[Suggestion] Guiding Darts

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Dakdekker, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Dakdekker

    I was thinking about the darts of the INF.
    Those little things clearly give out a signal that van ben recieved by your fractions players.

    I was thinking of increasing the usefullness of the darts in two ways.

    1. What if a dart could act as a motion detector...
    Simply fire a dart in the ground and you get a signal as soon as an enemy player passes it within a certain range (range increased by certs). This way you can prepare for a backstabbing or as a defence against the ghostcapping of a base.

    2. What if Lock-on weapons could lock-on to a dart...
    This way the INF gets some usefullness against armor. Hit a tank or sundy with a dart and your HA friends can shoot the sh*t out of it. The range on these darts are ot that big so getting close is a must. the duration of these darts van be increased by spending certs.

    Unlocking each dart would cost a certain ammount of Certs. The ammo count gets upgraded with the Recon device.

    You'd be able to switch ingame between your dart of choice. No need to get to a Sundy or Weapons terminal 'cause you have the wrong darts