GU11 is amazing so far.

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  1. Vinyasa

    I like that if I am flying like an idiot I still get shot down by bursters but not when I am a hex+ away.

    It's nice to finally have control over the amount of risk I am willing to take when flying.
  2. [HH]Mered4

    Been with ya the whole way snafs.

    Havent been on yet but maaan.

    Maybe I wont have to run composite on my ground air hybrid anymore (not)

    Wishful thinking ;)
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  3. Larolyn

    How odd you got lower velocity. I won't pretend to understand the balancing there.

    I find when i meet Magriders there are 2 kinds of Magrider drivers. Those who understand strafing and those who don't. And the ones who have mastered strafe tanking are fearsome opponents.

    I have never gotten a OHK with HEAT. Just AP. The faster velocity makes it easier to plan the trajectory of the missle.

    I did not know that about Prowlers either. Interesting. Seems NC got the a sweet deal with their tank! :)
  4. Phrygen

    the real issue with the speed is that with racer chasis, the vanguard and mag are the same speed, thus the mag gets more benefit from racer than the vanguard.

    However magrider pilots almost always go rival because of how important it is to mobility. Thus the certed vanguard is much faster than the magrider generally. Mag should get an extra 5kph stock.
  5. Ronin Oni

    I've gotten a few ESF kills with my Vanguard HEAT... that's how I know :p

    You can test in VR too of course. But yah, AP velocity definitely makes it the choice anti-ESF canon.

    and trust me, there isn't a mag driver out there that wouldn't like our velocities normalized... but for the most part we've adjusted to it. I probably over exagerated the differences... it's prolly more like
    Mag AP velocity = NC/TR HEAT velocity
    Mag HEAT velocity = NC/TR HE velocity
    Mag HE velocity = slow turd (does anyone use HE on any MBT anymore anyways though? :p )

    oh... and of course our names are different... its

    FPC = AP
    PC = HEAT
    VPC = HE

    PC = Partical Canon
    the 'F' stands for "Focused" (hence why it's armor piercing)
    forget what 'V' stands for... some synonym for spread out I'd guess

    Anyways, most Vanguards think their canon is inferior.... since the Prowler has 2 barrels for killing infantry the best, and the Magrider is more stable.... really, they all have their own strengths... which is what I love about this game.
  6. Ronin Oni

    any mag in racer chassis deserves to get owned in combat....

    Rival is CRUCIAL to survivability in a Mag.

    And yes... slowest tank relying on Rival keeps it the slowest by a rather large margin since Racer Vanguards are as fast (maybe 5kph faster...) as Prowlers with Rival (or just non-racer Prowler)...

    prowlers can go either way (playstyle more than anything)... every vanguard should have Racer, ever Mag should have Rival
  7. Naceo

    I must say that blowing up a tank is a bit more satisfying if only because you just pissed the driver off more than usual :p.
  8. RazerKilll

    best patch ever having good air fights so far!
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  9. Tricky

    10 seconds into the video and KRUNKK is swearing up a storm, the wonderful life of being a MERC :p
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  10. SNAFUS

    Ya there were plenty of aircraft up to battle with this morning. And that extra 200XP per kill is just the icing on the cake.
  11. MiZrY

    At least we can see the Sky Guards and have a chance to take them out. Bursters were damn annoying, especially flying a Reaver against TR lock down bursters or Zoe bursters.
  12. Ronin Oni

    yah... thinkin of loading my A2AM cheesy moss on Waterson trollolol
  13. Ronin Oni

    Both ZOE and Lockdown affect on Bursters was also nerfed to provide less benefit as well
  14. SNAFUS

    Oh and just an FYI for all vehicle players. Make sure to switch to thermal as INF is near useless now for spotting targets.
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  15. SNAFUS

    For shame sir, for shame.
  16. Larolyn

    Really? Inferior? Are they driving the same tank as me? OP shield activated, charge forward and kill, kill, kill! The only armour v armour battles I lose are against excellent strafe tankers at range or multiple Prowlers. The Vanguard is an absolute beast which dominates anyone foolish enough to charge headlong in to it.

    I rarely fight infantry in my tank as infantry are absolutely terrifying to go up against with their C4s and all other kinds of silly things. So maybe the Prowler is better suited to the role of infantry killer. My Vanguard is a pure vehicle and armour hunter.

    I have not once felt like I got the short end of the deal with the Vanguard or ever felt inferior in comparison. If anything I feel more powerful than the enemy. I see an enemy MBT and say nice, free xp, OP shield activated.

    Though knowing these things about your tank, I feel bad for you now. The velocity differences do not make much sense to me, but then again I am not a game developer who has an understanding of game balance. The assymetrical balance seems to be working as their are MBT drivers on all sides in all major conflicts. So something there is just right.
  17. MiZrY

    Indeed...... though still way better then NC bursters. :cool:
  18. Larolyn

    I originally got Thermals for my secondary gunner thinking "well they cost 200 certs, they have to better." Finally that investment has paid off and the NV can just stay switched off now.
  19. Mouse75

    ^ This, exactly this. I completely agree though, the new changes to bursters and skyguards is amazing! I love not being sniped 1000m out by an invisible burster. The crowning of the skyguard as the best AA is the right call I think as well. Has anything else noticed they tweaked render distance? It seems as though they reduced the range at which ground and air vehicles render.
  20. Ronin Oni

    :p :p :p

    I mostly fly Rotary + AB fuel honestly... but I busted out my A2AM's the other week after sitting on the shelf for months and was laughing at how effective I was using the combination of Rotary + A2AM after learning how to fly well and actually aim.

    Can't wait to see what cert lines they give AB Fuel pods TBH
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