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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DiveXx, May 14, 2013.

  1. DiveXx

    Soooo it's been two weeks this Friday since GU8 is out and when we go with the 2 weeks schedule we should get GU9 this or next week. Are there any know informations what GU9 will have? Any tweets, reddit posts or sth else? Let me know, im interested :D (Made this post because it's unusual that we get completely no info, the only thing ik about are the ESF changes but these are like 4 GU's away).
  2. Skippytjc

    I read that in GU9 that if you buy enough Station Cash they will make any changes to the game you want. Or if you are Vanu, either one.
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  3. DiveXx

    Certainly it's with a charge up mechanic, and they need to buff it afterwards :D
  4. XRIST0

    Since when do game updates come every 2 weeks ?

    GU9 wont be for a little while , maybe not until June .
  5. SlingBlade

    they changed over a month back to do smaller 2 week updates instead of big updates every month or more.
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  6. DiveXx

    Searching the thread would take me the whole day but they said in a thread that they gonna release GU's in a two week schedule and hotfixes can come everytime, i think it was a bit before GU7.
  7. Malsvir Vishe

    Remember that two weeks is a TENTATIVE schedule that's contingent on them having FINISHED content that's ready for release. They try to do two weeks, but it can take longer to release a patch if needed.
  8. Citizen H

    Since the developers said they would be every two weeks.
    And them promptly started cutting/disappearing features from them to push them out in time and we started getting 'major game updates' that were 90% bug fixes.

    Remember when the MAX abilities were supposed to be out in GU07. Then GU08. Now it looks like they still aren't ready for 09.
    AFAIC, they can keep pushing them back indefinitely; ZOE is fundamentally OP, Aegis is painfully mediocre and Lockdown is intrinsically bad and worthless.
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  9. DiveXx

    Ye ofc but isn't it somehow wierd that NOONE know something not even about WHAT will change? When GU8 came out we knew, i think a week b4 that it gonna contain alot of weapon changes?
  10. DiveXx

    Indeed, zoe is the best, lockdown may got it's uses but it's like a sign *C4 me pls* i would rather go with the Ammo canister which gives you ****loads of ammo :D
  11. Chiraen

    Read something about giving sunderers some love, like adding new weapons and some spawnstuff or something. Someone postet a screenshot of a tweet, but I'm too lazy to find it again
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  12. pica

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  13. XRIST0

    Pretty much my thoughts exactly , i dont see them going ahead with these to be honest .

    Will be never ending QQ for balance , not even worth the hassle ..
  14. DiveXx

    Yup it's on the roadmap, but some more detailed stuff from the Devs would be nice i mean " add new weapon types" could be all!
  15. DiveXx

    Thanks for sharing! Didn't even knew we still got the gunner wombling, i think im too used to it D:
    This week mhh, sounds great!
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  16. Malsvir Vishe

    I know that it's weird that we don't know what's going to happen. :p
    Maybe the devs are taking their sweet time and have decided to make this next one a June update. I dunno. :p
  17. DiveXx

    Hope they don't do this, i need new stuff NAO! :(. Im so excited about the sundy update *-*, i like the sundy but i refuse to invest in it because #1 you don't get ANY exp for driving one. #2 You drive a big fat truck which when he meets enemy armor is fcked in 99% of the cases #3 Is the number 1 thing which get's destroyed first in every fight.
  18. Torok

    Gunner wobbler fix
    spinning drop pod fix
    Empire specific harrasser weapons
    MAX empire specific skills
    ADS sensitivity option
    New helmets (see test server forum for pics)
    Lumifiber for tanks,
    New decoration for ground vehicles

    If higby didn‘t tweet that preview of the lattice map i would've thought we were going to get in in this GU :(
    I'm dying to know what's happening with the mission system

    p.s. if you check last AGN higby said something like 1,2 months before sundy updates, i might be wrong
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  19. Laraso

    If GU09 is being pushed back until June, that would mean they are completely skipping May on the roadmap.

    Not happening.
  20. Malsvir Vishe

    I can't wait for 99% of updates they release. I just like to see the game being paid attention by the devs. :D