubershield and you're not a MAX, then you're dead. There's simply no compromise for that situation. But if you get shot twice in the body, that's also a no-win scenario. The most NW should offer is 3-4 legshots, or surviving 1 BS with more health than the next guy over.

    I honestly don't think this was an intentional balancing mechanic by SOE. It appears to be an egregious oversight that speaks volumes towards how overwhelmed they are with this game, which is why they're lucky to have such a caring, yet frustrated community members!!

    But supposedly there's some conference, or interview, or twitter update or... something tomorrow that will shed some light on SOE's plans for the infiltrator. If something along the lines of "NanoWeave is ignored by BASRs" I will do a jig. And my overall infiltrator time is only about 12% of my playtime!

    "hey, I'm a sniper, what's the situation?"
    "Well, we got targets all over the place, we could really use your help!"
    "Okay, I'm on it. I'll mop up as many low BattleRank guys without NW as I can!"
    "Godspeed, sniper guy!"
  7. Aimeryan

    This. Whether or not bolt-actions kill in two bodyshots or three has no meaning if we assume we go for one headshot - which is far more important. I don't mind nanoweave affecting bodyshots (those pay2win players can not moan that it doesn't do anything then).

    It would also make semi-autos the better choice for bodyshots due to their higher rate of fire, while making bolt-actions the better choice for headshots - this gives each a clear role I feel.
  8. Vaphell

    it is more important, but seriously, do you think bolt actions are not specialized enough that you want to specialize them further into a 100% all-or-nothing weapon? It's almost as if some kind of Stockholm syndrome affected people so they start to help their oppressors.
    Yes, semi-autos are better at spamming bodyshots, if only i could switch loadouts on a whim. And I complain about useless bodyshots as someone who has over 90% HS kill ratio on his longshot and at least 80% on other rifles.

    wasn't that the case already? You don't take BASR to spam bodyshots but the thing is sometimes you are forced to and i don't like the fact the only thing you would achieve is to make the target laugh because 1 thing is sure, they won't be there for 4 seconds standing there. It's idiotic that you can heal over the damage dealt by sniper rifles between the hits no problem.
  9. Aimeryan

    Instant medkits are indeed idiotic.

    Regarding nanoweave; I just don't feel you will get far if you also demand nanoweave doesn't affect bodyshots. I think the defining feature of bolt-actions is making every shot count by taking headshots - arguing for the sake of bodyshots as well is just not likely to get any traction and will give the naysayers more "ammo". I just don't feel it is worth the effort - but I wont stand in your way (and further!).
  10. Vaphell

    I 'demand' SNIPER RIFLES to behave like SNIPER RIFLES and that means projecting serious damage at serious distance. Losing 30% dmg before the 75m mark is not it. Their original sin is the ridiculously short falloff range combined with brutal dmg degradation, not HS multiplier not high enough.
    If the current situation is broken because few lines are higher than initially thought/designed, it can be fixed in the same way of pushing some line here and there. Stretching the damage curve to 150m or whatever and maybe increasing the falloff dmg a bit higher would solve both HS and BS without introducing exceptions like oddball HS multiplier.
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  11. Arkos

    You really need to stop assuming that all infils camp at long range. Some of us use close range bolt actions or generally snipe from within 100m (me, for example). And the reason that OHK on a bolt action is balanced is because of the time between shots and the near uselessness of the BASR in CQC.