GU11 Ends Lattice Standoffs

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  1. St0mpy

    Well isnt this fun. After dumbing down the strategic elements into the lattice we were starting to see this wonderful lattice for what it really was. A boring funnel with little strategy creating standoffs, stalemates and fights too big for many peoples pcs, abilities and expectations.

    So what do SOE do? Fix the lattice to deal with the problems its created? Nooooo, they dumbed down the continent capture requirements to owning only 75% of the map, so sweeping problems they bought in with lattice under the carpet.

    I can live with all the other GU nerfs, im pleased to see some of the new features but only needing 75% of a map to cap the continent? Thats a HUGE dumbing down of about the only hard strategic play left on this game. Infact, at 75%, you wont even know your team capped the continent, youll just be fighting away and oh, we have indar (esamir.amerish) now. Really, whats the point?

    No more celebratory 'we capped the last base' battles, no more 'race back to the warpgate now we own the continent' fun times ... nah lets just flip the continent at 75% because the CoD kiddies cant finish the horrible standoffs the lattice now presents.

    If it wasnt for this one HUGE depressing change id be happy for this GU but now capping the cont is meaningless its just one more nail in the why bother coffin. If SOE wanted to make continent bonuses something people dont care about any more then GG SOE, well done, aim achieved.

    (btw lattice pros you dont need to post defensive statements, this is relating to prime time cont caps on lattice, keep your one line irrelevant lolposts about ghost capping to the other lattice threads please)
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  2. P4NJ

    Yeah, it's stupid. Continent capping means nothing now.
  3. chrisbeebops

    Strategic gameplay = loading an entire faction's worth of defenders onto a single base to create such a massive lagfest as to make the game unplayable?

    Don't know what server you play on, but these battles were never too much fun for either the attackers or defenders, with infantry rendering about 5m away, ammo/repair/heal not working, and people warping around everywhere. Whoever managed to drop on the point was likely to hold it since the incredible lag made it virtually impossible to do anything on the base for either side.

    Now real strategy will be required for keeping a continent lock, as you can no longer hold up in a single base and will need to carefully select which bases and choke points to hold as a faction.
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  4. KAHR-Alpha

    I fail to see how it has anything to do with the lattice at all. Continent capping with even populations on all sides was already nearly impossible with the hex system, which is why people were waiting for an alert on another continent to cap Indar.

    It appears that "lattice" is the new scapegoat these days, much like "CoD".
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  5. Sebastien

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  6. AnotherNoob

    All lattice have done is to reduce the amount of ghost caps, and increase the likelihood that a base will be defended when you attack.
    I fail to see how this is related to the continent capture mechanic. If anything there is less strategy in to capping a continent if you need 100% of it, since then you are required to have at least 50% population on that continent. Great strategy...
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  7. St0mpy

    It went from hard, to impossible with lattice. Theres a really good post somewhere here where people actually discussed this problem (without accusing the whole of 2 other factions of being ghost cappers lol)

    Basically, at any warpgate there is no way for an attacking faction to cross over and cap the other side, not unless they backtrack several links to go around a gate.

    This meant the stronger of the two attacking factions could not cross or surround the base and it split the defence so the near-gated faction only needed to throw everyone onto one direction to keep the continent. In hex days (good or bad) the stronger faction would just surround the gate and take the continent. Lattice totally prevents this.

    Lastly, if you refuse to believe what ive posted here, theres a clue in Luperzas GU11 post today.

    So please, before you judge and jury whos a scapegoat please take time to understand the issues.
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  8. Jaeger TR player

    It's a good change. It fixes 3 issues that I can think of:

    1) No more server getting bogged down because nearly all of the continent population is crammed into one hex.
    2) Temporary alliances between factions will no longer be necessary. As smart as it is to "ignore" one faction to remove a lock on another, it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth to have to do this.
    3) Population imbalances during off-peak hours will no longer provide benefits to a faction during prime-time hours. The continent ownership will be more dynamic and will reflect the abilities of the factions at any given time, instead of the ability for a faction to get 50% population advantage when the overall server population is low.
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  9. Boomotang

    Hex and lattice both have the exact same standoffs in one territory when defending a continent. Besides, it's more realistic to say you've captured a continent when you have a majority of territory than only when you capture every piece of land.
  10. MrK

    Whatever HEx or LAttice, cont capture didn't occur out of primetime or alert getting people off cont anymore, anyway.
    Problem non related to lattice. We'll see how it turns out.

    Just another thread trying to blame Lattice for something unrelated.

    Cont capture under Hex system brings up the EXACT SAME ISSUES all the lattice haters blame Lattice on : Zerg fight, performance issues, uselessness of small outfits, no strategic movement, once you come up on the latest regions to be captured.
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  11. St0mpy

    right, except change the word fix 3 for dumbs down 3 issues

    1) servers dont run by hexes, its one map per server

    2) factions interplay should be promoted, not erased, is all you want from this game just another team FPS with a big map?

    3) loool, honestly you should think that out a bit better - instead of 1 or 2 conts turning overnight they all will when its so flipping easy to cap them.
  12. chrisbeebops

    Ignoring one faction to remove a lock on another may no longer be possible, as doing so may result in the lock just flipping to a different enemy faction.
  13. KAHR-Alpha

    In my eyes it went from impossible with hex, to impossible with lattice at prime time before that change. The only reason is that factions are fairly balanced, so 600 soldiers on one side against 600 soldiers on the other side often result in a complete stalemate. So the very last piece of land one faction had required overwhelming odds to be capped. And since the hex system allowed for backcapping, it was even worse.

    One nice example of that is when TR had the Indar cap on Ceres, it took 24 hours and of fighting an alliance between VS and NC to take our last piece of land away from us, just because Indar often has balanced factions even when it's not prime time.

    And Luperza's comment applies both to lattice and hex, because when there's only one piece of land left right next to the warpgate, lattice is irrelevant.
  14. St0mpy

    Not gonna reply again to any more people who CLEARLY didnt read the post explaining the issue. No point entering discussion with these people, they only seem to want to accuse others of doing x y or z rather than understand whats really going on.
  15. St0mpy

    Wrong, with hex when an attacking force has enough momentum to reach the enemy gate, they also have the momentum to surround it and cap the continent, we see it day after day after day on esamir and amerish and claiming the same issue affects all conts in the same way is incorrect. Its very different on lattice but if youve never seen it idk what else to tell you.

    EDIT: and you brush on a point I dont think you realise you have. You remember that great 1 day battle, it sticks in your mind. Keep it precious, itll never happen again, infact most of the time you wont even realise youve capped the continent.

    In a game massively dedicated to land acquisition theyve just taken out the last meaningful element of acquiring it all. No one even needs to gate any faction now, bye bye another set of battle types.
  16. chrisbeebops

    1) A large player density on 1 or 2 bases creates far more server load than when everyone is spread out across the map. Each client only needs to receive information about the other players near them, but on these "last stand" battles, every client needs to recieve information on every other player.

    2) If population is even and each faction is fighting each other equally, then in theory each faction should hold around 33% of the map. So in order to break a lock both factions would still need to be pushing the third much harder than they would be pushing each other. An alliance of sorts. Two enemies with a common objective.

    3) I would rather have nice fights to push for and make/break continent locks during primetime every night, regardless of what happens in the off hours. That is still an improvement over what we have now, where the only thing that matters is which faction has overwhelming numbers during offhours.
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  17. KAHR-Alpha

    The "momentum" only applies to the hex system where people can basically bypass any defense attempt, and "lock" a base before the defenders can do anything.

    In 800 hours of playing, 80% of this being in a squad and not derping around alone, I've never, ever seen that "momentum" do anything once it got close to a warpgate, unless there was a huge population imbalance or that the whole faction was camping the crown.
  18. MrK

    I read and the text you quoted is my answer, FYI.
    The last Region in a cont capture under Hex system will see the whole faction population clustered on 1 single region, making the game a ***********, with terrible performance, etc.... in short, everything you blame Lattice for.
    It's even more obvious during cont lock defense where the trump card played EVERY TIME is to gather the whole empire in the nearest defendable region : Biolab, Skydock, etc... leading to aforementionned gameplay, seen on BOTH the Hex and Lattice system.
    This is totally unrelated to having to follow X simultaneous lanes to break a lock under Lattice (which is btw the initial point of the post you linked, not a cont capture, but a cont defense), in both systems, you'll end up with massive ***********.

    But yes, keep ignoring us for whatever reason suits you.
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  19. St0mpy

    It happens every day on esamir and amerish, how many hours do you play? if its only prime time i can excuse you a bit, but honestly, try remember what happens on those continents when your team reaches an enemy gate - do you wait for the other faction to come cap their part? Hell no, you team does its best to surround it. Lattice prevents this without major and timely backtracking, which is why this dumbing down of continent bonuses arrived.
  20. Boomotang

    No one needs to read a separate post that you can't even link to... o_O

    Stand offs at one territory occur in both systems, whether the last territory is connected to the Warp Gate or it's a Bio Lab in the middle of nowhere.

    Regardless, my point that a 75% continent cap is more realistic than a 100% continent cap, has nothing to do with accusing anyone, or and "issues". If your gonna reply, get your head out of your *** and come up with a counter that makes sense.