GU11 = SOE's Final cash grab before the support pull back

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BreakingGame, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. rayvon

    So they are not working on a new continent ?
  2. Cab00se187

    September. 10 months since release
  3. rayvon

    Well that does indeed suck, I thought we would have them by now, i guess they are just going to draw some lines on the maps we have instead and claim that it took them ages.
    I would not have pre paid membership if the new maps were scheduled for ten months down the line, that road map is absolute ****.
  4. TopHaTWolf

    I'm pretty sure that sometime in the last few months they decided to hold off the new continent so they had something at SoE Live to reveal and talk about. Sucks we have to wait for their event for the content though @_@
  5. Cab00se187

    My membership is up this month and I'm not giving SOE any more of my money. I've been here since the tech test and bought the Alpha package. That was the only thing worth paying for.
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  6. rayvon

    Another cash grab that is too, no one gives a **** about it, and those that do are suckers.
  7. Kevorkian

    Not true, only the initial mini-dlc was on the disc. The other DLC required heafty downloads. Also, well over half the DLC content/maps weren't even finalized, just conceptualized.
  8. mina5

    wait is this **** for real ? so no more continents or continent locking ? what the hell ?
    meybe soe should not have such dum *** start to the game . meybe game should not ever been Free to Play ...

  9. Wulfen109

    regardless of that, you still are not forced to buy them. It really isn't pay to win. More like pay for convenience
  10. Syphers

    I expected better, I mean faction pistols pushed back to october, really 3 pistols - 4 months delay ? Late class updates and all the cool stuff. It can be played for free ( although really few people do it for long ) so yeah can't complain too much, but still disappointing. Fun game with alot of potential but the lack of true content updates is killing off the players retention
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  11. BreakingGame

    Called it back in June...LOL, only reason i came to the forums is SOE's latest "news" ended up on my Google business feed... too funny.
  12. Izriul

    Yeah, they wouldn't dare reskin weapons would they. The NS11c looks completely different from the NS11a and the NS-15m.

    And all those different looking Vanu weapons.

    And no, you're right, they certainly aren't adding pointless decals in....

    Their just getting players to make it for them.

    The biggest balance changes I've seen...which, I'll admit, is very consistent, so kudo's for that, is a nice big FPS loss...every single update!

    And that resource change! Totally added for gameplay, nothing to do with selling more resource boosts or anything.

    Tin foil hats are sold when there's sometimes a conspiracy, but when something is constantly predictable and repeated time and time again, their not really tin foil hats.
  13. Vortigon

    Wait - you didn't REALLY believe all the crap about 20 odd years of development did you ? ROFL
  14. jihon83

    This thread seems to have begun as idiocy and is only getting worse. It's hard to imagine that Planetside 2 is on its deathbed, at least on its deathbed thanks to the developers. They appear to be genuinely devoted to creating new content, as can be seen in the test server; and now, to try and make the overall experience better. I think it's a good choice to make, especially because, after the beginning of GU14, I couldn't play the game; so there has to be a focus on optimization, or they'll just be making new content for fewer and fewer computers that could run it. Yet, beyond the specific efforts they are making, the devs aren't acting like other companies that are trying to have a run on the customer bank. Hi Rez is a good example, with Tribes: Ascend, the content was coming more and more slowly and you could see a "very" obvious imbalance with the weapons being released; alongside of extremely expensive cosmetics like skins and voice packs. Then, just eight or nine months into the game, the company went dead silent until the president had that interview in July and said, "oh yeah, uh, Tribes: Ascend is no longer being developed. But we'll start working on Tribes: Ascend 2 soon!" SOE is putting a lot more effort and giving a lot of focus to this game; I'd say a good example of that is found with the Player's Studio, where you do see a lot of interaction between SOE staff and the community, even TRay is involved with a lot of the work. The company isn't distancing itself or severing ties with the game. That said, I think all of these efforts could be better directed, but I wouldn't say they've abandoned the game.
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  15. TeknoBug

    PS2's F2P model isn't bad at all, there are some really nasty F2P ames out there such as SWTOR, you have to pay for just about every aspect of the game in there (or sub to get it all). City of Heroes had an awesome F2P model but I guess NCSoft didn't want it on their menu anymore, Aion aren't doing any better than CoH ever has.
  16. Eleo

    The issue is that it seems the content itself doesnt have much design phase before being integrated, how many hours have been wasted redesigning bases over and over, redesigning the UI, redesigning various core elements of the gameplay because some people at SOE thought they could get away throwing us an unpolished large scale version of Battlefield with the Planetside label.

    Even the programming side quite frankly, how many game breaking bugs are constantly introduced each updates, and im not telling that like a spoiled brat, but think about it, instead of wasting time tracking those nasty bugs over and over, that time could have been dedicated improving performances, and not only in term of FPS but also hit detection and such.

    The entire developement of Planetside 2 has a serious amateurish feels, wich is unacceptable for a compagny with years of experiences.
  17. jihon83

    I imagine a part of the problem is tied to them trying to keep to their schedule, which means that we're getting content in an, "almost, but not quite finished" state. Though it may also be thanks to how the game is built on this entirely brand new engine that's supposed to be the foundation for other games, so it's a kind of test bed. Still, the sentiment is understandable, especially after GU14, as it nearly drove me away from the game, just because it introduced some "really" bad performance issues. Luckily, they were fixed with the latest secret hotfixes, but still.

    More broadly, your words do remind me of how uneasy I feel about this current, hmm, environment in game development. Between the allure of free-to-play sales and the success of Minecraft as a game that made millions in its beta, maybe even alpha, state, it's not surprising that a lot of games are being released, and monetized, earlier and earlier in their development. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, especially from the perspective of a customer who, at best, gets used to the rapid pace of development and new content that naturally comes with an alpha and beta-build and worries when the pace slows as the game is just being "polished"; or, at worst, feels bamboozled by the way the game changed from its alpha to its "final" version.
  18. DG-MOD-02

    I am going to close this thread. Please keep posts constructive on these forums.
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