GU11 Ninja Change List

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by treeHamster, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. treeHamster

    - Gold version of the first round of SMG's (unlockable by some mystery action)


    As with all ninja associated threads on this forum, the customary :eek:.
  2. Noktdaz

  3. Vesanus

    Changing the Generator Overload times to 2 minutes. Not sure why that was needed.
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  4. Bill Hicks

    You gotta go down to blackshard mine and farm VS pelts then when you are exalted with NS labratories you can buy the gold smg
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  5. BengalTiger

    Probably to create another stage in the battle, where the attackers have to actually hold position against a counter attack if the defenders are quick, rather than just making sure nobody repairs it.
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  6. S1eB

  7. Duvenel

    I saw a post mentioning this earlier, it seems every faction got a new colour for SMGs.
  8. illgot

    I wonder how much they will charge us :)
  9. Ash87

    Well, we -are- getting an NS SMG... but that is far in the future.

    I have 45 Guar hides... what'll that get me?
  10. vincent-

    All the gangstas on indar will know I mean my business when I whip out my bling and cap their ***** in their ***** on my bad *** ghost!
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  11. Bill Hicks

    LOL nothing since Sony removed the Esamirian faction in the GU09 update : Wrath of Crimson Bluff
  12. treeHamster


    - Can't turn off the Laser pointer now (not sure if it's a bug or they did it on purpose)

  13. Overheal

    changes that exhausting cat and mouse game up a little bit, gives the defenders a fairer chance to stabilize without having to run directly over there without getting killed. Currently you just overload the gen, make sure nobody shows up for a couple seconds and move on. Its now gonna require a little bit more of a take and hold. We'll hopefully get back to some of the Launch Week fights where there were scores of enemy vehicles salivating outside the gates to rush in while you frantically tried to keep your shields online, because when they came down a red or blue tide of death was gonna wash over the place and kill all your dudes.
  14. Venomoroth

    trac-5 accuracy nerfed to death. thanks soe.
  15. Badname82

    Try X.
  16. Pikachu

    Falcon and pounder have about the same dead zone as comet now.

    Spike tires for flash causes the wheels to be invisible in first person view.
  17. Slyguy65

    Hit L, also why would you ever turn off laser?
  18. Cl1mh4224rd

    They switched that keybinding to 'X' by default. This is also how you trigger certain vehicle defenses, like IR Smoke. My guess is they're reserving 'L' to turn infantry Lumifiber on and off, independent of the laser sights.
  19. Cl1mh4224rd

    • New Combat Medic icons for the map.
    • New designs on the jump pads.
  20. treeHamster

    Oh thanks for the heads up on the 'L'->'X' change. I didn't realize that at all.

    Slyguy, you turn it off because it doesn't need to be on to receive the CoF redux benefit. You just need to have the Laser attached to the gun. Whether you have it on or off is entirely your choice. I turn it off when I start the game since it doesn't do anything but give you away.