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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. WyrdHarper

    The engineer could definitely use some more depth and complexity as a defensive/deploy class, but the light assault definitely needs to have a more defined role, first.
  2. BeyondNInja

    inb4 Flash revamp gets moved before LA revamp
  3. DeadliestMoon

    Engineers have:
    • Tank Mines,
    • AP Mines,
    • access to C4,
    • a Utility Pouch to carry more of those 3 things,
    • AI Turret,
    • AV Turret,
    • Ammo Pack,
    • Sticky Grenades,
    • and a Repair Tool that is the only thing able to repair ground vehicles, aircraft, and MAXs (other than a repair Sunderer).
    Light Assaults have:
    • a jet pack.
    • Smoke Grenades (that don't last very long)
    • Flash Grenades (which is mildly useful)
    • access to C4
    You're clearly a troll.
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  4. InfernoKoV

    I am not trolling at all... I'm not disagreeing that the LA needs a revamp, I'm simply stating that the Engineer is pretty boring and needs a revamp as well.
  5. DeadliestMoon

    I'm sure they fixed the AV mines with the PU02. Anyway, How is Utility Pouch pointless to mention? Max rank lets you carry 2 extra C4, 2 extra AI Mines, or an extra Tank Mine. That's pretty useful. Also, who cares if AI Mines aren't exclusive?
  6. Lethal_Sting

    And I'm not disagreeing that the Engy can be boring... but he is not meant to be a direct combat class (outside a vehicle).
    • Engineer's primary duties are repairing vehicles, MAXes, base defenses.
    • Handing out ammo.
    • Setting up resistance in the form of mines, and turrets.
    • The primary weapon is more or less self-defense.
    • If you want to role engineer in combat, stick him INSIDE a vehicle. That vehicle takes damage, pop right out and fix it. Continue on with murderous spree.
  7. Decian

    I'm okay with lots of classes getting a revamp. However, as currently Light Assault is really a useless class in 95% of the game, it honestly needs the most attention soonest. You really can't justify bringing an LA in a squad because it is outperformed by other classes. Maybe if you had a squad FULL of LA's for 1 flanking attack it would be useful. The problem is your jet pack separates you from the squad and you are WAY too squish to not have support. You also provide nothing to the rest of the squad.

    Heavy: Meat Shield
    Engineer: Ammo + Turret + MAX hp
    Medic: HP + Revive + Assault Rifles
    Infil: Recon Darts + Hacking
    Light Assault: FAIL
  8. InfernoKoV

    It's pointless because it doesn't add to what the Engy can do, just allows them to do more of the same thing.

    Who says it's not supposed to be a combat class? There's plenty that could be added to the engineer to make it more combat oriented and not stray from the role of the engineer. The Planetside lore on the engineer itself backs up this claim. Same thing could be said about the Medic.
  9. Sandpants

    Just got moved to June.


    No update. Ever.
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  10. Iridar51

    Yeah, I've noticed it too. Kinda stopped caring at that point.

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