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  1. InfernoKoV

    I guess I've ignored the roadmap for too long. I know at one point (many months ago) we were a couple months away from getting the revamp, but from the looks of the forums posts I guess it kept getting pushed back. Regardless my opinion still stands, they DO need work done, but I think some other classes need it more.
  2. Pat22

    You're suggesting Engineers, who have a defined team utility, are key to any battle, an can farm certs like there's no tomorrow in any battle, need a revamp more than light assaults who are the slowest cert farmers and honestly, who really don't do anything for the team. If LAs stopped existing, nothing would change in the current gameplay except people would stop looking up. If Engineers stopped existing, however, the game would change immensely.
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  3. FluffyM

    It is a rainy day in January. The year is 2013.
    Dev1 to crowded room: "Okay guys, settle down please. Today's main topic: the LA is pretty much a 'jetpack around and kill a whole bunch of people- and a tank now and then- before taking a stray round to the face'-kinda-class, what do you suggest we do to make it more interesting?"
    Artstudent452, who somehow managed to sneak into the brainstorming-session: "How about making them more shooty?"
    Dev1, sighing: "I...I suppose we could do that. How, though? Any specific ideas?"
    "Dual-wielding guns!", shouts Dev2, who was laid off from HiRez Studios for never adding meaningful creative input in team-sessions.
    The room erupts in discussion, attentive listeners being able to pick up bits of conversation about Halo, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft (which, by the way, happens to have been the first MMO) and the usefulness of the much-scorned FaceBack-App.
    Much incoherent shouting (very organize, wow) follows. An employee from the UI-department, unusually active for this time of his life (the awake-time), types up a 2 line forum post about dual-wielding pistols before going to lunch.

    This, in short, is how I imagine this idea came to life. Any overlap with real circumstances is purely coincidental. All fictional characters are fictional. Only few animals were hurt during the writing of this post. The question of "why?" matters not, as far as I'm concerned. All I want to know is: wat.
  4. skyN3T


    You had a nice little post going on there up to this point. I propose you read into this to get your facts straight. In case SOE was in earlier in MMO games than Blizzard, my boy.
    Sorry, couldn't resist, but the Universe is older than you might think.
  5. FluffyM

    Welcome to the internet! Under your seat you will find a complementary "What if Zelda was a girl"-shirt and an Xbox360 (fun fact: it is called that, because when you see one, you turn 360° and walk away). Please do not hesitate to press this button should you require further assistance.
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  6. NeonNoodle

    Please, if Zelda was a girl he'd have trouble wielding the master sword.
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  7. skyN3T

    *silently walks away after turning 360°

    But before doing so what's the fun fact about the new box?
  8. Sandpants

    I think because Zelda is a girl she can wield that "master sword".


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  9. Corezer

    ... Zelda is a girl, link is the boy.
  10. Gundem


    Pretty sure they never get together either way.

    At least in the games that aren't *****coughskywardswordcough*.
  11. Sandpants

    You turn twice.
  12. NeonNoodle

    :rolleyes: If Zelda is a girl, how do explain her obsession with saving Princess Peach?
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  13. FluffyM

  14. Metalsheep


    i think this is my new favorite thread. all these people walking face first into old trolls is classic XD
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  15. Corezer

    Zelda doesn't have an obsession with princess peach, that's Sheik, her male alter ego...

    yeah, that's right, male alter ego... don't act surprised! haven't you ever seen Bible Black?
  16. Decian

    LA getting updated after Infil AND medic. Medic, the second most used class in the game, getting an update... I honestly think they just don't give a damn about LA because no one plays it. I can't believe SOE has not fired 3/4 of the PS2 Staff.
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  17. Corezer

    I worry they plan to turn LA into PJ after the resource revamp... make it an intentionally weak class that you can spawn as for free if your base is out of NTU or whatever, like the PJs in PS1.

    I don't want to be a doomsayer, but this has been my thought for a while now...
  18. InfernoKoV

    You have a point there, but I was viewing the Engineer from a combat perspective. Running around repairing ****, and dropping ammo gets very boring and that doesn't leave the engineer with much action. I was thinking along the line of being more productive on the combat side of things like prepping bases for battle (ala old-school PS where you could place 20 mines, spitfires, and barricades)

    Anyways, I think the LA has some great tools already, but it's just not as usable as it should be. I can see the LA's role as the guys who help push the front-lines forward by moving the enemy back. The use of flash bangs and smoke grenades should become more abundant.
  19. Sandpants

    I wonder why.

    Might be because the role is centered around running and repairing and dropping ammo, not around combat. But I don't know. Maybe engineers should get dualwield?

    This isn't a korean mmorpg. You are not forced to hold the burden of class choice. You're bored? Use the terminal to switch to a role which is action oriented.
  20. InfernoKoV

    Not true at all. You can't say a class is centered around something when it's roughly the only thing they can do. I am well aware that I can choose a more combat oriented class to play with, but that is completely beside the point. The other classes are more combat oriented because they have the option to be... Engineers and especially Medics, not so much. I hate to bring up other games, but there are many in which Engineers and Medics have a serious role in combat are don't have to solely be support.

    On the combat side, the engineer's only unique skill are turrets. The tank mines are absolutely worthless now. They share weapons with LA and don't have anything else special. There should be more to differentiate the two when it comes to combat.