Gu11 Balance Changes on PTS

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Kon, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Gary

    Prowler? has to fire 2 shots constantly, Granted we do not have big delay however i have hit a heavy with an AP Round in the chest to have him survive.....

    If the enforcer/Saron were granted the ability to 1 shot at longer ranges i would expect my tank rounds to do the same to infantry.
  2. Naithe

    First of all a prowler always 1 shots if its a body hit.

    Second, there is a huge difference between 0,5s refire, and 1s. OHK at all ranges is silly ofcourse, what I'm trying to do is suggest a middle ground.

    Also these are merely initial impressions of mine, actually "live combat testing", would be needed to truly say if it is ok like this or not.

    Ofcourse I realise this is a game, so think live combat within game terms. =P
  3. Skadi

    WTF, does the MCG still have a spin up time AND the spool time?
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  4. Kon

    I would have started with 9/54 left burst alone. see peoples reactions if its all positive leave it then reassess the stats see if it needs more
  5. Gary

    Please tell that to the heavy who took an AP Round to the chest to then return fire.
  6. Kon

    dude must not have hit him in the chest man.
  7. DocteurVK

    Hit registery bug strike again!

    After those changes, I'll enjoy to DL all those patches to keep an eye on those.

    BTW, I hope they will not mess up with another weird mechanic...
  8. Revanmug

    There is pretty nothing different from live since anybody with either nanoweave or flak (which is pretty much everybody) would survive a shot from the enforcer.

    Damn, I won't one shot lvl 1 to 15 characters. Saaaaaaaddd...
  9. Anonynonymous

    MCG's not suppose to have a trigger delay according to the patch note, only the RoF delay. So I'm more inclined to believe this is a bug instead of what developer had intended MCG to be.
  10. Illusio

    I'm sure they will. I get oneshotted by pretty much every weapon in the sense that I typically get a single shot sound and the respawn window at the same time unless the attacker misses all over the place.
  11. Klondik3

    I'm not sure if SOE achieved its sales goal with the Saron and Enforcer. If not the nerf will probably come in GU12.
  12. Kon

    i think they made the spread on jackhammer larger for burst fire..
  13. Messaiga

    Also, they nerfed the minimum damage of the Jackhammer and Mattock from 90 to 70. Hopefully they bring both back up to 90, although I also think that the Jackhammer should have access to Slugs, in addition slugs should reduce the COF of a shotgun when used so that they are actually accurate during sustained fire.