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  1. Talshere

    How about a rolling update, you know, like I suggested? The idea that updates are rolled out over a 24hr period at convenient times for the local player base. You know, how basically all MMO's roll out updates.

    Also, front page says 5 none US servers with only 3 US server. Looks to me like majority is none US. In fact, 3 US, 4 EU , 1 AUS would suggest that EU is in fact the largest player bases.

    I know this may come as a supprise to you but the EU alone, ignoring all European none Union members is significantly larger than the US. 503 million EU to 313 million US. If you include all of Europe the EU numbers it jumps to 711 million, more than twice the size.
  2. Skunkworks

    F'n hilarious - in fact the funniest damn thing I ever read on this forum.
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  3. vanu123

    ZOE isnt OP, if you want to have something balanced let the NC max have 1 arm free and able to shoot with the shield up and for TR slightly increase the firerate and tweak the damage a little more.
  4. theholeyone

    I didn't say the ZOE ability itself is OP, just that the way it levels makes it so cheap to get like 90% of its benefit, its the cheapness that makes it OP due to so many people using it on what is basically the max level.
  5. vanu123

    Of course people are going to use it because it is an improvement over a regular max and it allows us to atleast somewhat compete with the NC and TR maxes. This happens with every FPS people tend to use what is better, look at COD, BF, or really any FPS and you will see the same thing happen there.
  6. theholeyone

    I don't think you're getting it, ZOE is essentially cheaper than the other factions ES abilities, if players had to pay 2250 certs to get the full movement benefit the stats would show a different story, and the QQ on the forums about it would be much less. People don't use it purely because it is the best, they use it because it is the cheapest.
    Were it levelled properly you'd get only those who have the certs to spend having the max rank ZOE movement advantage, and those same players would likely have max kenetic, which makes ZOE a very silly idea in active combat. So you have the fast ZOE guys using it as it should be, for combat choice, and the low rank ZOE guys getting cut up in combat due to increased damage with smaller movement benefit. I really think proper leveling for it would have vastly changed the way it is perceived while changing nothing about it's effectiveness.