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  1. EliteEskimo

    I hope they fix the Max Deadzone bug, that occurs from 2-3m away from the user, when they give Maxes their abilities. That would bring me great joy :D
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  2. DiveXx

    The lattice map is THE thing im waiting for because battles get boring currently, its a) It's a zerg where your faction is highly outnumbered b) you zerg them and you get like no kills.
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  3. Ash87

    Probably going to be a relatively uneventful Update

    I doubt Max abilities will come out this time, and frankly they should be held back until everyone is satisfied, as the Zoe, on every stress test I've been on, on the test server, has had the unintended ability to level half the enemy force in a rather unique way. You see what happens, is that every VS spawns a ZOE max, turns on the ZOE unit, and 20 minutes later the entirety of the NC and TR log off in frustration after getting curb stomped.
  4. ScrapyardBob

    It's a fundamental problem when trying to do 2 week releases. I'm not sure they have the bodies or the time in the week to push out major updates every 2 weeks and wish they'd relax it to a 3-4 week cycle. Which would give them more time to get the major things done, and have a week of testing/polish.
  5. llPendragon

    My two cents:
    1. If they are going to be late every time, they should stop making any sort of promise on delivery time.
    2. One major glaring problem is that they break so much each release that it takes longer than 2 weeks for them to recover.
    3. An item that takes 4 weeks to build can still be released on a 2 week schedule. It simply can't start and finish on the same cycle.
    4. Long time players are getting extremely reticent to buy anything new, especially with hard earned certs. SOE has shown that they are willing to change most items radically enough to negate the initial reason for purchasing it all together.
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  6. DiveXx

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  7. Aztecoatl

  8. pica

  9. Ultramarine

    Based on test server, ZOE is not ready yet. So they probably won't be releasing yet.
  10. DiveXx

    More Awesomeness! The new Helmets Gen's and Gal's: [IMG]


  11. Ultramarine

    The only real problem with ZOE is that the other two factions give up one of 3 stats for a boost in another. NC gives up offense for defense, TR gives up mobility for offense, and the VS should give up defense for mobility. Trouble is that's fundamentally flawed. If you take away all defense to make it level to NC losing all offense and the TR losing all mobility, it's to fragile. Give it too much, and its too powerful. Tricky balance work
  12. DiveXx

    This: <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="de"><p>Waypoint setting via minimap, coming with GU09! Thanks, Amit! <a href="" title="">…</a></p>&mdash; Matthew Higby (@mhigby) <a href="">14. Mai 2013</a></blockquote>
    <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

    is what i get D:

    I would go even further so that NC maxes CAN'T reload while the shield is up, that's a bit silly imo.
  13. VSDerp

    so you can open and close the helmets?
  14. DiveXx

    Not sure because on the Pics they are closed but when i preview them they are open, so it's a could be ;/.
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  15. VSDerp

    overall the helmets look awesome .hope they come out real soon
  16. Vetto

    It's sad the TR one not a full helm, with out the gasmask it just doesn't look right.
  17. Malsvir Vishe

    If we had more people on the test server, this wouldn't be a problem at all. As it stands, when I go to the server I report every single possible bug I find, but there are a lot I don't encounter or don't see as bugs. I'm one small fish. We need at least 500-1000 people there to accurately report bugs.
  18. Ultramarine

    makes sense. reloading involves slowly fist pumping over 4 seconds, which is hard to do with one arm pinned to your side and the other holding a riot shield
  19. Fox Reinhold

    Higby didn't learn from previous issues with GU news and has once again closed communication to his Twitter account instead of posting on the official forums, which is a shame, because I thought he was headed down the right path with how GU7 and GU8 were handled.

    GU9 will hopefully consist of pure helmets. The game has no need for flow or new mechanics if I can't look FABULOUS!
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  20. llPendragon

    This is the wrong way to look at it. The developers need to create higher quality changes. Spending more time finding the issues they create doesn't compensate for them making changes to code they obviously didn't understand completely to begin with.
    Testing doesn't add quality. It will only tell you what level of quality you have.
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