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  1. Ultramarine

    This i can comment on. Ever heard of Chaos theory? when you're handling literally TRILLIONS of data pieces, billions of calculations per second, and the massive numbers of machines running them all at the same time it is impossible to predict the outcomes. There is no amount of coding knowledge that could prevent them, and no company in the world that doesn't slip up like this regularly.
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  2. llPendragon

    Agreed. I'm just not willing to approach the problem like testing more is the answer. The answer lies in doing better up front. That way testing is there to reinforce the expected outcomes, instead of being a safety net for failure.
  3. EliteEskimo

    I would prefer if SOE took the Gabe Newell approach. By that I mean take your time till what you're about to release is fine tuned and all around great, then when you do release it you can say "hopefully it'll have been worth the wait" and then everyone will say you're awesome for releasing something so cool. In terms of Helmets and cosmetics, they should do a TF2 type approach where they let the community vote on what ideas they find most cool and then the developers can create the best ones.:cool:
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  4. ScrapyardBob

    Server's client crashes too much. My limit is 3 crashes during a play test, after which I go back to the live server where I might crash once per day.
  5. Malsvir Vishe

    I don't get as many crashes on the test, and on the live I get none a day. Strange.
  6. DiveXx

    Hope they do Lattice GU9, we need this NOW! Im sick of the current state of the game, when you attack something you will win 90% of the times and get good kills and stuff but when you want to defense , oh man, im dieing then all the time even without kills(and they still will capture it!)
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  7. Malsvir Vishe

    Well, the thing is that it does test the level of quality and allows more bugs to be found. I am a little ticked that I reported a fairly obvious bug in the test server and when the update went live (more than a week later) it still existed, AND it took them another week to fix that.

    Higher quality updates would be great, and it pains me to think that the only reason they can get updates out in about two weeks is that they make the content, fix a couple bugs, then fix the bugs in hotfixes later. That's not the right way to do it at all.
  8. Cl1mh4224rd

    I believe their goal is to do an update every two weeks, as others have pointed out, but they're shooting for one "moderate" update and one "big" update per month.

    Goddammit, people! Stop using that damn word. Stop turning everything that any developer says into a "promise".

    Half-Life 2: Episode 3... :confused:
  9. Nocturnal7x

    It ought to contain drop pod spin removal and a vehicle wobble fix, in the very least. The fact this hasn't been hotfixed yet is absurd.
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  10. llPendragon

    I agree. I'd even go one step further and say that if the developers were working on the most important items to begin with, then there shouldn't be any doubt that the items released would make the community happy.

    Makes you wonder why they even use the test server if they aren't going to address all of the reported issues before release. o_O
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  11. Alarox

    I really didn't feel like replying until I saw how this post had 5 people like it, basically saying "we support really immature one-liners!".
  12. llPendragon

    I'm not getting in an argument about this. Go read all the marketing and advertising articles that you want, then come back with a valid argument.

    For me, when any company posts a date by which I can expect delivery of an item, I will fully hold them to that date as if it were a promise.
  13. EliteEskimo

    Lol, the the PS2 developers don't have the same luxury that Gaben Newell has in releasing new things that slow, and they also don't run on "Valve Time", so naturally it wouldn't be nearly as long. At the same time though, when Half-Life 2: Episode 3 does come out I'd put money on it going down in the history books as one of the greatest games of all time. :cool:
  14. DiveXx

    Also on the Test Server: Deploying to the WG got now no timer any longer.
  15. Skippytjc


    I want to thank you for setting me straight. I really appreciate you calling me out on this, I guess I needed somebody to kick me in the a$$ and let me know that this was not OK. I am forever indebted to you and your perseverance policing the internet. If it wasn't for brave souls such as yourself, people like me would run rampant over the web. It takes balls to do what you did, to stand up against people like me and and say "enough!".

    I know now that I have reached rock bottom, and thanks to you I can start to climb myself back out and maybe, just maybe I will make it. And its all thanks to you. You go Alarox, you go with your bad self. Who knows how many more you can save.
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  16. XRIST0

    Yeah cos that has never happened before ..
  17. Citizen H

    But didn't half of the features slated for March disappear? And then for April?

    *is disappeared by a mod*
  18. siiix

    MAX abilities of course.. not much more
  19. XRIST0

    That was my point .. I was being sarcastic , plenty of things have been wiped off or forgotten about on the road map .
  20. DiveXx

    Did you guys read that GU10 should be mainly bug fixes?