Guess who just made it into Roadmap

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Iridar51

    Just noticed it.

    LA revamp is now scheduled - tentatively - for May.

    Link (just the new header)

    1. Not fully worked out, concluded, or agreed on; provisional: tentative plans.
    2. Uncertain; hesitant.
    So... yay?
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  2. Sandpants

    Corporate Public Responsibility.


    Coming up next in February
    "LA reschedule tentatively coming up June"
  3. Iridar51

    Fixed it for you :D

    I know this tentatitive tentatitivity doesn't mean much, but I still like it more than "unscheduled".
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  4. Daibar

    if all they are going to do is give us dual wield then, it matters not, i await ever hopeful tho.
    until then, i'm sniping
  5. Obuw

    I thought they decided they wouldn't put dates on things in the roadmap until they were pretty sure it's ready. I guess they changed their mind again. :rolleyes:
  6. Kronic

    It'll get delayed again.
  7. WarMan

    If there is duel wielding, I'll be pissed.
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  8. DeadliestMoon

    I can't wait for dual wielding, it'll be fun. But I am pissed that the LA update is coming AFTER the Combat Medic update. Especially since they are giving the Infiltrator class a Light Assault exclusive ability.
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  9. Kayth

    The fact that they specify tentatively indicates that there is a good chance of it moving back, but atleast they are upfront about it.

    The thing that I liked about this update, is that we were scheduled before all classes except Infiltrator and Medic. In contrast, before OMFG, we were unscheduled while all other classes were planned before us. Maybe it's over analyzation, but that would indicate were are more of a priority now.
  10. Snipe-yo-face-yall

    Dual wielding! I will use LA a lot more if I can dual wield SMGs! Matrix style here we come!
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  11. Eyeklops

    The jetpack needs tweaking, maybe they will fix it like they did ZOE and give it a timer or possibly take some additional damage while in the air. Honestly SOE, does TR lockdown, or NC shield have a timer? Timers for everybody!
  12. Pie Chasm

    Way to ruin a good post with a picture of a cartoon pony for little girls.
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  13. Sandpants

    Since when is my little pony for little girls?
  14. Pie Chasm

    Since 1981, or so.

    I guess it's cool for boys to act like little girls now. Would explain why all young boys strive to be like Justin Bieber, or at least look like him.

    It's ok. I respect their right to be treated like little girls.
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  15. Pat22

    I wasn't too excited about the Dual Wielding when it was first hinted at. I mean, it sounds fun, if a little silly, and possibly way overpowered.
    However, if our ADS and hipfire capabilities are not restored while in-flight, dual wielding is the next best thing, and I hope I can dual wield SMGs.
  16. Pat22

    Also, I'd like to get either one of those things back BEFORE MAY ( or later ). Like, I'd like to see ADS and/or hipfire restored for LAs next patch, not three months from now.
  17. TheBlindFreak

    I thought Bieber hating was one of the current internet bandwagons.

    But yeah, I'll agree that prior to the current iteration it was specifically for little girls. Current gen is more of a family-aimed cartoon. More in the spirit of writing like Dexter's Lab and Power Puff Girls. It's pretty humorous. Although the current season has been somewhat hit and miss.
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  18. InfernoKoV

    Not to say LA doesn't need looked at, but this will be the second time the class gets tinkered with when, IMO, the Engineer is the one needing it the most. Don't get me wrong, the Engineer is great, but it could be much better. At the moment the only thing making the engineer stand out is a mediocre turret and a repair gun. The tank mines are pretty meh.
  19. Iridar51

    Le what? What this "first time LA was tinkered with" you speak of? There were some obnoxious bugs fixed, but that's pretty much it. Since then there were only nerfs.

    There was this drifter jets improvement, so we can slide along 100% level ground 5% faster than sprinting speed, but that thing had same impact as changing repair tool's color.
  20. MrMurdok

    Rumor has it that Infiltrators picked up their bad smoking habits while waiting for their update.

    Don't let that happen to the LA as well.

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