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  1. Messaiga

    Well the ESF Update is being split up into 3 different updates, this first one (GU13) is the nose gun and XP changes, GU14 shall have the Lock-On changes and possibly External AB Tank Cert Lines, GU15 should have our new weapons.
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  2. Tradewind

    I'm having Fred Penner flashbacks and I am not enjoying them.
  3. Zombekas

    That soundtrack reminded me a bit of Frozen Synapse soundtrack... But just a little bit.

  4. eldarfalcongravtank

    anyone downloading the patch already? my launcher still refuses to
  5. MrIDoK

    Same. I guess they still haven't pushed it out for us... Damn, i won't play tonight, that's for sure.
  6. Torok

    still early, usually you can download it when the server status in the forum homepage says "locked"
  7. Haruk

  8. Gustavo M

  9. ShiftEnter

    Oh nice. Thanks.
  10. Morpholine

    Not exactly Dubstep, but...

  11. Heretic

    Awesome film!
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  12. Pat Cleburne

    Well if we are gonna listen to dubstep while we wait.

  13. Udnknome

    NC Theme Song:

    Until I saw this video- I though the refrain was "I'm blue, if I was green I would die"
  14. Zotamedu

    Seriously, a thread about epic music and no Two Steps From Hell? Shame on you Forumside!

    They have hundreds upon hundreds of epic tracks. There is no end to the epicness. Listening to Two Steps From Hell can make anything an epic adventure. I like to to epic cooking and epic ironing.
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  15. RageMasterUK

  16. Overblended

    Looks like my screen after the last update. LOL